3 Clever Online Tips to Find the Best Deals on Flights

As travel bloggers, we often love to travel abroad and experience new adventures in exotic lands. But this comes with a hefty price tag - a big chunk of our travel budget goes to covering flights.

Trying to lower our costs has turned us into savvy travelers who discover hidden secrets and tips to save money on our trips.

The 3 tips below are some of the best and easiest online strategies to find the best deals on flights - hopefully they can help you save, too!

Check international airlines for great deals

Comparison sites are great for finding prices in one localized site, but they don’t always catch deals or the lowest fares offered by all airlines.

Your best bet for securing a low price is to vary your search and include international airline websites in your research.

Here are a few ways airline websites can feature low pricing:
  • Last-minute deals
  • Flexible date options
  • Deals available only through their site
  • Special deals to their country of origin

Here’s an example of low-fare flights from New York to Paris from Air France. Their handy calendar shows you the lowest fare available by date and month, so if you have a flexible schedule, you can get a very low round-trip price.


Sometimes flexibility can help you save big - for example, this quick search for flights from San Francisco to Paris has varying prices between $2307 to $785, over $1500 in savings!

Use your private browser

I didn’t believe this tip until I tried it out myself - after looking through hotels in a comparison site, I realized that searching through a private browser showed me lower prices than when I was logged in!

This isn’t a fluke - prices can change in any site based on your cookies, history and whether you’re logged in.

Flight prices in particular can increase when a route is searched repeatedly, as the site wants to scare you into booking quickly before the price rises..

To make sure you’re getting the lowest price, try searching through a private window or in incognito mode - most of today’s browsers offer that option.

In Google Chrome or Safari, hit “Control” (or “Command” in Apple) + Shift + N. On Firefox or Internet Explorer, hit Control (or “Command” in Apple) + Shift + P. This opens a private browser window that does not track your information and deletes your cookies each time it’s closed.


Earn and use reward points or miles to lower the cost

This may seem like an obvious strategy, but many people forget about the opportunities available to them through their accumulated reward points.

Numerous credit cards offer reward points, and the majority go unused as they pile up. These points can often be redeemed for airline tickets online, which can cover a partial (or even full) amount of the cost.

Check through your credit card’s online account to see if you have points to redeem and whether they can be used for flights.

There are also situations in which you can earn additional miles, such as when an airline wants to make-up for a very long flight delay or if a flight is overbooked and you volunteer to give up your seat in exchange for miles.

Even simple things like following an airline on social media could help you earn miles, as they host giveaways or competitions for miles.

Finally, if you have airline miles, check the airline’s partners. Often, they have deals that allow you to use the miles on these other airlines. However, you may have to communicate with them for the ticket purchase.

All in all, there are numerous tricks to save money on flights so with some persistence and patience, you too can decrease your travel budget!

That perfect car

NOTE: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are  100% my own.

Getting a new car.

Getting a new car is part excruciating, part confusing but fun for the most part. It is a long process and there's a bunch of competitive information everywhere and I'm no pro but certainly guidelines for picking that dream car is hard since marketing dazzle can add to your pile of confusion.

at best; it can be all confusing, at worst it's a little bit intimidating.

You just have to trust your gut feeling. No. I'm kidding.

BUT. There are things you need to consider. Price. Make. Year. Model. and then some. As for someone who knows nothing about cars, a reliable friend told me and assured me that cars.com is a great source of information. Whether it's an SUV, a Pick-up Truck, a Sedan, a Convertible, crossovers, coupes, wagons/hatchback, Vans/Minivans, Green cars, sports cars, or even luxury cars. Their expert reviewers reports back with the latest. 

When buying new or used cars, you only need to remember three important things;

  • Find/Use reliable source of information. This is where cars.com comes in. Easy to use and direct. They provide detailed information about any cars and where you can also conduct your comparison.
  • Be Comprehensive.  Do not rush, do not be overwhelmed coz that's going to be the last thing you want to do. You need to actually be spending more time with your research. Give your research and comparison more time that it deserves.
  • Double-check information. Find as much as reliable information as possible. Two other credible resources at the very least. When people are going to make a decision, say purchasing something as expensive as a car, you want to know what multiple resources say.
I've seen so many people who's gone to complete buyer's remorse and even wanting to return or trade their newly bought cars back. I don't want that to happen to me.  The more information you get upfront during your car buying process will guarantee you years of happiness with your new vehicle. Do you have tips to share? comment them down below. I'd be very very happy to read all of them.

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