The gifts Hodge Podge Online Shop sent me arrived this afternoon. I am so happy! I am a fan of anything artsy craftsy. Wander Shugah's Logo and Hello Kitty bottlecap keychains. ahh cutest! <3 They are really really pretty! Even my dad liked it. He said its a very clever creation.

So if you want anything cute, go to Hodge Podge Online Shop Facebook account and place your orders now,  or you can join my online giveaway HERE. 3 days left to join. just 7 easy steps to follow! So please help me spread the news by clicking tweet or FB like or PIN it below! <3

Super duper mega thanks to Hodge Podge Online Shop  for sending me these cute stuff <3 More powers to you guys! :) 


  1. Good luck to all those who joined the giveaway :)
    I've checked out the site before. :D

  2. That's a cute logo key chain. Ganda no? Meron din ako nyan e. Necklace. My friends really like it nga din. Good luck on your giveaway. :)

  3. i love artsy crafts as well! i have tones of beads and anything craft related! your such a lucky girl! jane of tauyanm.com xx

  4. I want that personalized logo keychains, too! :)

    Btw, replied on your comment at www.charnina.com


  5. I also have one yung Eiffel tower ang design at dahil super cute balak ko naman magpa-personalized.

    By the way, I really love your logo :)

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