Isla Reta Resort, Talicud Island, Davao del norte

The dreading and butt-numbing bus ride plus endless stopovers to Davao seemed to fade away as we cruise the sea to the Island Garden City of Samal. The Azul sky exactly reminded me that it's going to be a fine day-- perfect day. Not until we unintentionally alighted the ferry on the wrong port (Kaputian, IGACOS). We went to a sari sari store and asked the locals where Talicud Island is. "layo pa raba diri ang Talicud maam" they said. "It is still far from here, maam". Puzzled and clearly don't know what to do.. Other local then pointed to the ferry where we just alighted. So we hurriedly ran back to the port to catch the ferry before it leaves. 

Luckily, we made it. A sigh of relief plus panting and more panting followed. 10 minutes later, we are finally in Talicud Island. " Here we go, we might get lost again" I said to my self.  

Isla Reta Resort is pretty much easy to locate. Turning on the first left road that led us to the neighboorhood of Talicud Island, a few turns here and there, We finally reached Isla Reta Resort. Payed 150/head overnight fee and a hundred peso for the tent set-up fee. All I wanted was a tall glass of mango smoothie and just laze around, I ended up walking in the almost-a-kilometre white sand stretch instead. Its lengthy and I got a gorgeous view of mainland Samal.

Isla Reta Resort is highly recommended by 

Fine white sand.. It is quite more of that baking powder or flour we use at home. I'm serious, I can actually compare it to Panglao's white sand beaches. It's gorgeous.

We pitched our tent just by the seaside. What better way to enjoy one's vacation is to commune with nature. ohh the crickets at night and the sight of the sea right before you open your eyes in the morning.  It's priceless!

There's this part of the resort where theres row and rows of coconut. Next to it are the villas of the resort.

This part right here definitely needs no sweeping! The dried leaves give so much drama to any photo.

With a beach like this who wouldn't want to take a dip?
sparkly crystal clear water.
"Why don't we have beaches in Bukidnon?" I murmured.

I don't want to sound like a broken record but you see, every angle of this resort is gorgeous.

The charm of this little Island is in the Acacia trees.

We capped the day finishing beers and cups of coffees just watching the sea, the people around, and just appreciating every bits of goodness this Island has to offer.

I would love to wake up to this beauty every mmorning!

As the day light starts to peek in, I was staring at the blue horizon as it mirrors with the blue water of the sea. A cup of coffee in hand, visual images flash backed in my mind. My mind started traveling. I purely got the chilly bliss I needed at the moment. That rare serenity I've been wanting for so long..

waved and said our "au revoirs" to this little island with happy smiles painted on our faces. plus, meeting a well-traveled man on the ferry is a bonus! This is one great of a year ender. 2012 was a great great year! To celebrate the year that it was and say "hey 2013, lets rock n roll!"

Wander Shugah <3


  1. Wow ka nice diri. I'll be here, I'm sure of that.

  2. Indeed a lovely place, all your photos show it. sana makarating ulit ako ng Mindanao...

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  4. Wow! This is a nice place! Ganda ng mga pictures :)

  5. Hindi pa ko nakakarating sa Mindanao. :(
    Ang ganda photos. ;)

  6. Ang bongga mo talaga girl! We're planning to go to Davao maybe mid-2013. I'll try to check out this place if we push thru with the plans :D

  7. I LOVE the 2nd photo, dear. The sky looks really beautiful! I'll definitely drop by this place some time this summer. xo

  8. sleeping over at the beach seems like a great idea. Will do it the next time I go to one :P

  9. Sleeping over at the beach seems like a good idea. Will do it the next time I go to one :P

  10. the place looks amazing!!! i love how serene everything looks! xx

  11. I've been to Samal in the mid 90's but being from Bohol, I still prefer our beaches there. Sorry Davao. (Shhh. My husband is from there.)

    Last time we went to the beach was last June in Miami but didn't enjoyed it as much. It was too windy.

    I miss everything about the Philippines. :)

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  13. ang ganda naman babe!! now im starting to believe na there are more beaches than just boracay!! super lovely!!! :D

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  14. omg sis, I thought my comment was posted already. I just realized because I forgot my laptop turned off while I was writing my long comment! Now, I forgot what I wrote yesterday!
    But anyhow, that place is amazing! I've never been to any islands by Davao, but that place is really nice! The sand looks like its amazing to touch and feel, and the water too!

    miss you sis! <3

  15. Beautiful photos, sis!! I hope to visit the lovely city soon :) Super calm and serene tignnan nung beach!

  16. This is PARADISE!~ Lucky you! Can you take me there too? haha
    Love the photo wherein there's so many dried leaves ^ ^ So dramatic and lovin' it :)

    I miss you and your amazing posts sweetie :)

  17. love the photos sis! i miss davao tuloy! kakainggit buhay mo. hahaha :)

  18. Yes! I love going to IGACOS beaches! I remember the day when we travelled to Talicud Island very late at night we had to ride this very small boat, it was really scary because there were 8 of us and it was really dark.

    We went to Dayang and I suggest you go there too it's a lot cheaper but much more beautiful. It is not visited that much because you still have to travel right after you arrive at the wharf. Still the same beach as isla reta.

  19. Why is it called Talicud Island? Is this a native term? Anyway shugz, the place is so tranquil.

  20. ive been longing to visit samal. hopefully this year din. isla reta is a lovely paradise. ganda lahat ng mga photos. at u really had a blast

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  22. Sa Kaputian ka pala napunta? Malayo pa nga 'yun. :-)

    Kaputian is the place where we stayed for the night when we visited Samal. Such a beautiful place. :-)

  23. We alos passed by Talicud. It was less populated back then pero ngayon mukhang madami na ang beach resorts.

  24. Wow! the place is so inviting. I would love to visit one day there. All photos are captured well. Impressive.


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