Duka Bay Resort

So here I am Re-posting the photos I had on my beach trip last September 2011. (I wasn't able to back up my post on that.)
Day 1

Arrived around 4pm
We had reservations prior to our arrival, so we hurriedly check in for us to freshen up.

Our Villa for the First day had a chair & table setup outside the garden. Perfect for coffee breaks.

Our room for the First night. Its pretty huge for me and the lil sister.

Had a wonderful dinner in their Restaurant *will update for the photo*
and booze right after.

Day 2
Had a lovely breakfast by the beach

Went back to our villas to pack up and then transferred to a bigger villa.

Giving us this very scenic view of the calm sea.

Freshen up, went back to the restaurant for our Lunch

I don't mind walking a few meters *almost a km?* to the restaurant from our villa with a beautiful view like this.

Our lunch

about to snorkel

The only photo we had :( booo

Yea im fat i know. but im posting it anyway haha
We totally enjoyed our snorkeling activity.

Day 3

about to check out!
Till next time!

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