Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, Ozamiz City

A continuation from my previous post. So yeah, I went to Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental. I stayed there for two days and 1 night. April 15- 16, 2012.
I arrived around 10am in the morning. I didn't even bother checking out the place yet, so I went to sleep and woke up around 2 in the afternoon, had lunch and just laze around. nag eemote eh :D

The photos I posted here was taken on my last day (April 16, 2012). There are times in our lives that we just wanna evaporate and thats what I exactly did. A time where you just wanna be yourself and not care about the world at all. well, atleast for a moment.

My purpose in visiting this place is to solely witness swimming dolphins and a close encounter with them too.

anyway, Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park is situated in Tigdok, Sinacaban, Ozamiz City.
There were a number of fishpens, and a huge Mangrove forest with zoo.
A tropical resort with a very nice HUT-like cottages.

The very famous island habitat for the rescued dolphins is a 15-20minutes boat ride away.

Dolphin Island Resort (MOAP)
Libertad Bajo
Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Tel.: +63 88 586 0157
Mob.: +63 927 262 2756

When Visiting Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, One must pay 10php fee upon entering, as for those who will check-in, you dont need to pay for the 10php fee.

My words may not convince you so I'll share photos instead.
go take a look!

spot the bird!

A nicely built bamboo bridge :D

A mini zoo inside the mangrove forest.

You can do kayaking here too! :)

A small bridge leading to my little nest for the night

A long long long looooooooooong bridge to the Restaurant

A very nice place. I noticed a lot of dating teens during sunset :P tee hee! There were couples on a honeymoon too! hmmm

For information on how to get here, please check this link.

Blog entry about their restaurant and my dolphin encounter will be up next!

xx, Shugah


  1. Nice place! Great place for vacation! Naamaze aq sa bamboo bridge and the other bridges. The place looks so calming. I miss you Shugah! :3

  2. cant wait for your dolphin encounter!!

  3. wooooow. ang ganda talaga ng place babe :)
    ikaw na... ikaw na ang nagbakasyon.. inggit ako T____T join join ako next time babe! hihihihihihihi :D

  4. Wow! That bridge is so cool!
    Hope I can visit one of the beautiful places that you featured in your blog :)


  5. Just seeing your pictures makes me tear up. I had an amazing time in Aquamarine. That was several years back! And it was still new that the bridge to the resto was still wood! And I remember on our way back, it was raining so the bridge was slippery! Scary! But there's a really huge change now. We used to clean up the mangroves for our school club. But now, everything looks neat and amazing! :D

    and I totaly agree with you about disappearing once in a while. :)

  6. Npka ganda naman ng place na ito.. kaso sobrang init, baka duguin ako ng ilong. Haha! (: Nice captured photos sis. Mukhang masarap magphotoshoot dito ah.

  7. Gandaaaa parang paradise lang :))
    Madami pa talaga akong di napupuntahan grabe. Sana lahat ng lugar ganyan. Presko,\. Di gaya dito sa Manila super polluted.

  8. Ikaw na talaga babe. Kinacareer mo na talaga ang pagWawander mo!
    Siguro pag nagkita tayo, matutulala na lang ako sa dami ng napuntahan mo. :(
    Feeling ko nandyan ako sa pictures gusto ko malanghap simoy ng hangin na puro trees. Dito sa manila wala ng ganyan >.<

  9. I do agree with you sis! There are times that I also want to evaporate, not think of anything but just enjoy the sceneries I am in and feel free from worries! :) I super love this entry! Naexcite ako when I saw the word mangroves. I went to Ilocos before to survey mangroves and learn bout theirpopulation near the beach super putikan pero I love it. the soil their is very black, meaning very rich talaga. Parang buwisbuhay yung bridge withe bamboos forming the X's hahaha. yun talaga yung unang word na lumabas sa utak ko. buwisbuhay =)) IDK why.

    OMG. ang affordable ng mga fees ah! Very nice place to relax din. ganda talaga ng nature.

  10. lotsa bridge!~ me wanna go there too. :) nice place!!

  11. Loved the bamboo bridge! I wish I could visit this place also, but it's too far from us. BooHoo. Maybe someday. :)
    Anyways, did you have the chance to swim with the dolphins? If you did, I hope you post some photos,sweetie. I'd love to see them! :)

  12. isasama ko to sa mga list of places to visit. ang ganda!!

  13. This a perfect place...to relax:) bonggels mag pictorial mode dyan:)

  14. Ang ganda ng place. :) Sana makapunta din ako :)

  15. I think these are the first photos I've seen of Misamis. It's not usually featured by other bloggers and in mainstream media. Another wonderful place worth visiting.

  16. dae take me there sometime!! btw madayon inyong cebu trip?


  17. Wow! Hindi pa ako nakakarating dito... Pero soon kapag nagkaroon ng pagkakataon, I hope marating ko ito.

    Ganda naman...

  18. Wow! What a lovely place! Ganda naman talaga nyaaaan. Gusto ko din makapunta dyan :)

  19. di rin ako nakapunta dito... sayang! pagbalik ko ng Ozamis i'll check this out... thanks for sharing! :)

  20. the place looks very relaxing!. Such a nice turf to visit in. Wish i could go there ;-(
    followed yah gurl! ♥
    Expecting feedbacks from you.


  21. OHH WOW! I so love the place, especially yung bridge papunta sa restaurant at yung beach mismo! very refreshing!! Can't wait to see you post about Dolphins!

  22. so tranquil & just the right place for taking a break :) Thanks for dropping by my blog babe ;D look forward for more post from you.


  23. Green everywhere!!! I love it. I could spend a whole day here.

  24. What a lovely place!! Sana makarating din ako dyan one day. At tama si Anney, mukhang masarap mag-photoshoot dyan, gaganda ng photos mo eh. :)

  25. i really miss this place... i would love to go back...

  26. planning to visit the place real soon. thanks for the info :)


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