Last Saturday, I brought the kids to the nearby resort. Off we went to MGM RESORT located in Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon, some 10km away from our house.  It is just a few meters away from the highway, so you surely wont get lost and there's a huge signage along the hi-way.

It's a Saturday so there were a lot of guest and theres a swimming tutorials on Saturdays.The kids are really excited for their swimming day. Yknow, kids are kids.

MGM RESORT is personally my favorite. I love to spend afternoons here back in High school. Also, It is one of the first few swimming pool resorts here in Bukidnon. This resort is well- maintained. Nice staff  and I've heard they serve delish foods. Whats nice about this resort is the huge swimming pool for swimming competitions and 4 other pools which is fairly right for over a hundred guests. They have a man- made lake wherein you can enjoy an hour paddling the water bike boat thingy for only 50php, A horseback ride can be enjoyed here too. There's a canteen, a restaurant  and a hall for birthday or wedding, any kind of party purposes.

Entrance fee: 40php
Cottages: 100-500php
Big cottages: 1000php-2500php

I'm posting you photos for a quick visual tour at MGM resort.

This is where we lounge and swam.
Saturday fun time? Achieve na achieve! My nephews loves to jump into the water. That pool is 4'5-5ft-8ft deep. Yes, they can swim :D
It's always a bliss when you see young kids enjoying their play time. It brings a lot of nostalgic feeling where I used to jump and slide into the pool with my red polka-dot bikini. Let mama chase over me, either to feed me or to stop me from swimming because its time to go home. ohhh the memories of being young.

"Relax relax" according to them young boys. Feel na feel lng eh. They actually scolded me for not bringing a sunscreen.

Back stroke competition with kuya. Chos!

 wag nang epal. I'm rocking this extra flab in my hips! :D 

I totally had a great time! Till next swimming escapade with my boys! <3


  1. miss that kind of weather. it's been raining forever here. haist...

    oh by the way.. pag nasa bukidnon ako... alam na... hihi

    1. ofcourse! im just a tweet away! byahe kana here! :D

  2. Wow! How I wish I could visit such place.. I really love to travel, but I just have no time for it. :(

  3. kla MGM sa U.S hahahahaa .. enjoy na enjoy ang mga kids .. at nakakalurkey at the very young age nag kicare na cla sa skin nila lols.

  4. wooow!!!! that's a nice place sis!!! :D gusto kong pumunta jan!! :D It's been a while since I went swimming. hehehe :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  5. ganda nga resort, at dame pwede gawin.. aliw ako dun sa batang patalon ng pool! haha.. nun sabado?hindi umuulan jan sa inyo??

  6. So am i still a kid? I always get excited pag swimming ang pinag uusapan. hahah xD lol. woow. ikaw na talaga ang dakilang pala outing sis. haha. jk :)) I like the place. i like the pools. mukhang enjoy masyado jan. lots of pool to choose. haha xD

  7. Cool!! ang ganda.. and to think na 40 lang ang entrance.. very affordable.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  8. Sis buti ka pa nakakapagsuot ng ganyan ako hindi! Inggit here!

  9. Balak namin bumisita sa relatives ng father ko sa Valencia one of these days (weeks? months?). Malapit lang ba kayo sa Valencia?

  10. Mala-USA lang kung maka-MGM, haha. Anyway, super affordable nong entrance fee pero grabe sa ganda nong place.

    Can I just say I salute you big time :)

  11. This also brings back my childhood memories, swim unlimited tapos magiging KJ parents mo kasi uuwi ng maaga. :)

  12. Dalaa unya ko diri beh kung molaag ko sa Bukidnon. I'm still a kid by heart too. Hahaha!

  13. I've been in Bukidnon at the Forest Park. Meron pala ganto ka refreshing sa area. Pero I need to comment ha, ang likod na sexy nakakapagsuot ng swimwear na malufet! Confidence levelup! At ang saya ng family pics niyo!

  14. when i first saw this i was like-- MGM? Vegas? lol as usual, I havent been here and been wanting to be here.. seems like it is nice since it is clean.. lol and parang fresh everything beb

  15. Mukhang malaki yung place! Mag eenjoy nga ang mga bagets! Ganyan gusto ko walang tao mas masaya at di siksikan sa pool! hehehe!

  16. Wow!! i want to go swimming!!! :D

  17. thanks for this post. i miss bukidnon.madalas kami sa mgm and edlimar when i was in college.jan talaga punta taga cmu pag may okasyon.nostalgic!


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