Trust me, It's paradise.

Hello my love, We meet again.

May it be composed of sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles or cobblestone; I really don't mind.
 I love the beach!
I never lied when I said "every beach is paradise."
And when I say "Beach" Im reffering to the seashore not the beaches on the lake.
I enjoy the salt clean smell of the sea, I love the sound of the waves, I love the pure bliss and satisfaction that only the sea can give. I found happiness with the sand between my toes and a sun burn on my face.

Hearing the sound of the wave as it crashes to the shore and a seals and crofts track *summer breeze* while you enjoy the sun and count every good things you can see. How much more can you define the Beach for me?

Go play with the sand, run into the water, Lay by the shore and just enjoy every second of it; that is a perfect getaway one can ever do. There is nothing like getting dirty in the sand, play mermaid while the water washes off you.

I love walking along the shore and  pick every good looking stones along the way.
The beach is a wonderful thing, Its a worry free zone, where some people go for some boobs and ass. I will always long for the beach. Get laid and enjoy life.

As cliche as it sounds but this qoute runs stronger "You can shake the sand from your shoes but not from your soul."

your summer kinda girl,
Shugah G.


  1. woah!! lovely photos sis!!! :D
    I miss the beach tuloyyyy... :) and most of all, I miss you! ayeeee.. hihihihihihi :D

  2. I love the last photo! I miss the beach too! Ok lang sa august e may beach trip kami. yehey!

  3. You're a certified beach bum! ヅ
    Lovely sunset shot! Ganda!

  4. Hi I love the photos so nice :)

  5. Grabe ka talaga babe! Haha! Nakakainggit ka! Lagi ka na lang namamasyal! Shugah the Explorer ka na! Hahaha Keep posting useful to sa mga nagsesearch lalo na kung magoouting. Basta gandahan mo na lang ang title. :D IMY!!!

  6. Love the photos. I am so missing the beach. It's been.. what? 5 years na! :( Hay. Looking at your photos makes me want to go, kahit man lang malapit lapit.

    I love the last photo, btw. :)

  7. Nakakainggit ka sis. I've been longing na pumunta sa beach together with Kimy but laging supalpal. Almost 3-4 years na rin na d ako nka punta ng dagat. Pareho pla kmi ni Karen. LOL. Ano ba yerns. :(

    Anyway, I like the last photo sis! Ang bongga lang! :)

  8. OMGGGGG !!!! Can you take me to that paradise?

    I miss you big time
    stay gorgeous <3

  9. I've never been a "beach girl" but whenever I get the chance to go to the beach, I feel peaceful and calm and happy. :)

    I love your hair! :)

  10. WOW! True! every beach is a paradise! woohoo! i miss the beach! :)

  11. Love the quote you mentioned in the last part of your post. And I very much agree! I love the beach so much, and it's quite not explainable how much I adore it. Although I tend to be very picky, because of its cleanliness. People just forget to clean up after themselves, and that's what irks me the most. :/ But still, there really is something about the beach. The horizon? The sunrise? The sunset? The water? :D

  12. nice photos :) ang ganda naman jan,.

  13. love the pictures! love the whole entry! super relaxing sa beach imo.. doon ako nakakaisip talaga.. the sound of waves, the feeling of the sand and how the sun rises and sets so perfectly on time... <3 Lovet!

  14. Looking good sis!! I actually didn't realize how much I love the beach until as of late. I've always thought I'm more of a forest gal. LOVE THE BEACH

  15. i love the hair. ;-) so outrageous and sexy
    basta travel blogger ka, lakwatchira ka talaga. ;-)

    just me,

  16. Duka Bay? We used to have our office planning in this resort and I remember getting drunk in one of the cottages. Hehehe... Great photos!

  17. wish i can be by the beach NOW :))

  18. it's really paradise ♥ im so envious :D


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