Lake Apo, Valencia , Bukidnon

Lake Apo. Guinoyoran, Valencia City

Situated at Sitio Lake Apo. The lake can be reached either from Valencia City or Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon. We chose the latter. coming from BUSCO, Dologon is our nearest access road. Dropped off the junction road to Kisanday and tried to haggle for our habal habal fare.

Anyway, the road leading to sitio Lake Apo is unpaved, so expect a bumpy ride all through out your travel. Travel time is about 10-15minutes. and 40php/fare one way.

You may text our driver Kuya Ricky 09061834675

Commuters notes:

try to haggle for the fare.
go by groups so you can lessen on some expenses
bring your own food and water

very important:  Better negotiate with the habal habal driver, and tell him to pick you up. There are no other public vehicle coming from Sitio Lake Apo to Dologon junction. If there is, it might be scarce. Take my advice to save your time and effort. xx

this is what clean and green environment looks like!!
Lake Apo is dubbed as the cleanest inland body of water in Region X.
Its a circular lake, Approximately 24 hectares (area) and 85m in depth.

There are floating kubos (huts) that you can rent. rates are: Php350/3hours *peak season

Entrance Fees: Php50/head

If there are no other visitors who'll rent the kubo, you can rent the kubo for a day, no additional. Unluckily for us, there were too many visitors so we had to pay another 200 to extend our Kubo usage.




PHP1,100 /head (Min. Of 10pax)
Inclusive of two meals plus a snack.
Use of floating cottage, canoe, swimmimg pool, pedal boat, and horseback riding.

PHP3,500 ( good for 15 pax max)
inclusive of unlimited use of kayak, canoe, pedal boat, floating cottage, swimming pool, and horseback riding.


  • πŸ‘‰ Canoe
  • πŸ‘‰ Horseback Riding
  • πŸ‘‰ Pedal Boat
  • πŸ‘‰ JetSki
  • πŸ‘‰ Swimming

Phone: 088-828-2138
Mobile: 09177218198

More Photos...


How to get there:

The lake can be reached either from Valencia City or Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon.

πŸ’›Via Dologon
-Drop off at Kisanday Crossing road
- Ride a Habal habal to Lake Apo (Fare is Php40/way/person)

πŸ’œVia Valencia
-Either From Villahermosa Store  or  Panadero Bakery
-Ride a Habal habal to Lake Apo (Fare is Php100/way/person)


  1. waaaa .. the place is just WONDERFUL !! :O
    will put this on my list of places to visit ^_^

  2. Another nice place :)
    I will surely read again all your previous posts when we will go out of town with my relatives.

    Can't wait for your falls post ^^

    OMGGG! That is one huge bruise.
    <3 But yeah when we are having fun we always forget and don't give a damn if we get bruises and whatnot hihi

    Take care always sweetie

  3. Pristine, calm, beautiful plus hot sexy ladies, pefect!haha! The habal-habal ride was worth it :)

  4. Thanks for this post. You really have to take care and hope that your bruises already healed by now.

  5. I'm so jealous with all the places you went! :D
    Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way. I'm following you, hope you can do the same!

    Takecare :)

  6. the place is amazing. I love the lake shots and the kubo is super cool. Picture perfect talaga. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm a new follower. Looking forward to see more stunning places you visited. :)

  7. ang daming pwede puntahan sa bukidnon ah. reminds me of one of the seven lakes of laguna.

  8. Such a beautiful lake! Sarap ng lafang!

  9. Another beautiful place here! nakakainggit talaga!
    Sumikat tuloy si Kuya Ricky! free plug pa! haha. =))

  10. I've been to Bukidnon countless of times, but only on the highway! Passing it to go to Davao! And, you should take me to these places sis when I visit Pinas again! hehe. :D There are just too many beautiful wonders in Mindanao! :D
    The place looks so serene! Must be nice to relax there! :)

  11. a great place to just relax and bond with friends! kainggit! i want a travel naman with friends =)

  12. >souvenir.hehe..
    >mainit na nga,,mas nagiinit pa jan..

  13. beautiful photos and views...and the grilled foods look yummy. I miss grilled fish...*nom*. hope to visit Bukidnon someday... :)

    anyway, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. followed and added you on my blogroll (badges & links), see you around. :)

  14. ang ganda :) i really wish we'll be able to travel more :D
    thanks for visiting my blog..following you now :)

  15. Wow, this place is really beautiful and quiet! Thanks for sharing this place, will def plan a trip here soon.

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  17. the place looks so peaceful, beautiful, and quiet *_* i wanna go there!

    oh my, i hope your "souvenir"'s condition would be better, it must've hurt that much. :o

  18. Ang ganda! Nakakatuwa lang. :)
    Parang sobrang relaxing nung place.

    I hope you had fun! :)

  19. Dr. Almer Alfonso's Visitor, Kayaking.
    jetskiing. awwweee Jealous to the nth level! I never tried jetskiing in my entire existence! My sister and I used to make lambing to our father so he'll buy us Jetskii soon. hoping and wishing!! Id be more than happy!! Hi there daddyyo!!!

    thanks for visiting THE TIMELESS PLACE - lake apo,yes i recall, sori i could have dropped by your rented floating cottage and say hello while i was on a jet ski ride, but seems you're in a so private mode,baka maka estorbo lang, nyway please come back and have more fun, kayaking, canoe ride and jet ski.

  20. really memorable one...beautiful place left a beautiful bruise...Be careful next time you travel...:D

  21. will defo visit this place when I get home! meet you there?


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