is the internet taking away your reality?


I use the internet for work,  entertainment, and mainly for communication. I cannot imagine a day without the internet. Undeniably, the internet has become a part of our lives; you can learn anything in the internet. The internet dramatically plays a big role in our lives.  Internet is a good thing for the most of us, constant communication, information within reach, entertainment mostly; Netflix, games, youtube. Name it. and oh, ONLINE SHOPPING! We can even setup business meetings online without meeting anyone in person!

Despite all these awesome technological advancements, we cannot deny the fact that the internet is taking away our reality. This changes the way we view things; we only see bits and pieces and forget about the whole picture. How much is too much internet?

Being too engrossed in online activity you forget the real world still exist. Don't let your online activity take away your real world awesomeness by following these tips:


Instead of spending endless hours on facebook, why not go out more often?
Figure out how to be more social. Meet  up with friends, meet new friends,  join clubs & organizations, volunteer, go to the gym, get some sun, or just eat some nice food.

Disconnect to Connect

Put that phone down and learn the importance of being present.
Appreciate all the little things around you. Smell that flower, pet that neighbor cat, smile to a stranger. If you do get a chance to slow down a little bit then by all means please do. Quality time with the things you honestly love is what is essential and there's no app for that.

Balance is everything. It's best to take some time off of the internet once in a while and enjoy our awesome reality.So you see, the real danger comes when you try to replace your real life with the internet. Nothing can replace the real thing. The internet can never be as powerful as the real world. 

With that being said, I wholeheartedly support Globe's #MakeITsafePH which promotes cybersecurity and cyberwellness. Their programs aims to educate everyone on how to use the internet responsibly to promote a healthy cyber culture. 

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