Fontina with Kai Darul

After a long day of hiking,running,swimming, etc etc in Mimbalot falls and Tinago Falls, What's a City visit without meeting any bloggers from that place? yea!  I met up with Kai Darul of . The Inn I was into didn't allowed me reservations. Kai was waiting for me for 3-4 long hours. booo sorry about that babe! hehe

We had dinner at Fontina Cafe/Restaurant
Padilla Building, Andres Bonifacio Avenue,
Tibanga Highway, Iligan City, Philippines
[063] (63) 221-6312
+63 917 549 2564
fontinacafe (at) gmail (dot) com

I love the place, they have live band as well! That time, they were playing most of Kai's favorites. wee!

This is the first time that I met Kai. She is really friendly and fun to be with :D
I really enjoyed being with her. chika to the nth level. I even tweeted Freyah but she couldn't come.

My Pretty date <3

I ordered Fetuccinni Carbonara with bacon. Kai Ordered Chicken Tereyaki
Food was great!

Our photo together!
you know what's nice about meeting a fellow blogger? You easily click together! So exchanging of stories is no fuss at all :D

Went to the city plaza to meet the other Iligan bloggers after dinner. Too bad we don't have photos together.* Le sigh
 Ily Kai :D Thank you so much for the time and we're going to travel together, yes? :D

Kai's Gift for me! booyaah! :D
and uiiii Thanks also sa pamasahe sa jeep! :D

I went back to the Inn, prepared my stuff and rest as I will be travelling really early the next morning.

Im running out of words, so this post will be a short one. I just wanna show you our photos on an epic saturday night with my blogger friend Kai <3


  1. It would be nice meeting a fellow bloggers. We hope we could do the same when we visit Phils.

    Hope to meet you as well, we will drop by at CDO since my wifey (Summer) is also fierce/friendly cagay-anon ^_^

    1. that would be really cool! Do drop me an email as soon as you arrive here <3

    2. Sure we'll do! See yeah! ^_^

  2. wow.
    i hope matuloy yun zamboanga-tawitawi-basilan-sula natin next year..

  3. i want that too! mindanao with bloggers :) *envious*

  4. the place and the food looks enticing,... i should have known this before... napuntahan ko sana when I visited Iligan last year.. and probably met you guys! :)

  5. ye! saw your tweets nga when you wre together. i bet you really enjoyed each other's company!! Gusto ko din kayomakita someday ;) mwa!

  6. Sana may Mindanao-wide bloggers meet up din! hehe, I really want to meet you guys :) Mukhang ansarap pa ng mga kinain nyo. Glad you enjoyed the meeting!

  7. fontina!<3
    good thing you enjoyed your stay!

  8. so EB pala ito :) i agree, click agad pag nagkita ang mga bloggers!

  9. Hope to see you also in CDO pag visit namin dyan..we will let you know.. Maybe if mapunta ka rin here we can set a date.. Wink!

  10. yay. ang pagmumukha ko sis sa photo mo. parang ewan lang. hahaha. :P
    come back. :)


  11. Wow! Gusto ko din ma-meet si Miss Kai. Kainggit naman!

  12. Nice bonding time! Yummy naman ng food!

  13. Wow! Meet up? Kaiinggit. :p


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