Headed south to have lunch at WAIG CRYSTAL SPRING RESORT with the family.
We travelled 30minutes to have lunch there and to check out the place too since the parents were never been here before.
We arrived around 1 in the afternoon and was surprised with the amount of customers still waiting for their orders. Im pretty sure our orders will take long too, and I wasn't wrong with that. We waited for about an hour or more! But anyway, Its fine we just ordered popcorn and tea while waiting.

I wasn't able to take photos of the restaurant, I was that hungry, yes I tend to forget everything that im supposed to do whenever im hungry. lame excuse I know haha

The menu

We were informed 30 minutes later that their smoothies isn't available, so we just opt for a one litre of tea. :/


Our orders.

Tinolang Malasugue
I dont eat fish but according to my father it tasted good.

Lechon Kawali

Id rate it 5/5 It was that good, dip it with their chili vinegar( they are selling it for 50php per lapad)

Shrimps Adobo

It's tasty, I love shrimps. Generous serving too! Not bad for 150php <3

Pancit Guisado
Nothing really special with this dish. just okay :)

There you go!
We enjoyed our meals despite the looooooooooooong wait!



  1. A lot of people forget their responsibilities when they're hungry. Atleast you didn't forget to take photos of the food. Lmao. But they sure made you guys wait long. We would have went to some other place if we need to wait that long. My family ain't really patient. :D

  2. OMG! Nakakagutom yung pics babe!!! <3 Shrimps adobo!!! nom nom! favorite ko talaga hipon! :)

    xoxo, rhea bue

  3. how may, siomai! Ang sasarap well actually yung gusto ko lang ay ung lechong kawali, ayoko din ng seafoods though i eat seafood pero hindi talaga as in fave.

    Kahit di ko bet yung ibang food mouth watering naman, at sa tngin ko worth naman ang pinunta niyo jan, bat ganun, nagblog hop ako puro fud ang posts, nakakagutom tuloy! haha. :)

  4. yummy! now i'm getting hungry. it's already 1AM and I believe I've used all the energy I had for the food I ate awhile ago (dinner). They really have generouse serving.. and the price is really affordable! Lovet!


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