Groupon Things to Do

 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I've been dreaming of beaches and travelling lately. I am reminiscing all the nice beaches I've been to and would want to visit, like the beaches in South Carolina, Spain and in Asia. This is one of the times that I'd endlessly scour the Internet for amazing and great travel deals, read numerous blogs about travelling, lust over expensive holidays or just plainly going somewhere beautiful.

And most of the times, I check Groupon Things To Do, there are a varied things you will find and I'm sure you'll find something that will fit your liking. Various hotels, things to do, vast holiday ideas, Im pretty sure you'll love. Wonderful unbeatable deals for local adventure, a great way to get huge discounts on fun adventures. One day, I'm going to finally book that dream getaway that I've been dreaming all this time. A holiday to Vegas and Myrtle Beach with the one I love.

This is like a perfect place to find great deals whether you like to go to the farthest corner of the world or just going to book your next honeymoon getaway. 

What are you waiting for? Please go ahead and search for your next adventure! 

Camiguin Island on a Budget

Believe it or not, I have only been to Camiguin this year of 2016. My friends wont even believe me considering Bukidnon is just a few hours away and that I've lived in Cagayan de Oro for five years. Ha! I've long wanted to travel to Camiguin. It's been on my bucket list since forever. When I was in college, I can't afford out of town trips, except family excursions. Thankfully, this year, I finally got the chance to explore Camiguin. Camiguin is my 23rd visited province in Mindanao.  So much for that, I would love to share a little guide for all my backpacker friends and readers out there. So yea, just read along!

Camiguin is such a small island making it the second smallest island in the Philippines. It is barely 25 kilometer in length and 15 kilometer in width. There are about seven volcanoes that lies in this beautiful island otherwise known as the " Island born on fire".

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