San Roque Falls, Quezon Bukidnon

One fine saturday morning, My family went to San Roque Falls.
It is situated in San roque, Quezon Bukidnon.
An hour or less of bumpy ride from Quezon Bukidnon.

Goin up :)

Breathtaking view!

Almost there.. We have to walk for about 1km or less to access the Waterfalls.
You have to log from that sheet with your name and address.
There are two cottages available to use, no need to pay for usage*wink
again, In Quezon Bukidnon~ you don't have to pay certain fees in our tourists spots! I hope it stays that way for a long time..

We're here..

My observations:
The place is kind of unexploited; If the government will focus on maintaining the place, Im sure they'll gain heaps of visitors. And to be honest, My sister and I got really disappointed, Imagine we travelled all the way from Brgy. Butong to San Roque,( thats around 30-35 kilometre one way) and saw trash anywhere, some old ladies washing their clothes and a water buffalo dipping in some part of the stream! Well anyway, I really wish they would develop this place. Add more cottages, Cemented walkways, and maybe zipline! haha There's always a room for improvement and I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Me and moi baby sis! Sipping some buko the bukid style. We had lunch and I recommended to just go to the public swimming pool.

San Roque Falls.
You deserve some good loving my dear San Roque Falls! How I wish I can reach out the tourism office and suggest something nice, but that's going to be an embarassing

According to the locals, there is a better looking falls but you have to go all the way up, climbing from that part where the water streams down. That's risky and I wont even suggest doing that.

Feeling haciendera lang

My mama and dad!

How to get here:

If you are riding a bus, tell the driver or the conductor to drop you off the Salawagan junction. From there, you can hire a trike for 50php minimum.

If riding a private vehicle, Follow the roads leading to San Roque/ Malawmaw road or better yet ask the locals for directions.


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  1. im jealousssssssssssssss! take me thereeeeeeee! <3

  2. wow! ang ganda ng falls! sad though that the people there seem to take it for granted and not do anything to maintain its beauty (cleanliness and all). :)

  3. hope the local authorities could maintain it a bit for local tourism, it's a real gem :)

  4. Wow! Loved the look of the San Roque falls!!! Oh and I was able to experience Bukidnon for a few hours then (tried Asia's longest zipline).. hopefully on my future trip back, ma-experience ko sana toh. =) []

  5. that was indeed a nice place. The water is clean. I hope the local authorities or whoever have the jurisdiction would take a big leap in taking care of the place.

    P.S. thanks for following my blog and for leaving a lovely comment.

  6. SUMMER KUNG SUMMER ANOH? haha maraming destinations! I envy you! Soon after graduate ako rin haha I like! <3

  7. Nice! Looking for places kasi that I can go to that won't require me to fly ;)

  8. Returning the favor!
    nice place here in Bukidnon..
    I love this province, with the rolling hills and picturesque plateau
    The only place Ive been there was Dahilayan, Del Monte Farm, and the White Water Rafting which starts in Bukidnon and ends in CDO..
    Hoping to see more of your blog! :)

  9. Forgive me for the OT ma'am, I just have a question, is this the same road going to Linabo? brgy San Roque and brgy Linabo are just next to each other as per wikimapia.

    1. Linabo is in Malaybalay. San roque is in Quezon bukidnon as stated above...

  10. Yes there's Linabo, Quezon too. =) I've never step on Bukidnon yet, but I will be, soon. Straight to Linabo, Quezon. That's why I want to know from TS if I will pass by San Roque or Dilapa to get to Linabo. =)

    1. my mom just informed me today, theres linabo in Quezon too but you wont be able to pass San Roque along the way. its a different route.

  11. Thank you for your reply. I think they have the same starting point, Salwagan. =)


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