Maria Christina Falls and NPC Park

My apologies for the very late post of my recent travel-adventure. Im up doing something for my future and I just couldnt keep up with it and blogging altogether. I promise to post updates whenever I'm not busy.

So yea, I went to Maria Christina Falls the same day in the afternoon coming from Ozamiz City.

Honestly, Maria Christina Falls wasn't part of the itinerary but a part of me still shouts for it.

Maria Christina Falls is the largest source of electricity in Mindanao.

I didn't knew about NPC Nature's park not until the time I arrived there.

They have a Hanging bridge, Rock wall climbing activities, a Bat park area, Kayak area, and their ultimate tree top adventures.

This is where you are suppose to sign a something something and pay the necessary fees and because I was travelling alone I paid 85php all in all. I didn't even bother what arew the other surcharges; I was too hungry and tired to even complain at all.

Nice huts. perfect for picnics

The Hanging Bridge.

Inside the "butterfly" garden that doesn't have a sight of any butterflies around.

I was told that it is best to visit the falls on a certain day, coz in some days it is not in its full blast, meaning you wont be able to witness its twin fall! Unluckily for me, I went there on a Monday and I only saw the other half of the falls.

I wasn't that amaze. Do I sound too maarte here? NO. okay you guys bear with me.. The place is nice I know, but for a solo traveller; some of you might not enjoy.. The place is meant for GROUPS haha sorry i sound bitter now. anyway, It was still a nice experience seeing Maria Christina up close as I have only seen it from my grade school textbooks.

xoxo, Shugah


  1. it's a perfect place for picnic. Let's bond here.. when you'll visit Iligan again. miss you!

  2. Naku baka natepok na ang mga butterfly kaya wala ka nakita. hehe! Nice waterfalls!

  3. as always. MC is breath-taking. :) no other words can define it.
    :) miss you. balik ka here. heheh

  4. wow! ganda ng place. :) sana makapunta ako jan. ;)

  5. Been there 9 years ago during our educational trip. Too bad hindi mo na witness yung rumaragasang tubig na mababasa ka talaga sa mist.

  6. Awww! Gusto ko rin makapunta ng Maria Cristina Falls. Tapos nako sa Chocolate Hills eh. Alam mo yung mga lugar na pinag-aralan mo simula bata ka pa? hahaha. Parang feel mo.. "Aaahhh eto na pla yun!" Hahahaha. :)

    Miss you sis. ♥


  7. Great photos sis! I really envy people like you who get to travel anywhere they want :)

    Btw, the hanging bridge looks really scary! hahaha :))

  8. Sa book ko palang din nakita ang Maria Christina Falls when I was in grade school pa. LOL

  9. augh. i miss this place. Stayed in Iligan for 8 long years before transferring to Cebu less than a month ago. anyway, NPC is great for picnics and the likes though. They have zipline and all. But they're still developing the place.

  10. Aww namiss ko ang cebu! Cebuano si papa ko so madalas din kami dati dyan <3

  11. Seems a very nice place to see. Good photos as well.


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