Family Country Hotel, General Santos City

Our trip to General Santos just came out of the blue. No plans, No definite itinerary. On Wednesday night January 02, 2013, I chit chatted with several blogger friends from General Santos telling them I might be visiting Magandang GenSan the next day. Come Thursday morning, We hurriedly pack our stuff and rode a jeepney to 80 (Sulop bus station), then transferred to a bus for General Santos. I SMS-ed Kuya Avel Manansala of informing him that ill be arriving in an hour or two. To cut the story short, Kuya Avel gladly offered a place to stay, The Family Country Hotel situated in Mateo road, Lagao, General Santos City.

Family Country Hotel was our official home in Magandang GenSan for two days. The hotel looked clean despite it being dubbed as an "old" hotel, it doesn't even look creepy. Infact, it is green everywhere! Trees, plants and a garden. The place is quiet so it's a perfect place for travelers who loves deep sleep. Everything looked pretty decent. The best fact for this hotel is that, it is a walking distance to three BIG Malls in the city, KCC Mall, Gaisano Mall and SM mall, Robinson's Mall is just a tricycle away too.  Location is best.

Upon arrival, the bellboy greeted us and initially asked to bring our stuff to our room, told the receptionist that we have arrived. (Do they really know me or did Kuya Avel told the staff to reserve a room for that girl with weird hair and a heavy backpack? Hmmm) He gave us the key to our room and followed us. That was such a nice gesture, they were really nice to us. That's a good first impression aye? Anyway, we got a Deluxe room for two. It's huge, clean and decent, what else should I be asking for?


The Hotel's Entrance

 Clear? "NO SMOKING" but they have little corners where you can smoke.

Family Country hotel's lobby.

Hello Deluxe room for two! We got Comfortable beds for two nights! I love how the room is well-lit.

 HUGE Bathroom!

Complimentary soap, shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush & toothpaste, and clean white towels.

HUGE closet.

 There's a coffee table for two in our room. yay!

We also got complimentary breakfast for two that we consumed in their lovely very filipino-ish restaurant, Cafe Leticia. They have plenty of condiments to choose from, tabasco, soysauce, wasabi, chili sauce etc etc.

 They have generous servings and I cant even consume all the tocino they served on my plate.

 The little corner in the hotel where you can smoke.

Coffee breaks! Ohh how I love thee!

Hallway to the pool area.

 Their Grand Convention centre which can accomodate hundreds of guest.

The pool area.

Aside from that, Family Country Hotel got all the basic amenities a guest might be looking for, Good Hi-Speed WIFI in public areas(Hallways, lobby, restaurant) ,Coffee shop, laundry services, airport transfers, PBAX System, Massage, room- service, an 80 lap pool and meeting areas/facilities. Above all that is their nice & friendly staff that will surely cater your reasonable requests.

Thank you so much & Family Country Hotel for giving us a warm home in General Santos City. 

Ohh Stay tuned for more travel stories!! <3

Wander Shugah <3


  1. Spontaneous trips are the best! I've never been to Gen San but I hope I can visit soon.

  2. I've been to GenSan before that was way back in 2001. I've never been to that Hotel though. However, it looks okay :D It looks cozy!

  3. Miss bumping here Shugah! How are you? Uhm very natural ang hotel I mean environmental plus nice ang pool super huge! Hey let's collab for giveaway soon? <3

  4. ang laki ng banyo at serving ng brekkie. tama ba yung kombinasyon ko? haha

  5. I miss Gen San! Wah kelangan ko nang bumalik!

  6. nice hotel! it looks accomodating :D missed visiitng your blog :D

    The Bargain Doll

  7. Unplanned getaways are the best! I envy you! you get to travel a lot. Plus, it amazed me how you were able to capture every corner of the hotel. Very detailed pa talaga ang description mo. :)
    Your blog's really helpful to those people who wants to travel to the different places especially here in Mindanao.
    Thumbs up, dear! :)

    And oh, Happy New Year! :)

  8. When will I ever get to experience to travel like you do? Wishing it will be soon! I'll probably take tons of pictures if I'll be on your shoes.

  9. Nice hotel shugah....may pool pa ha....mukhang affordable ano? I like the hallway, talagang Filipino ang design.

  10. Nakakainggit ka sis! Lagi nalang nagtatravel, how i wish ako din. :D

  11. Haven't been to Gen San yet. I think I should be your friend, HAHAHA! Ang dami mong travels around Pinas and here I am just staring at the photos you took wishing naka punta na ko dun :)))

  12. wow! that place is so nice :"> they really have a great accommodation . ikaw na talaga sis! as always xD ahaha! <3


  13. oh.. ang ganda nung hotel!! it's very simple and homey.. plus, really liked the design of the restaurant with all those exposed bamboo beams.. :)

  14. WOW!!! Bongga ng gensan!! :) Ikaw na ang travel blogger!!! I love it! :)
    How I wish I had a life like yours.. I love going to places.. unfortunately, dahil busy ako sa work ayun.. I barely can travel around :(


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