Pandanon Island, Bohol

Passing by Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge

Woke up early, took a cab to Punta Engano and forgetting our breakfast was the stupid mistake for that day. booo Anyway, we arrived 7ish in the morning. Cab fare is 280php (from Cebu Doctors Hospital) to Punta Engano. Brought about 4 cans of pik- nik and 2 bags of chips, thought it would be enough for the two of us but I was wrong!

 Upon arrival in Punta Engano, people offering island tours flocked in. My friend got annoyed and I was just laughing because I already pictured that out. There were only the two of us, we knew it would be boring so we contacted my friends cousins and sister but only her sister came. We waited till 11-12nn! Whooa but its okay, the boat is ours for a day right? *insert evil laugh here* The boatman charged us 3500php for the trip. I didnt even bothered to haggle. opppsie sorry. It was too hot!  Contact joeyhopping: 09086691907

photos while waiting

We boarded OUR boat around 12nn. Theres a 1php terminal fee.

We asked the guide if they can buy lechon manok and puso for us and he told us that there are floating restaurants along the way, we the tired and hungry ones just gladly nodded never knowing the restaurant foodie costs double or triple. oh holy lord! *napa sign of the cross*

We ordered Kitong which is freaking 750php per kilo non foreigners rate LOL (we only got  half a kilo) and a shell chuva (forgot to ask what is was) for 800/kilo! As much as we wanted to order shrimps we opted not to, as it is 90php/pc! GRABE like GRABE!! and a 50php labor fee for every meal. My friend paid for our lunch anyway. She must've understood my bothered and worried face hahaha!

We were not impressed with the service not even the food. Its expensive and not yummy at all! Unsatisfied with lunch, we continued sailing to Pandanon Island.

Pandanon Island is within the bounds of Bohol. A small island with a stretch of white sandbar.

I sat here while cruising! I truly enjoyed the summer heat.
fact: I am a sun worshipper. I dont mind getting sunburnt!

Blurred preview of Pandanon Island


Upon arrival, we were greeted by the people from the other boat. oh how friendly of them. that was a nice gesture pinoys!

All shades of blue~ Summer hues oh how I love you!

First impression was "oh okay were here".

 To enter the Resorts premises, one must pay an entrance of 150php/pax, cottages for 200php and a certain docking fee. Being all broke, we just spent a few minutes in the white sandbar. There were a LOT of people in the Island. The seabed is not fine. Dead corals are aplenty. Pandanon Island is so so.

Everyone, meet Doc Julie. Sneaked outta the hospital just to be with us!

Tinatago ang taba?

nanliit ako..ANG PUTI NILA!!!!

We asked the boatman to stop halfway thru our cruise so we can swim and I believe it was really deep. We really enjoyed swimming and I even played mermaid that made my companions laugh out loud!  Too bad I dont have a photo of it. (Will wait for my friend till she uploads it.)

After a few minutes we said "tara" and by tara the boatman thought we wanted to go home na skipping the Fish Sanctuary in Olango. When we were docked I was completely dumbfounded.
My friend: Asa na ang mga isda? "where are the school of fish? "
me to the boatman: Kuya arent we going to the fish sanctuary?
boatman: abi nako gusto namo mag uli maam "I thought you wanted to go home already"
me: Oh man :( (completely disappointed never wanted to leave the boat)
Friend: Cge nlng.

I wasnt that amazed but I had fun and enjoyed cruising nonetheless. The fact that I am with friends is enough reason for me to be happy and thankful. but but but.... We should've went to Moalboal or Malapascua instead. next time next time.. Or Island banca cruise perhaps? Lunch buffet, bean bags, wifi on board and a cold beer! ahhh luxury indeed has its price!

Thank you, Pandanon Island.

xoxo, Shugah


  1. wah its so pretty there! nakakamiss mg beach :D

    ~aiMee/aMz, <3

  2. I miss Cebu! I tried Island Hopping forgot all the Islands na! Haha Natawa ako about sa food! And you spent too much! Screw manong for that! :D

  3. Grabe sa mahal ang food ha! Ganda nung cloud formation dn sa last pic!

  4. it is easy to be poetic with a water and scenery such as that! summer feel pa rin.

  5. This is one thing that I never did when I was still in the Philippines! Geez, one of my dreams really! bet you had so much fun babe! You look so pretty and smexy! <3

    O_O I've always thought that floating restaurants are cool but dang!that's pretty expensive!

    Great pictures, I'm so jealous!

  6. Hindi ko kinaya ang over priced na food, kaloka! But the place is beautiful.. white sand, clear waters and the cumulus clouds! Wow!

  7. galing ng mga pose mo Pauline. Talagang nag sneak out pa si doctor julie ha. BTW, linaw pa ng tubig ha. :-).

  8. Super high price...tumbling ako...hahaha one thing I know is reading your blog free nad worth it pa...really enjoy reading your blog...promise...:D

  9. First of all, is this turning into a Travel Blog na? Haha una cebu. now bohol. Ikaw na talaga! Haha
    I've been to bohol a lot of times na since I was young kasi it's our province. Pero di ko pa rin sya nalibot. I've never been to Pandanon. Sabhin ko nga kina papa yan. I know alam nila yan. ANg napuntahan ko lang ata na beach jan Panglao. pero bata pa ko nun kaya di ko maalala. hahaha. next summer I hope makapasyal kami sa one of the beaches of bohol.

  10. Wew! Hope to visit Bohol next year... I love the star fish and the sand bar... :)


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