I miss the beach

Sun, Sea, Sand and fun.
I miss the beach. I miss the sound of the waves as it crashes to the shore.
I miss the sand on my skin.
sunbathing as the warmth caresses my skin.

“As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love”

Every possible word I can only say is "I miss you".

Ohh atleast I have photos to take me to serenity-ville.
Beach is home. I cant wait to hit the beach this weekend. <3


  1. Oh how i love the beach too! Missed hitting the beach last summer.. :(

  2. You already sis! Haha. I think I haven't been to the beach for like, almost forever maybe? Haha the last was when I was in fourth grade. I wish I could experience it one more time too. When at the beach, it really feels cozy and relaxing <3

  3. Tanong nila sakin bakit daw maski tag ulan gusto ko pumunta sa beach! E yun ang trip ko e. hehehe! I love the beach too!

  4. Hail the beach bummers! I miss the beach too!

  5. candid shots. ang ganda ng colors.

  6. hayan...I am missing the beach na tuloy.... Parang this haven't gone anywhere... hmmm guess before another typhoons comes kahit mag-isa I will go... lol :D

  7. Beach is love talaga... I get excited everytime I go to the beach. LOL

  8. ang sarap tumambay lang sa Beach all day! Thank you for sharing... Cheers!!! ^_^

  9. Sagot ka na here... Here's your award:


  10. It's been awhile since I was here and I love your new lay-out. Limpyo kaayo! Wanna hit the beach to! I wanna be beachy! LOL!


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