Overview Park, Quezon Bukidnon

The Overview Nature and Culture Park in Kipolot, Quezon, Bukidnon
This is a Public park maintained by the Department of Public works and Highways.

If you are travelling from Cagayan De Oro City to Davao City or vise versa
This is a beautiful place worth stopping by.
No entrance fee, free cottages inside as well, go bring your camera with you and enjoy a 360 Degrees of a remarkable horizon.

How to get there:

Riding a private vehicle: you can see a signboard along the high way.
Public vehicle (bus or jeep) : Just tell the conductor to drop you off the Overview Park.
The Park is really pretty easy to locate as it is just along the Highway. This is the favorite resting spot amongst travelers.

It was a fine sunny day when we went to the park...

but started to look all gloomy...

then rained for about 10minutes.. wow hello bipolar weather.

You'll see booths like these.
The accessories, especially the wrist charms. I just died! they are so beautiful!
I really wish I have enough money to splurge and hoard all these babies... but then again i'm on a strict shopping ban :)

lookie, those colorful wooden beads bracelets. haiii >.<

Who can say NO? I am a Hat- person myself and seing hats makes me happy. haha  I bought one white hat.. just one :D that way, I wont go home empty handed. I even wore the hat right there and then.

I love the place!! I love Bukidnon even more.

Cultural statues by the famous Davao Artist Kublai Millan.
More statues after the jump...

of rolling hills and plains.. Bukidnon My home :)

picturesque view!

Uggh stupid people. Why do you have to leave such stupid marks?! Vandalism is a no no!

Ending this post with a lovely photo of my Family <3

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  1. WOW! no entrance fee and free cottages? so cool!! and the place is totally worth it, i had to agree. i'm interested in visiting the place . haha

  2. I've been to Overview! and since I love landscapes, I was so amazed. We dropped by there when we were on our way to Davao. The view is just amazing! <3

  3. yun maraming statue na nasa fence, chinese?
    natagpuan mo na ba?hehe

    1. natawa ako! :D at talagang sineryoso mo ung sinabi ko :P d pa eh. d ko pa tlga matagpuan haha

  4. Wow! Ang gaganda ng pics. Sana makapunta din ako jan :)

  5. Ang linis at ganda ng Bukidnon. =)

  6. i love the place.. never been there but i would like to visit soon:)

  7. OMGGG Another nice place :) I love reading your blog <3
    I wanna visit this place too ... Jealous ^ ^

  8. Wow parang BAguio ang datingna! Sayang ang layo nya, CDO.
    I wanna visit CDO talaga since I have relatives there. Sana makavisit naman next time hehe

  9. OMG.

    Seriously. I am officially envying you sa mga lakad mo, HAHA! :))

    Btw, I'm more of a shades person not hats though I'd love to see how I would actually look on hats,soon. HAHA

    Take care sis.

  10. Wow. Loe the scenery. Haha For free pa. Okay ata magphotoshoot dito :P

  11. OMG! Super ganda ng place na yan sis!
    Nakaka-proud tumira sa Pilipinas. haha.
    I hope makapasyal din ako sa mga ganyang lugar soon.

  12. the place is cute...I should try to visit bukidnon this year:)..following you now hope you follow back:)

    Life is good!

  13. What a nice place to visit babe! Iba na talaga pag patravel travel lang haha.ulit ulit ako lols. The picture tells the story. :)
    Carry lang ng host babe? heheh medyo tagal nga lang magload hihihi.

    Pahabol. Babe have u tried to change your font? Medyo mahirap siyang basahin. hihihi

    1. ayun oh! Thank you superb web designer! haha ily! :D nachange ko na :P

  14. nice view, reminds me somehow of tagaytay :)

  15. it has a very beautiful view from the top.

  16. LOL at "bipolar weather". I love beaded bracelets! I can imagine how hard it was for you to hold back on shopping :)

  17. Lagi ako sa Mindanao pero hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Bukidnon! Must visit soon... maybe after DFAT hehe :D

  18. nainggit naman ako sa aso by the cliff. yes, no to vandalism sa tourist spots.

  19. Wow! Those pictures looks nice. Ang ganda talga ng Pinas! <3

  20. Sarap mag nature tripping dyan! Ganda ng view! By the way I'm a new follower. see you around!

  21. Hi, nice blog you have here. I'm from Quezon Bukidnon and the correct address is " KIPOLOT" not Kilopot lol.

    1. Hiii! Thanks for dropping by, sorry for the typo. I have corrected it already. I am also from Quezon <3

  22. Hi Loida, do you happen to know if they are open on Christmas Day, the 25th?


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