Things I wanna do before I die...

few days ago I turned 22. I feel so old and you know, we're not getting any younger. I decided to create a bucket list or what I call LIFE LIST. In the end, The only question will be "Were you able to find happiness?" Im sure few of you silently have this lists in mind. Dont be afraid to show it to people. Who knows? they might be the one wholl help you tick that list one by one.

RUN 20 km

RIDE a Jetski

Go water tubing

Go Ice skating

Elephant ride

Play with the snow

Get a Scuba Diving notebook

Be a surfer

Learn conversational Japanese

Go on a cruise

Extreme Water Rafting

Climb Mt. Apo

Climb Mt. Dulang- dulang

Appear on a Magazine

search for the whitest and finest beach in the Philippines

Go Zorbing

Swim with the Dolphins

Ride a Camel

A month long trip in Japan

Visit the 7 wonders of the world

Visit Bora Bora

Visit Disneyland Hongkong

Fly Kites

Bar Hopping ALONE

Meet my idols *not telling who* haha

Own a beach house

Visit Santorini

Travel to Rome with the Family

Volunteer works

Receive snail-mail love letters

Drink water on a bamboo stalk (Thanks Micamyx!)
There are just too many stuff that I wanna experience before the man with black cape take my life away from here. Id like to keep this list half- Doable, that way I may be able to achieve parts of it. Most of it are NOT THAT EASY to achieve. but who cares? there is nothing wrong in dreaming.
Whats yours?
xoxo, Shugah


  1. It's nice that you have a bucket list. It really does add spice and inspiration to your life. It will give you a sense of achievement, help you get out of your comfort zone, and show you new things to look forward to. And when you feel that you've ran out of motivation, just look at your list again to get inspired.

    I made my own list 10 years ago and I've almost crossed out a lot of things...konti nalang ata like magpapapicture with my actor crush (I know...haha!), magpatattoo and to water raft. Now, Im looking forwars to start a new ist, "What to do before 50?" Hahaha! Gosh, I feel old!

  2. Oh I have one too! I actually have a notebook where I write my Bucket List. There's so many things we want in life, and though we're still on our early 20's, we sometimes feel like time is running out. Do you feel that way too? I do.
    Oh well, I hope you'll be able to do everything on your list,sweetie!
    God bless you always!

  3. Idagdag mo na dito yung drinking bamboo water :D

  4. nice list you got here. i'm sure magagawa mo lahat to in a few years time. belated happy birthday! :)

  5. ay parang gusto ko din gumawa ng ganito. hihihi! nakakatuwa when you start crossing out one by one no? Achieve na achieve lang. Gusto ko rin yung Santorini. =) parng super romantic nung lugar na yun. Pangarap ko din ang bungy jumping. hahaha! buwis buhay

  6. Very athletic goals you have! :)

    My list also includes staying in Japan and seeing the 7 wonders of the world :D

  7. Some people think that happiness is easily achieved. But maybe they've been given that privilege way before they were born, unlike others where they (like me) have to strive harder to achieve happiness. :)

    This list is like mine as well, I have a longer-list though, since it's my bucket list, and well... there are stuff that are very private so I don't think I can share it haha. I've done some of the things in your list and I tell they are so much fun! Imma go climb Mt. Apo with you! hehe :D We should go to Bora-Bora together, that's one thing in my list too!


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