Revisiting Cebu City

Ive been to Cebu City a couple of times already. My mama grew up in cebu so we usually visit Cebu constantly when I was younger.

Travelling to Cebu was a real horror. I wasnt able to board my 6pm flight so I hurriedly went to the nearest ticketing office to buy my boat ticket to cebu. imagine que horror? I won't detail it any further. I was so disappointed and I still am. :?

I needed to be in Cebu before May 17, I needed to fetch my friend whos coming home from the big apple but unfortunately I cant. So I tried contacting her thru facebook messaging, explained to her what happened and she gladly understand. She just told me to wait for her call in the morning.

Day 1

I woke up around 3.30am, with a cup of coffee and a cigarette in hand; I was at the bench when a familiar face approached me. oha! Shes a girl from the school I went to in college. We talked non stop til 6am. :P

The ship docked around 8.30 in the morning.

I took a cab; and again another mishap! I didn't know Cebu Doctor Hospital and Cebu Doctor University werent situated in one place. boo ya! When the driver asked me if where im going I just said "to the university" when apparently I shouldve said the Hospital, to cut the story short I did find my way to the Hospital. haha

yehaaaaaa after 9 long months! I finally got to see her!
Spent our first day in cebu, just wandering in SM Mall and a lot of catching up.

Day 2

We went to SM for lunch then went to Crown Regency for some SKY ADVENTURE :D
Ill just share a few photos as I am going to make a separate post about it.

one word! FUN!!!

Had dinner at 30 kitchen+bar. It's a nice little restaurant in Banilad. I didnt get a chance to take photo of our foods. The next time I'll be in cebu, I sure will make a review about them! I love the foods!

Strolled around IT PARK and had bubble tea at ITEA.

day 3

Went to Pandanon Island. will make a separate blog post about it.

Went to Club Pump where a friend works as a DJ but I didn't got the chance to talk to him. booo so we went to vudu and had a round of rhum then went home and rest.

Day 4

Woke up around noon time. Its pasalubong shopping time and we also bought our tickets.
Spent most of our time in Ayala Mall, eating and non stop chika.

She ordered carbonara while I ordered this pesto with too much tomato in it. lol

We then went to Song hits ktv bar (Mango Square) in the evening. spent three hours singing our heart out.
day 5
Its time to bid goodbye :D
We went to shamrock to buy another round of pasalubongs for our friends and families.
Had dinner at the old spaghetti house and had our milk tea dose before heading to the sea port.
I totally had a blast! I enjoyed my 5 days staycation in Cebu!
Im looking forward to another cebu trip with the whole barkada :D
xx, Shugah


  1. You really enjoy your stay in Cebu ha Pauline...I like the sunset photo and the tilted photo...:-)...BTW, are you from Bukidnon?

  2. Cebu, Ubec, Sugbu had been our home for last 4 years. The place where sky and summer met the first time, fell in love and exchange vows. Our love will always be attached to this city. We considered it as our second home.

    Sky & Summer <3 CEBU

    1. ahh! sweetest!! <3 <3 Sky and summer I really adore you guys! <3

  3. can't wait for your next post !

  4. Looks like you had fun though you've encountered some mishaps along the way. Seeing old friends after a long time is nice. I wish i could visit Cebu too. :)


  5. Cebu is LOVE! :D really had a blast sa pics pa lang! <3

  6. Mao ni tong wala ta ngkita noh? Hahaha. Nahan ko sa sky adventure! excited ko sa imo post. Hahahaha. Basta ha? Pagbalik nmo dri! hmp. ♥

  7. hahah. glad to see so many familiar places in this picture. Too bad you weren't able to shop much while you were here.

  8. i really want to go to CEBU someday. Ang gaganda ng place. glad you had fun sis :)

  9. whenever I see a Sea.. I can't help but feel relaxed! Ang ganda ng scenery ng tubig! ♥ Love how blue it is. ♥♥♥

    Grabe nagutom naman ako sa mga kinain nyo sis.. milk tea.. pasta.. Those are what I carve for now! yum yum =p~~

    I wanna go to Cebu!

  10. Nakakatuwa. I wanna go visit Cebu too! :) I hope you had fun!

  11. Whoa! Great photos! Glad you enjoyed our city. Next time you drop by, let me know. More exciting places await! :)

  12. Super fun at enjoyable time with your friend! Dami nyo napasyalan!

  13. waaaa... cuti ka pa sis.. nakapag Cebu ka ulit!! :D
    I miss Cebu already!!! huhuhuh :( sana sa next trip mo magkita tayo!!! weeeeeeeee <3 <3

  14. nam nam! :D i hope you had fun in Cebu. Hope next time, you'd stay longer and try the beaches sa Malapascua. :D

    Check this out --->


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