Define chill?

define chill? No, I don't mean CCIT high level language. 
I mean the slang term for "relaxing" or " to calm down". I've been abusing that word over and over again anyway. I took this photo of Gab Billones while he's "chilling" on one of the cliffs at Dodiongan Falls.  How I wish I did this too. >.< I am one of those odd people who find "chilling" a daily routine. Ironically, my typical day doesn't starts off by worrying about going to work or getting to some place on time. 

When travelling, carving out an hour to relax is perfect.. Beat stress, stay calm and be happy. and ohh have a sugat (bruises) . Ofcourse, im just kidding. 

Have a happy happy week ahead of you, guys! <3


  1. Yeaah. I feel you. We define chill as relax too. haha xD sometimes not. :3 Nice place sis! sarap tumalon jan aa! xD


  2. chill kung chill lang dapat di masyadong seryoso!

  3. Chill is another term for relax, for me. parang ang lamig ng tubig. hihi.

  4. Naku ate wala sa vocabulary ko ngayon yan ate. Ang nangingibabaw sakin ngayon CRAM. Hahaha super daming projects, assignments, shcool stuff. waaaah sana matapos na to para sembreak na. Para chill chill nalang. hahaha.

  5. Whoah! I totally forgot this word LOL !
    Thanks for reminding me hunn~ :)


  6. I totally agree with your mindset. we only die one but we get to live everyday, right?!

  7. grabe tong si gab, talagang chill nga kung chill diba haha


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