Bukidnon MapUp

Bukidnon MapUp event was held at Green Ridge Apartelle, Capitol Grounds, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon last August 25, 2012. Attended by 15 participants both from private and Government sector all with a vision of putting the City within the forest(and beyond) in the google maps. 

I have been a google fan long before yahoo was introduced to me. I use gmail for my emails, I use blogger as my blogging platform for this blog, I upload videos on youtube, and ohh I have an android phone. I use google maps on finding a certain place when I travel and most especially when I travel solo. I even used my phone to locate MOAP when I visited Ozamiz City and Cebu City earlier this year.With that amazing things brought to us by google, it is no wonder that they came up with a greater service, The Google Map maker which was launched on 2008.It allow user to add and edit maps, users may contribute their local knowledge to make a more detailed and comprehensive map of the changing world. Who knows your place better than you do? Start mapping up your neighborhood.

Personally, my purpose in joining this event is to increase and to add more information in my merely rustic brain. I love learning new stuff and meeting great people at the same time. I know, once we fully mapped Bukidnon, I am sure this is going to be a great help in boosting our tourism in Bukidnon as a whole. As an adventure enthusiast, I would love to add our tourist attractions to google maps so when people ask me what my home province has to offer, I can answer them with a smirk and hand them a hefty amount of places to visit, plus! it can easily be located. We don't just have the usual go-to tourist attraction which is Dahilayan Park, We have more than that and I am pretty much willing to add that to the map.

The event that was started with a prayer and singing of Bukidnon Hymn was followed by the Introducing of the guest speakers, Avel Manansala, Alexis Chua and Dr. Remo Aguilar. Yes, the celebrity bloggers of SOCCSKSARGEN !

Program officially started with a prayer, Singing of the Philippine National anthem, singing of the Bukidnon hymn, introducing of the guest speakers and workshop proper.

trivia: Q: What is the most searched item in the Internet?
A: Places

The overview of Google mapmaker by Kuya Avel Manansala, Alexis Chua for teaching us the "BASICS" and Dr. Remo Aguilar for relaying to us on how to do the GPS overlaying.

stolen ba to? 

Awarding of certificate of participation.

The team!

l-r: Nanardx Zee of http://www.southcotabato.org , Xyrilloid Landicho of http://www.xyrilloidlandicho.com/ , Dr. Remo Aguilar of http://tacurongcity.net , Avel Manansala of http://www.gensantos.com/  and Alexis Chua of http://www.alexischua.com .

Thanks to you guys, Thank you for spending your time with us.
Thanks to Sir Bonz of http://www.contourblog.com  for initiating the conduct of the event and making the event possible. Cheers!!

xx, Shugah

disclaimer: All photos without watermarks are from BARILES and those with watermark are from  SOUTHCOTABATO.ORG


  1. Galing mo Shugz....ang bilis mong na iblog ang ating group event...Congrats and kudos to that.:-). Great mind set.

  2. Great post Shugs..thanks to u and the entire team BPBS, we had so much fun.. and congratz!

  3. like i said in your previous post, never been to Bukidnon. this seemed to be a fun and meaningful event :)

  4. wala tlga kaong tyaga sa mga seminar n gnyan hahahaha

  5. good luck in mapping out bukidnon! we used to have this so called "spot mapping" during 2nd year and it's no joke :D soooooo good luck! haha <3

  6. Wow! I wanna go in Bukidnon. hahaha... Good luck in mapping it out ;)

  7. I love Bukidnon :) was able to go here one summer. Ü

    anyway,please join my post birthday giveaway and win fabulous and cute stuff. I hope you'll be one of my three winners! :) http://raellarina.blogspot.com/2012/08/post-birthday-giveaway-raellarina-x.html

  8. Wow! It is indeed a cool event. Lucky you!
    Me too, been using g-mail since forever hihi ^ ^
    and thanks to their map haha I always search there whenever I wanna go to a certain place that I am unfamiliar with

    Good luck on your journey doll! Muaaahhh


  9. Good luck on mapping bukidnon! Awesome!

  10. That's a cool event. Hope you can share the basics on mapping para naman ma-experience din namin. I also do wish na maka-attend ako sa mga ganyang events.

    Good luck and happy mapping :)

  11. Cool!! I wish I could do that too.. haha.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  12. nice post sis!. and cool event sana matry ko din ganyang seminar! ;)

  13. peferct event! I'm also a big lover of google:)

  14. So amazing blog! Love it))
    You have a new follower! Hope you'll do the same, dear!
    Thank you!


  15. wow, bilib ako sayo sis for actually having the initiative to go there and learn more about GPS and mapmaker ng google. someday magimprove na hopefully ang gps to bukidnon. :D mujhang nafoforesee ko na ang future ng wandershugah ah! this will really help boost tourism sa bukidnon.. blog about the places.. and sana with the hlp of google's projects maging maganda ang kalalabasan ng efforts mo sis. :D miss you too! ♥

  16. Cge ko dula ana google2 gud girl. cool au ng mkakakita kag places bah. Hahaha. Bilib jud ko sa imong pagka pursigido. ♥

  17. that's an amazing event! knowing that it helps the city as well. I use google maps all the time, and it amazes me how technology has gone beyond our imaginations. :D

  18. I think it's awesome that you took some time and effort to go to there just to learn something new. Not a lot of people have the initiative to do that.

  19. hi there! hope u could join my giveaway! heres the link:

  20. Oh wow! Looks interesting. :)

    Sometimes, even though we already know enough; it doesn't hurt to know more. :D

  21. Wow! Now you can map Bukidnon. Teach me how to do it so I can map Leyte..hehe


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