Blue Water, Quezon Bukidnon
A promise of adventure for trekking, spelunking and nature exploration.
I heard about this, years ago. My siblings used to have their bibwak trainings here, even saw photos of my facebook friends. A year ago, I planned a visit to this place with my tourism classmates but weren't able to push thru due to busy schedules. So last April 05, 2012 I went there with my siblings, my little nephew and Dad as our driver. haha yolo

Blue water, is situated in Brgy. San Jose Quezon, Bukidnon.
One of the 31 barangay of Quezon, Bukidnon.Some 10 kilometers from Quezon,Bukidnon.

You don't need to pay any fees here.
You can ask for a guide *recommended for first timers*
Be generous by giving a little amount to compensate the guide's effort. PS: The whole back and fro trek is never a joke.
 Buayan Bridge
The person in charge in the office told as that you can go rappeling down the bridge for 200php. (or was it bungee jumping he meant? sorry memory gap) and do white rock climbing for 250php.
A very nice friendly reminder :)

Pulangui River

We have to trek for about 15-20minutes. uphill and downhill
Gear up and ready your game-face on.

downhill. kapit kapit! You see? My 6 y/o nephew went with us! Yound adventurer!


My Sister's boyfriend, they are my adventurous buddies!

Yes, We have to go down there, so we could see and swim in the Blue Water Cave.

Almost there...


Me umeechos! Pagod eh :D

Our young adventurer.

I paused for a while, took time to breathe haha. We ate our humble lunch there and went to check the cave right after.

Photo op with the rocks. ang korny ko lng! :P

The first cave mouth We saw.

And saw this. I was flabbergasted! It was that uh meyz-ing dude! Trust me.

Going down the second cave mouth. This is where you can swim and enjoy the bleaking water.

Swiftness of the water.


Mi Mujer.

Tadaaaa! Azure!

The only cave where you are allowed to swim.

Bawal KJ :D Pang cover photo daw eh hhaha

and who couldn't resist? Go and dip in this cold turquoise pool-like cave!

Me and my brother enjoying the cold azure water. ohyea

The pose whom my sister would usually tease me. haha sorry, but I gotta cover the flabs!

Struggle! You wouldn't believe how risky it was, just to take the photo before this. haha

Chill chill lang si manong! :D

3rd cave mouth :)

Lookie~ The azure water as it connects with the water in the river. wow.. just wow!
Anyway, It was really a great experience! I didn't mind the long trek at all!
This was the most extreme adventure I experienced so far.. hmmm more please?

Trek again..

Kabyaw Cave is also located near here but we got so tired so maybe we'll just schedule another visit for that.

So If anyone of you will visit Bukidnon and want to visit Blue Water Cave, do contact me. Id love to bring you here! :) Im just an email away my dearies!

How to get there:

If you are riding a Bus, Tell the driver or the conductor to drop you off just before you pass the Pulangi bridge.

Or text/email me. I can accompany you if im not busy! Yes I am promoting my hometown for free!

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  1. Envy much! I get to do this thing before kaso nung umalis Mom ko for work, waley na. The water looks really cold.

    1. Masaya to clint! Punta ka dito minsan :D

  2. ganda. less people visit, unexploited place.
    yan ang gusto ko

    1. Indeed! I'd love to visit unexploited places.. great thrill and surprises awaits you! :)

  3. Amazing how the water from the cave and river mix. Ang clear talaga ng water. :)

    1. Super clear po tlga! :) Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Oh my gosh. Naalala ko tuloy ung time na nag Zambales kami ng friends ko almost ganyan din.. It was scary and exciting at the same time and the water was so freaking cold HAHAHA! Pero ang saya! :D Wow. puro ka lakad sis ah! HAHA!

  5. Nakakatakot naman yung Pulangui River. Mukhang pag nahulag ka, tigok ka kagad. haha. pero ang ganda ng tubig! Ang linaw!

    1. Kaya kapit kapit po! :D Mahirap na! Risky tlga dun eh :D Thanks for dropping by!

  6. ho ho! For real you can swim? Scary! Hindi ba? Haha Kasi madilim lol pero looks fun! Great adventure! is this free or? :)

    1. oo you can~! super lamig pa :D Scary at first kasi nga madilim. pero keribels na :D Its free love!

  7. Amazing! Quezon is jam-packed! uh, thus rocks are scary and it could be deadly too without caution @-@, I love the cave, the water is crystal clear and I bet it is cold :)

    1. kaya dapat cautious sa bawat galaw. super scary po tlga.. but its a really nice experience! Thanks for droppnig by!

  8. I have a post like this one but I havnt tried to reach there (the blue water spot). Nice post, a good guide for people who like adventures.:-).

    1. Wow! Thanks sir! :) Hope to meet you soon :D

  9. Hi, I've never been to Bukidnon but as I can see from your blog, it's a beautiful place. Wish I could visit this place someday.

    This is the quality of photos taken from my Kodak C123 (I hope it's okay to post url here):

    By day:
    By nigh:

    The quality of photos depend on the light when you use it underwater, if it's too dark, the flash is useless. You have to be at least 2 feet closer para makita ka sa picture. Pero during daytime, there's no problem with regards of the quality. But this is a good investment if you love swimming and you are on a budget. Hope this helps.

    By the way, I followed your blog. =)

    1. Hello dearie!! Thank you for the reply. the quality of the photos were nice! Id love to buy one! Ipon mode muna o kaaya wait na mg sale :D Thanks again!

  10. Wow. You're from Bukidnon. Just a few hours away. I think I have relatives there too. XD I don't think I can be this hardcore adventurous, but this looks fun. I hope I can visit Bukidnon again soon. The last time I went there, we didn't have the chance to stay long.

    1. Davao ka lng dba? :D hope you can visit here soon! :)

  11. huwaaaaw! ang ganda ganda. Great find! If I only knew we could've conquered it as well nung nag Bukidnon trip kami before. Though praning talaga ako sa mga anyong tubig sa cave kasi nakakabother at hindi ko nakikita. baka may creepy creature inside. hahaha! Anyway, na enjoy ko tong entry mo. Salamat! Next time siguro pag napadpad ako sa bukidnon.

    1. yay thank you! balitaan mo ko pg napadpad ka dto uli :D

  12. Ikaw na talaga ang lakwatseraaaaaa! Wander nga talaga hahaha! Kakainggit <3
    Pinakamalayo pa lang na napuntahan ko is Boracay with my family, didn't enjoy it though kasi di ko naman kasama niepao ko </3

  13. The rocks are pretty. But I don`t think I can go down there, I`m quite claustrophobic. Hehe.

  14. The place looks awesome. Especially looks like a trip worthy place since we don't really need to pay much fee. haha. I'll make sure to let my bestfriend know about ths place so we can have it on our next trip :)) My bestfriend plans our outings. Teehee.

  15. HOOOOEMYGAHD. ANG GANDA! Super feel ko yung enjoyment, excitement, at pagod sa pagtrek mo jan dear! Pero grabe, buti ka kinaya mo lumndaglundag jan papunta sa caves.. grabe teh =))) Picture palang nung downhill nalula na ako eh (okay exagge ko =))) Pero seriously, I think I need to visit that place kahit isang beses sa buhay ko. ♥ What's great is it's for free! Best things in life are free? YES? :)) More entries about travel mo dear ah! Next time ;)) Lovet!

  16. This place looks so <3.. and its more fun since you're with your family.. never tried hanging out with my family for a nature trip ro any trip.. but seriously.. I wanna try going to that place.. the cave looks amazing and its been like 10 years since i visited one.. haha

  17. I admire your sense of adventure! :) I'm such a scaredycat that I think I would already shiver at the thought of going down using the rope, hehe. I also admire the 6 year old adventurer! I know that when he grows up, he will go to many places. :) Thanks for sharing this very nice place. Someday I hope that I can go there to conquer my fear and experience swimming in Blue Water Cave. Take care and more adventures to come! :)

  18. waging wagi ito! bookmarked, I hope I get the chance to explore this cave.. ang kulit lang :D

  19. on november, nasa bukidnon ako
    will conquer mt. Dulang-dulang - kitanlad.
    ganda talaga sa bukidnon!

  20. i love off-the-beaten destinations. and adventures! bago ito!

    thanks for sharing. another reason to visit Bukidnon :)

  21. This place is beautiful! Wanna go here someday!

  22. Hi there.Thanks for your blog.I'm from Bukidnon as well and didn't thought that this cave is in our homeland.I'll be home by december.I'm planning to visit this one soon.Can I ask for your contact details for that kasi you're from there.Salamat!.

  23. Hi there!.Thanks for your blog.I never thought na meron din palang gani sa Bukidnon.I'm looking forward to visit this cave soon.I'll be home this december and this site is definitely on my list.Can I have your contact details para may ma contact akong taga jan when I'm there?salamat.

  24. Tga bukidnon aq, brngy. Salawagan, gala aq ng gala sa malalayong lugar pro sariling place q d q na explore... nice pictures, i have frnds frm panabo city planing to visit bukidnon.. hahaha d2 q cla dadalhin dn will try d asias longest zipline.


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