This is a long over due post.Well, I really don't have plans on posting it. Not until someone emailed me, asking for help and trip cost breakdown. I am happy, thinking someone is really reading my blog, and someone is really interested with what I write. Am I making any sense here?

Wanna know how much I spent on my very first short backpacking trip?
then keep scrolling below..

You may use this as reference when you are going to visit Iligan City and Ozamiz City.



April 13, 2012

1pm - Departure to CDO
5pm - Arrival in CDO
* I slept at my Sisters place*

April 14, 2012

5am- wake up time
6pm- Departure to Iligan
8pm- Arrival in Iligan
waited for my friend
10pm-12 - Chill time with friends and Lunch
1pm- Mimbalot falls
Iligan Paradise Resort
3pm - Tinago Falls
5pm- waiting at the hostel's lobby
7pm- Dinner with friend
meetup with some Iligan based bloggers
11pm - Lights off

April 15, 2012

5am- Ozamiz bound
7.30- Arrival
Prospera Park
8am- Breakfast
Ozamiz City Cathedral
9am- MOAP bound
9.30am- Arrival in MOAP
Check- in
10am-2pm I slept/Me time/Siesta Time
2pm- Late lunch
3pm- Walk in the park
4pm- Snack
5pm- went back to the dorm and slept real early (lol)

April 16, 2012

7am- Breakfast
8am- Dolphin Island
swim with the dolphins
10.30am- check out
11am- Iligan City bound
1pm- Arrival in Ma. Christina falls
3pm- Cagayan De Oro Bound
5pm- Arrival in CDO

I stayed in Cagayan de Oro till the 20th



Jeepney ride to Valencia City - 20php
Rela rides - 16php
Bus ride to CDO -180php
dinner - 150php
misc- 100php
total=  466php


Jeepney ride to Bulua terminal - 8php
Bus ride to Iligan City - 85php
Jeepney ride to Gmall - 10php
Breakfast at Mcdo - 100php
jeepney fare to Hinaplanon -8php
Cigarette- 40php
Hinaplanon to City proper - 8php
Fare to Linamon -  20php
Habal habal ride to Mimbalot Falls - 10php
Entrance fee plus coke for three at Iligan Paradise Resort - 85php
Habal habal ride to Tinago falls - 25php
Cottage  table at Tinago falls - 40php
Lifevest for three - 60php
Bamboo raft ride for three - 30php
Habal habal ride to Linamon - 30php
Jeepney fare for three - 45php
Jeepney ride to Inn- 10php
Accomodation - 300php
Dinner - 240php
pedikab to the nearest convenience store (2way) - 20php
Shoppe24 food and water - 135php
total =  1309php

DAY 03

Inn to terminal - 8php
non-aircon Bus ride to Ozamiz City - 70php
barge to Ozamiz City - 25php
Rela to Prospera Park- 30php
Rela to Cathedral - 8php
Breakfast - 90php
Rela to LOTRADISCO alley- 8php
L3van ride to MOAP - 25php
Accomodation - 250php
Lunch- 95php
snack- 105php
total= 714php

DAY 04

Breakfast - 100php
Boatfare to Dolphin island - 300php
add on boatfare -40php
Swim and play with the dolphin- 300php
snorkeling + gear -100php
Fare to Ozamiz City Proper - 25php
Pedikab to Church - 10php
Pedikab to the jetty port - 10php
Mr chips - 25php
barge - 25php
bus fare to Iligan - 70php
Entrance fee to Ma. Christina and NPC Park - 85php
Piattos - 30php
Bus fare to CDO - 85 (I hailed an RTMI bus from Ma. Christina then transferred to an aircon bus in the Palao Terminal. that way, I was able to save jeepney fares to the city and from the city to the terminal. Plus its hassle free too! :D)
jeepney fare to our house - 8php
dinner- 150php
total =  1363php

Bus fare back to Bukidnon - 180php

total= 4032php

I didn't include the expenses I spent in CDO for four days (April 16th till the 20th).

As you can see, I eat a lot. and too much money spent on food, so you may just cross that out.
just allot enough money for the three important meal of the day.
Also, I learned the art of walking. Especially if the destination is just near, a max of 300km then Id prefer walking.

For approxiamately 4032php plus intentional overspending in Cagayan de Oro City, I was able to visit 3 waterfalls, get to bond with friends, met other bloggers, long bus rides alone, ferry rides alone (I did got a little emo on ferry rides haha) , got lost in an unfamiliar city, swim and play with the dolphins, snorkeling, spent quality time with the siblings and no GUTOM moments!

Now tell me? San ka pa? :D
Money well spent and the memories will surely be memorable and priceless.

I hope this will be of help. Feel free to ask if you have queries.

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  1. nindot kaayo ... haahaha :) pinakamahirap yung magblog ng mga itinerary

  2. Know! You kidding me? 4000 plus lng? OMG! I like this. You must invite me next time :D

  3. Wow! Money well spent talaga! Galing mo mag budget!

  4. Wow, I wish I can be as energetic as you are, seriously, haha! Di ako ganyan ka-tyaga lol.


    Btw, bakit may smiley face sa chest part LOL! dun sa isang photo hahaha :)

  5. When I went to Bohol, super budget pod ko and super tipid. But naabot japon mga 5.5k. :) But okay ra. I can earn the money back but I cannot have the memories if I didn't go there. Noh? :)


  6. wow, 4k+ lang yun budget, matakaw din ako so add pa ko ng 500, hehe! Kasama CDO sa bucket list ko, Thanks for the info!

  7. Nice. What a tedious way to do but you still managed to list all of the expenses. Good itinerary.I admire you!

  8. This post is really useful ! Hopefully when i go back to the philippines i could visit ...it looks really beautiful and the price is not bad :D heheheh


  9. Very useful sis :) Glad someone e-mailed you about this *wink

    Now I know who to contact if I wanna go for a vacay :)
    And the price is very affordable. memories plus nice place + cheap price = HAPPY VACAY

  10. For 4k price, that's not bad. :)

    The place looks nice, relaxing and fun as well :D

    OT: Added your link up on my blogroll.

  11. i so envy you sis! i enjoy reading your blog because it contains a lot of wonderful places in the philippines. and sadly, i haven't been to much. :( and thanks for this ♥ need na magipon! hahaha!

  12. Good! Malaking tulong itong itinerary mo sa mga makakati ang paa na mahilig maggala. I will refer to it kapag natsamba akong gumala sa Iligan at Ozamiz.

  13. Ang ganda talaga ng Mindanao! sulit ang gastos sa ganda ng mga lugar na na-visit nyo. Hays, sana may mapuntahan na Mindanao province next year.

  14. Woah ganun? Nice!! Would love to visit soon.. Busy pa masyado now :o

  15. Thanks for the cost breakdown. I used to study in Iligan and I miss the place! I'm planning to visit someday again. :) At least now I have an idea how much to save up

  16. This breakdown helps a lot. The only fare I have to know is the Mla/CDO/Mnl. Plus of course the pasalubong gastos haha...Thanks for this :D

  17. I think all the money spent here was worth it anyway and you really had a great time.

  18. I love all the shots you have here. It is so vivid.

  19. 4,032 to 4 places? grabe ka sulit and wow, amazed ako sa itinerary. very detailed.

  20. That was a good price considering you have been to a lot of places, beautiful scenery.I have to visit these places too.

  21. great place. it was so good of you to provide a breakdown of expenses. :D

  22. I love the falls in Iligan and the outdoor attraction in Cagayan.

  23. wow! 4032 for all that? i want to go to the dolphin island!! :)

  24. Wow! That a really good itinerary ah! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I might just plan a trip to Iligan and Ozamiz in the near future.. :)

  25. I wish I can visit these places and able to add it to my adventures. Thanks for the detailed information's on the cost, it's a big help...

  26. I thinking I have to stop drinking Starbucks and start saving that 4000 pesos worth of heaven.

  27. na curious aq dun sa photo- is that whale or shark? luv the waterfalls photograph!, tnx for posting the ITi i am going to use that in my planned Iligan trip on Sep.:)

  28. I've been there twice and I couldn't even remember the cost of all expenses, simply because I didn't spend any penny. Anyway, you have a very good budgeting here and a very helpful post indeed. :)

  29. full pack itinerary you have here... and well accounted expenses. (LOL)... and if it brings you to smile recalling this... must be lots of fun... thanks for sharing. Yahweh bless.

  30. For 4K you were really able to enjoy your trip. ^_^ Thanks for sharing.

  31. Very helpful post! Bookmarked! I'll be doing this in the future! :)

  32. Those pics are awe-inspiring! Paradise indeed. I want to visit those places too :D

  33. Wow, this is really a budget trip! I guess, I'll follow you. he he

  34. Wow! Money well spent talaga. With just 4k plus the other expenses not mentioned the trip is still very affordable to think yung mga napuntahan mo are really good diba. 3 waterfalls, snorkeling, dolphins and a lot more, ay sus! Super worth it naman talaga.

  35. What i love in this posts it's comprehensive aspect. So few travelers do this and I salute u for doing this. I love your photos and the dolphins in Sinacaban is inviting, as I choose not to go there the last time I was there.


  36. Gusto ko rin mag swim with the dolphins! I've been planning this trip since my school days pero never ko pa tagala nagawa. I've been to CDO only but wansn't able to go to Iligan and Ozamis. I will definitely refer to this post once matuloy na ang trip namin.

  37. I always want to visit the Falls of Iligan, I wanna swim with the Dolphins too! Waaaah! Thanks for sharing this. :)

  38. Travelers are mainly concerned about what their destination has to offer and how much it would cost to get their and back while enjoying the visit. It's good you posted this information.

  39. Wow, very nice.

    To think that you just spent around PhP 4,000 for that jam-packed trip, I think it will be nice to go there. Tanong lang, where do you live? Bandang Mindanao area ba? So kung manggaling sa Luzon, may probability na tumaas ng konti? :)

    1. I live in bukidnon. the expenses I listed above is buk-cdo-iligan-ozamiz back to bukidnon :)

  40. I wonder why you didnt took the time to visit Camiguin..
    Especially that you've stayed in CDO for a few days..
    I haven't explored much of CDO, not much to do after white water rafting,
    but the surrounding places of Bukidnon or Iligan holds a lot of promise for travelers.

    1. Hi Francis! Thanks for visiting. I have a scheduled trip to camiguin with friends this aug. kaya i skipped camiguin :)

  41. For a 3 city trip (CDO, Iligan, Ozamis), it's a good deal. And a backpacker has to eat ;)

  42. woooaa.. love it.. want to go to that Dolphin Island. and your schedule for one is really full for one pack of adventure in a very thrifty manner.. love it thanks for sharing.. looks like the air fare is more expensive hahaha..

  43. Love the place...mura pa because you have a relative there...how much will it cost if from Metro Manila and baka my tourist guide ka na kakilala dyan hehehe.

  44. Wooooow! Ang hectic ng schedule. Hehehehe. Looks and sounds like fun. I'll try this some day, konting ipon lang. :D

  45. That is one detailed, and it's very helpful for person like you who love to travel and get saving as the same time.

  46. Mura lang ha in fairness. I spent 75k for 3 days in Cebu. Haha.

  47. i don't think I can what you did, detailed info and all. More so when it comes to budgeting I have this habit of just buying things for the sake of buying. :(

  48. uy! havent tried city hopping in our cities... maybe we can go travel together. hehe

  49. Thanks for this Shugah! Informative post. I like the dolphin island. might also include this in my itinerary. :) haha.


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