Kylas Bistro, Cagayan de Oro City

photo by Kylas Bistro's Facebook page

Kyla's bistro is a restaurant located at Rosario Strip, Limketkai Drive, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City.
They really have a great ambience. Kyla's Bistro is beautifully designed. Its modern with a twist of some native theme. Notice that two big globes? Cool yes? The whole place is pretty cool, unique and defintely cozy. COZY!

They serve really delicious foods at a very affordable price. Their servings are pretty huge too and some are good for sharing.

This is yet another food blogpost from me, the feeling food blogger. oh well, just let me be. This is my blog anyway.
Last Friday night, We had dinner at Kylas Bistros with my sibs. Its a Friday and there were a lot of customers that time but our foods were served within 20minutes! Double Thumbs up from me for a nice service!


L-R: Watermelon smoothie, Buko Pandan smoothie, Green Mango smoothie and Calamansi juice.

Nothing special but everything tasted good. Just okay :)

 Beef Lasagna

Its delictable! Yummy and I love it a lot. It is very mouth watering. tho its my sisters I got to have a few spoons.
Everything tomato and cheese is yummy, right?


just so so... just okay. Maybe add a dash of cheddar to make it more sumptuous.

Onion rings!

YUMMY! I like how crispy it was and the onion is so sweet!

Baby backribs

Overcooked but oh well, it was yummy. 

Kim's Favorite pasta
Musshrooms, grated cheese, toasted garlic! Heaven to me! Tho it quite lack some olive oil but it was yummy. I really did enjoyed my meal that time.

It wasn't my first time here so Kyla's Bistro is worth my twice, thrice visit!
foods are good for sharing and its nice to dine here by groups.As I've said, prices here are affordable and one doesn't have to pawn a fortune. (Do I really need to say that again and again? LOL)

Kyla's Bistros is also famous for its outdoor table which is good for those booze night with your colleagues,  family and kabarkadas.

note: beer here is cheap! 
I would really love to recommend their pastas and pizzas!

Our dining experience here went really well so I'm giving them 5/5 rating :)

xx, Shugah


  1. im here last thursday night hehe..and tama ka mura nga beers nila :)

  2. now i'm craving for that baby back ribs.
    i can't go there love, i'm far from cagayan :( saaaaaad

  3. Gusto ko yung coolers! Mahilig ako sa icy drinks kahit malamig ang panahon.

  4. Yummy foods! Haha A 5/5 means that bistro is a must-try! :)

    Sadly though, CDO is a little bit too far from me. T_T

  5. Ang sarapppppppppp! Lalo na yung Beef Lasagna, nakakapanglaway naman yan! Hahah sana magtayo sila dito sa Manila noh? :P :D

  6. Hello po! I saw your comment just now on my post (it was in spam folder).. but i love your blog...worth the check-out! I wish it's here in Cebu too! But whenever I get back in CDO, I will def visit this place. Yummmy! xx and cool blog! ;)


  7. Sis, it's 5am right now, and I am seeing all these food photos in your blog! I am hungry! HAHAHA. Anyway, I like the exterior design of the bistro. Looks really chill!

    Thank you pala sa comment on my post sis! :D Masakit talaga sa bulsa. That's why I keep working haha. Busy masyado. Miss you too! <3

  8. Ang yummmmyyyy! Nkakagutom itong post mo sis! Hihi! I like the onion rings as well as the beef lasagna. Parang gusto ko kumain ngayon, as in now na! Haha! :))


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