Family reunion (Monkayo, Compostela Valley)

We went on a family reunion last week. My fathers side. The long road trip to Monkayo from Bukidnon and back was fun. All we did was EAT and SING. Holy mother of arthritis punished me, as my feet was numb and in pain. Guess, I drank more than 5 rhea colchicine but still went on eating pork. nuff nuff  >.<

We spent four days there and I wasn't able to visit some of the tourist spots. Reasons are 1.) My dad wont allow me to go alone. 2.) Dad told me to accompany me but didn't for I don't know what reasons. You see, how irritating it is to be with the oldies? haha So four days was spent pigging out, singing our hearts out, eat some more, sing, repeat wanmelyon and more times. Its not that I am complaining, I had so much fun. char! haha I was able to bond with my little cousins (me being the eldest amongst the group. ouch). I was also hoping to visit the tunnel but wasn't able to...but I saw little butil of golds which the miners brought home on our second day. Isn't it so nice to spend afternoon naps  under the durian tree on a hammock? breezy yea! Spent afternoons making smoothies and eating the lechon leftovers, sing and dance budots budots on the karaoke till dawn? FUN! :D 

Passing by Lorega, Bukidnon

and how I love Tagum city!!! Clean City!!! <3

The only place I got to visit was the Centro Monkayo where the public market and some stores are located.  
The people there kept staring at me.. must be my weird looking hairdo :/ oppsie! 

My cousins!! Some thirty cousins were not there with us. We a big family, dude! haha

The OLDIES .  Momma, Dad, titos,titas and Lola :)

Family time is family time. Not complaining right there, okay. It was a fun fun fun gathering. and I've heard next years reunion will be in Morong, Rizal. Awesome! :D

how do you spend your reunions?
Do you have annual reunions?
share your thoughts!


  1. I love family reunions! and those endless stories with cousins.. ;)

  2. eating and singing that's life to me haha!
    nagkakasama sama lang kami ng buong angkan kapag fiesta sa province namen more like reunion na rin hehe...

  3. I don't remember if we have reunion. Hehe!

  4. Awww. suddenly missed my family! Were a huge clan too and we seldom see each other completely, the last time I think was 2009 (my cousin's wedding) and it never happened again. Envy you sis! And you're right, the city looks so clean!

  5. Such a beautiful family! Pag Christmas kami nag re reunion.

  6. great family reunions! lovely photos :)

  7. Sana sis nag picture ka pa. Bitin! <3

  8. Wow, grabe, namangha ako, ang linis dyan!! ansaya ng family reunion! wow, next sa morong,rizal? malapit lapit samen yan!

  9. Yay matagal na ako nag family reunion siguro nung Friday family reunion yun nung birthday ni Kian XD haha i miss your blog :)

  10. Its been a while since I have blog hopped. On my first round of comeback syempre I wont miss out visiting yours. :) Love your travel feature...nae-encourage talaga ako to pursue my travel blog. :)) Until now di ko padin naaasikaso. Keep it up love. TC!

  11. i've never been to bukidnon, dahil siguro wala kaming kilala dun :))) but for family reunions, yup, 2x a year actually. as in yung grand family reunion. but both families are close kaya even though they live in far places (US, australia, batanggas, etc) we visit them usually every 3 months or so :)


  12. Sing and Eat! Love it and oh I miss my family now that I read your post :(
    It is indeed priceless to be with your loved ones

    I like reading your entries coz I am gaining knowledge on where the beautiful places in the Philippines are. Plus the fact that you are including the amount that you can spend to have an amazing vacay


    We also have a big family. My dad has 10 siblings so whenever there is a special event it is also indeed fun and crazy hahaah


  13. One big happy family! Namiss ko tuloy family ko sa province in Negros!


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