Bum in CdeO!

How's everybody?
I am currently in Cagayan de Oro City. I arrived here last Thursday morning.
Thursday was spent with friends, Cinema, foods, and super ka dooper chit chats all day long.

Brunch at Gerry's Grill

Dinnah with the friends :D

We visited Aying and her baby and went home around 11ish :)
It was a fun fun day. I love it!

So on friday, I basically just stayed at home. Slept the whole day.. but went out for dinner with the sibs.

Saturday was Ams Mary's birthday. We celebrated her birthday in the beach!!

Sunday is chill day. Food trip with the sibs and the rents.

I really don't know till when will I be here.. so so, Im just looking forward to seeing some bloggers and friends. If you are around the area, go drop me a tweet or email and let's have some tea. 

xx, Shugah


  1. I miss travelling! Buti ka pa you have all the means and time to travel. Hehe! Seems a lot of fun in there (:

    Ya'y to shrimp - my ultifave seafood in world.

  2. yummy food! and nakecrave ako ngayon for sisig ng gerry's grill! super fave ko yun sa GGrill! :DD glad you enjoyed the weekend, sis. :D ♥ time well spent, indeed!

  3. wow naman :D naglalaway ako sa blog mo every time i visit it. naiinggit ako super dahil mega travel ka!! samantalang stressed ang beauty ko! hahaha :D keep safe there and enjoy :)

  4. I just came back from CDO...thursday din kami dumating dun hehe..a great rafting experience :)

  5. Sis! You have such lovely tattoos!!! How many do you have? Ako, I have 3.. yet I want more! :P

  6. Gusto ko yang buttered shrimps! Di pa ko nakapunta ng CDO, tsk


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