Chingkee Tea, Cagayan de Oro City | House Expansion

Before I left Cagayan de Oro city. I know I shouldn't leave without paying a visit to my favorite tea shop in town. Its everyone's favorite anyway.  Miss Chingkee Te (the owner) informed me a week before they reveal the newly beautified space. Ofcourse, a loyal customer like me should and must check it out before anyone else. lol im kidding. so yeaa I took photos and ordered Milk tea with extra extra extra tapioca noodles!

More photos below:


  1. Napaka-artsy naman ng teashop na yan! Na-miss ko tuloy mag-milk tea!

  2. Cute tea shop! I will definitely visit that place if I go to CDO

  3. Ang cute ng Tea house pang girls like us :-) ^_^

  4. ang kikay!!! mukhang masarap ang milk tea at cupcakes nila :)
    sang banda toh sa CDO?


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