Travelling to Ozamiz City && Where to stay

Its time to leave Iligan City (for a while)
I woke up early so I could catch a pretty good view of the sunrise while on the bus, but sadly the sun didn't show up. That day is totally gloomy -.-

From Iligan, I rode a non-aircon bus to Ozamiz City. Fare is just 70php
I tried catching naps during the bus ride and munched the biscuits I bought the day before.

Ferry ride Mukas to Ozamiz Port: 25php

Arrived around 7ish in Ozamiz City and because it's my first time in the city, I didn't know I could just dropped off the port and look for a tricycle. What I did was, I dropped off the Agora Terminal, took a pedicab and paid 35php. *naloko ata ako dun?!* or was it a PAKYAW rate? hmmm I only have a GPS in hand to help me with my where-to's but it kinda failed me. lol I was trying to look for this certain coffee shop and was told later that the coffee shop is in the other street. wtf?

Top left: The Coffee Shop that I was looking for. and its closed.. haha guess whos too early?
bottom left: The park just infront of the Coffee shop.
right most: ended up having breakfast in Mang Inasal instead.

After breakfast, I decided to visit the Church near Mang Inasal.
Getting around Ozamiz City is pretty easy, there are pedikabs all over the place!

The Cathedral of our Lady of Immaculate concepcion.
The colorful facade of the cathedral and the grandiose aisle, nave or whatever of the church teehee!
One thing I missed was the Large Pipe Bamboo Organ, The second largest in the Philippines and the ONLY bamboo organ in Mindanao. *sigh
there was some kind of a practice or seminar going on so I wasnt allowed to roam inside the church.

How I wish I could do a longer city tour, but  I was too tired and sleepy. 

There are a lot of Hotels and Inns just around the city, but I chose to stay in MOAP .

so I took a pedikab to Gaisano where I rode an L3 van to Brgy. Sinacaban.
Fare is 25php

Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park( Where I stayed) is really easy to locate and the drivers know where exactly to stop, as this place is very well known.

walked a few steps to the park

my veranda :D

My home for 1 night
250/pax dormitory type
all these 16beds for my self! CREEEPY? NO :) It's more homey than i thought.
The room is really clean.

pretty decent bathroom and sink

tv, and a hot & cold water dispenser :D SWAK! Choosy paba ako? Its only 250/ night! be continued


  1. budget travelling..
    lagi ka may hat=)

    1. haha oo palagi tlga akong mi hat! pansin mo un? :P

  2. nice.. havent been there yet.. soonest!!. my boyfriend always mention that place "dolphin island" hehehe

  3. Ang sulit naman ng Ozamiz trip mo. Nakakainggit. Lakas ng kita ng mga pedicab drivers, wahahahah.

  4. shoot! ang creepy nga nung dorm tapos mag-isa ka lang..hihi

  5. i've been there before .. ganda ng aquamarine park na yan but for ozamiz dapat mag-ingat ka dami kasi mga bad guys sa lugar :0

  6. OO nga wag na maging choosy at very affordable! kahit 1 week pwede mag stay! hehehe!

  7. 250 per night for so many beds? hahah. So cheap sis! :))

    But you went there alone? Isn't it scary?

  8. ang mura naman jan :)
    mura na and mukhang maganda pa ung place :)

  9. hala angaling mo naman madam dahil nagso-solo travel ka pala, ingat po!

  10. wahhhhh!sayang ang bayad sa tricycle... :) pagbaba ko ng Ozamiz port, naglakad lakad lang ako, hanggang makarating sa City proper... hehehe! buti ka pa, nakapunta ka ng MOAP... i missed that... :)

  11. Wow, solo travel, kainggit! Staying alone in a hotel room, more so with so many beds like that, prevents me from going solo, eekk, katakot!! Bilib ako sa 'yo, astig ang solo trip. :)


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