ChingkeeTea, Cagayan de Oro City

Well, If you're following me on twitter, you probably know of this "favorite" tea place I've been raving about.
I'm considering it a favorite as I am really hooked with how delicious their teas are! and halt! there's more to love! I went out with my dearest friend today and I finally got to take photos. 

I've heard about this quaint little tea place months ago and I've been wanting to try and pay a visit. I just came back here in Cagayan de Oro City and I shouldn't be missing anything! (my tea radar kept signaling me, by the way) I am here for almost a month now and I usually do drop by for a little alone-time-with-a-tea-in-hand. 

I AM SO INLOVE with their interiors. Its like a little doll-house where everything artsy and cutesy can be found. think of: ARTS n CRAFTS! ChingkeeTea reminds me so much of the stuff I've been dying to purchase in Etsys! Okay, I'm quite into artsy stuff and just by looking at these decos made my heart melt! (Photos below). 

A friend told me that the owner, Ms. Chingkee Te did all the paintings,decos and also had a training in Taiwan for the Milk Tea Processing churva. Ms. Chingkee Te mans her shop everyday! She's so friendly and pretty! (Ahh Fangirl-ing mode=on Do I even have to mention how I love her red hair? Shucks!)

The Whole place looks pretty cool inside and out. A bit too small for such a booming establishment but be easy with that  Ms. Chingkee  informed me that an expansion is happening, come September-end. I can't wait to witness the new look! 

I love Tea so I usually have issues in rating different tea places but  ChingkeeTea serves the yummiest Milk Tea, fruit tea & smoothies. Go add some tapioca noodles or pearls!  Prices ranges from 55-65 only and 10php for each add-ons. Id say the cheapest but yummiest in town :) 

I took a few photos... more after a jump!

This is what I've been raving about la la la! I can sit here all day long!

beautification in progress! something Kagay-anons should watch out for.

Their pretty and neat powder room <3

Parang endorser lang! Row! :)
I will keep on coming back and hey I just converted a friend into a Milktea fan! To more tea dates with friends!

To anyone visiting Cagayan de Oro City, please drop by at ChingkeeTea shop located at Marfori Compound, Pabayo st/ Coralles St. Cagayan de Oro City.


  1. OMG sis I love this place. This is heaven for me! Sana may ganyan dito. :( I wanna visit pero ang layo naman!

  2. wow this is so cute. sana may ganyan malapit dito samin sa QC. dun na ko tatambay lagi.

    wow duma-dot com na siya. congrats shugah! :)

  3. wow, it's so homely. the interior is really nice. sayang it's too far from here. hope they will open here in cavite or moa...

    1. ofcourse! for a must deserved me-time super nice ung place!

  4. omg! i love the place. Perfect for shooting outfit posts. Haha

  5. cool!! like the interiors.. pati ung powder room ang ganda.. very classy and cartoonish! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  6. I love how pretty the interiors are. Parang sobrang homely ng dating :)

  7. I love the interiors! Very dainty and homey :) I hope ganito din Milk tea shops here in MNL :)

  8. ganda ng design :) nakakarelax.

  9. Hey you Miss Tea! ako gni ni bisitahon but dli mn ko makatea pero yes. ako sa ni pangitaon :)

  10. homey vibes! love it! at ang mura ha! dito sa makati the minimum prize is 100 pesos:)

  11. i love the place! sana mag open sila ng brance dito sa manila >.<

  12. wow sis! I love teas! and wow sa place aa! very vintage! very relaxing! A nice place to have a tea! xD noom!

  13. OMG! that's so affordable unlike the usual teas here in Manila. I wish I could pay a visit but too sad, that's too far from here. And I love the doll house look of the place. Very relaxing. ♥

  14. You really took some wonderful pictures. What a beautiful place.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. wow! I love the place, so homeeee... I also love the color ;)

  16. OMG!! ANG GANDA. Kung may ganyan dito sa Manila for sure bebenta yan. I totally like the place.. Doll-ish feeling nga.♥ Now I'm craving for milktea! Parang etudehouse milktea version lang ang peg haha. :D

  17. hala, lingaw lageh ni ari. mosuroy ko ig masaag ko sa cagayan!

  18. I'm also a milk tea aficionado. The place looks artistic. I also love the logo. Groovy logo!

  19. yes aside from affordable thier products are delicious :0 :) we love it hahahahaha we become suki na in thier estab... must try this guys :) :)

  20. yes hoo we love it.. aside from very affordable teas :) chingkeetea products are very delicious hooo super like :) and we became suki na in thier estab.. hahahaha must try this guys !!


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