Camping at Lampanag Ridge (Sitio Kibuwa, Impalutao, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon)

Firstly, I'd like to put this here: I am in no way a certified trekker nor a pro so everything that is stated here is from a newbie's point of view.  I was actually very skeptical about joining this trip. I am not much of a trekker. The idea of trekking scares the hell out of me a lot. Sure, this might be an easy trail to many but I'm a noob for Pete's sake!

This trekking invite was heaven sent and made me realize a lot of things so this experience deserved a blog post most definitely. I've been to Impasug-ong countless of times already and I can say that it's one of my favorite municipalities in Bukidnon. This municipality is amazingly beautiful left or right. Wherever you look. Invitations to this municipality seems like something I can't turn down. So, Lampanag Ridge it is then. 

**Details about tour guides/ operators will be posted down below. **

Lampanag Ridge - A ridge is a narrow hill-top or mountain range. Situated at the very peaceful sitio of Kibuwa with a population of not more than 200 families in the humble municipality of Impasug-ong. 

We started our trek with a prayer led by Datu Nomer Melendez Sr. While Datu Melendez was praying, a sudden jolt was felt, it was an earthquake. I opened my eyes and saw the cement-fence shaking. It was intense. It persisted for what like a goody minute or more. We were informed the next day that the epicenter of the Intensity 5 quake was 11km southwest of Valencia City, Bukidnon around 3:39pm. 

So for the basics...
You'll be needing the following:

Hiking outfit/ hiking shoes (duh?)
Sleeping Bag
Water Bottle
Rain-proof Backpack
Trail snacks
Windbreaker Jackets
First aid kit
eating utensils
Rain Gear (I cannot stress how much you need to rain proof everything~)
....and a camera.

We continued with our trek. I was still somewhat trembling but we just had to pray nothing bad will happen. Thankfully, no aftershocks were felt. 

It started raining heavily on our first descent. Trail was very slippery. Imagine. As a newbie trekker, I really had a hard time. I don't think I have the right shoes for this type of activity. Also, I don't even have the right bag. EVEN used a huge plastic/cellophane as my raincoat. LOL just really want to prove my point that I am indeed new at this.

The trail was made fun when you are with a fun batch. I clearly remembered I was just singing/walking along steeps and slopes while my thoughts wander away.  It took us approximately 3 hours before we reach the ridge.

Magnificent sunset view along the trail

Took this photo of our guides preparing for our dinner/socials right after I arrived at the ridge!

The rest of the night was spent playing cards and just laughing the night away. I on the other hand, slept really early. I was so exhausted to the point that I just laid on the grass under the rain before I gathered all my strength to prepare for sleep.  I couldn't move an inch, my entire body was shocked as it's not used to strenuous activities but I had fun and very grateful for this experience nonetheless.  

This was taken the next day when I woke up. What a wonderful view.  We had our breakfast and coffee with this as our view. Who wouldn't want that?  After breakfast, the group went to Tugisan Falls for swimming and rappelling. 

More photos....

This is such a nice experience especially for me since I rarely do activities like this. The trek back was tiring all the same but I really had a grand time. 

My home province is a highland paradise indeed. 

This was during the documentation of Impasug-ong's selected tourist spot and was made possible with the initiative of StreetBy App, hosted by Hindu Kaw Eco-Tours, DOME  (De Oro Mountain Explorers), Impasug-ong Tourism Board, and Mr. Bob Tinsay of Kaamulan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 


How to get there: 

Fly to Cagayan de Oro

Major airlines have daily flights to Laguindingan International Airport, Cagayan de Oro City
from the airport; hop on a shuttle to Agora Bus Terminal (Fare is Php185)
From Agora Bus Terminal; Ride a Bus, (any bus going to Davao) to Impasug-ong  (Fare is Php85)

Fly to Davao City

Major airlines have daily flights to Francisco Bangoy International Airport, Davao City
from the airport;  Take a taxi to Ecoland Bus Terminal (Fare is around Php150)
from Ecoland Bus Terminal; Ride a bus, (any bus going to Cagayan de Oro City) to Impasug-ong (Fare is around Php450)

From Impasug-ong

I'd really suggest to book a tour with registered and well trained guides. 
HINDU KAW Eco-tours specializes in Eco tour within Impasug-ong. They have packages that includes Registration fee, tribal ritual, porter, trek food, and meals (dinner and breakfast). 

Who to contact for eco-tours?

0956 422 0069


Check out my video!!!!!

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