"Piso na lang, langit na" moments

That feeling you get when you are that close to heaven. Well, atleast for us.
I love going to hills, I love seeing a beautiful view while having a perfect reflection time.
along the way home coming from San Roque Falls, We dropped by my Father's cousin's House.
Wow they're really lucky to live in such a beautiful place. A small community with lush greeneries surrounding the place. Just lovely.

"Piso na lang, langit na" moments with my sister and Jan (my sister's boyfriend).
That "piso na lang, langit na" also known as "one peso to heaven" was coined by Jan. Referring to one peso fare to heaven, its that close to heaven that you only have to pay 1peso. ofcourse, we're just exaggerating. haha

Im not a wordy wordy blogger. So yea, Sharing you our photos during our "Piso na lang, langit na" moments.

here we go, goin up!

I love the fluffy clouds.. It reminds me of hope and fate.

There goes the dirty shoes and my all time favorite travel bag :D

the view!!!

up in the reservoir

umeechos me!


  1. Ganda ng placec! ang sarap mag unwind super relaxing!

  2. Weeee! Ganyan madalas pag retreat samin, kadalasan sa mga hills at bundok para feel na feel pagnagrereflect. Ngayon ko lng nabasa ung piso nalang langit na. haha ang cute ng dating sakin :)

  3. nice. parang gusto ko tuloy pumunta ulit ng bohol. hahahaha

  4. ganito yung mga place na trip ko mag lagay headset tas gumawa ng music video in my mind..

  5. I love the view of the green field, it's what I enjoy everytime na umuuwi kami sa province namin. =)

  6. Love the photos, especially yung clouds! I love pictures of the sky. it makes me feel calm. Thanks for visiting my page! I followed you,sweetie! :)

  7. wowwww.. ang ganda ng place babe! :) super relaxing siya... <3
    at ang sexxxyyyy mo ah! witweeew <3
    miss you sis!! :D

  8. Wow! Ang relaxing ng view! Ang masarap sa ganyan e matulog tapos katabi mo labs mo. Hihi. o kaya with friends tapos super kulitan.

  9. Oooh! Ang ganda ng place, suuperrr! I miss those kinds of getaway everytime I visit the province. Yung fresh air and green scenery. wow :)

  10. It is always nice to view the plains from the hills. It offers us a different perspective. Is this still in CDO?

  11. Is this still part of San Roque?


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