New years celeb at "little boracay"

Hello! Ola! Salam! Goodendag! Salut! namaste! to a new wonderful year. Let's toast for a new chapter in our lives. Let's sing the auld lang syne. Mine went quite oddly, I spent the first day of 2013 with Habib (my boyfriend), his family & friends. Feeling zombie coz I barely had enough sleep, say just an hour or two but habib prepared coffee which surely aided my slumbersome. It's his birthday so I don't have any choice but to stay awake the whooole freaking day just to be with him. nuff said.

We borrowed his brother-in-law's motorcycle and went to the beach. Yeahaa BEACH. you read it right. BEACH! Took the unpaved roads to the beach coz there is no other route. Upon arrival, there were a bunch of people around, It was amazingly crowded. Saw his friends and we sat with them.  They were quite friendly to me but I'm utterly shy, so I took a long walk to the other side of the beach strip to unwind a little.

I was alone. I felt a bit sad knowing I can actually have a good time with my friends and family back home but no, that thought just dawned on me because I'm alone. (You never know how emotional I get when I'm alone) I needed to be with habib, I needed to be happy for him. It's officially his day and he definitely needs to own it. "happy birthdays" come once a year, so I pushed my selfish me and hushed.
I was just sitting there. Been clicking my phone checking for signal. There I am, listening to them. weird smiles here and there. I felt extremely aloof from time to time. 

I tried my hardest to just enjoy the place. It took me quite some time to finally accept that yea "ITS A NEW YEAR, KICK START IT WITH A BANG" held my breathe for a moment then exhaled. "okaaay".

Theres no way I am letting one special day pass by like a bubble. His friends talked to me and I interacted with them. They were all friendly and so am I.I may have had a share of  "aloof moments" but it's all that, once you started talking, there will always be this magic that fires the conversation up and keeps it going. 

I'm sipping through my 1 litre bottled water while they feasted on case and cases of beer. It's good to befriend friends of your boyfriend. naks! Nothing beats seeing my boyfriend's smile on his very special day.
Its the simple littlest thing I can give to him that matters most. momentos like these aren't given in an instant. Visiting a new place, meeting new friends and getting to know them is and will always be a nice feeling.

That little beach strip they call "little Boracay" got its name from the ever famous Island in western Visayas. "MARISCAL BEACH" looks like Boracay sans the fire dancers, arrays of bars and foreign tourists. Just your typical white sandy beach. Just the shore, the nipa huts, the swaying coconut trees, the humming sound of the breeze, and ohh the crowd. It could have been perfect if there were lesser people. Tamang beach bumming lang. Its fairly good though. No fuss.

Little Boracay is situated at brgy. Sto. Nino, Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. It has a 2 kilometer stretch of white sand as measured. Their white sand is not that fine and it has pebbles. I like it though. There were also boats who offers a tour to the other side of the beach which has better white sand and clearer water as narrated by the boat guide. It was inviting but I had to decline since we're on a tight budget. Maybe soon, soon when I can visit Sta. Maria again.  I have a serious case of information loss, I don't know what else to say about this beautiful beach.

I love rocky beaches <3 that gorgeous backdrop of that some-kind-of-a-mountain is majestic!

I love this area! Exquisite looking! I never knew brown rocks would look this cool :)

here comes the dusk but the party was still on arise!
I don't have photos to attest to that but yea it is one hell of a party! good times! good times!
(hey people care to email me photos so I can post em here? teeeheee)

We went back to Sta. Maria proper around 7ish. I drove all the way from the beach to poblacion Sta. Maria (Habib got so drunk that he can't even drive booohhooooo)

Its a nice beach for a little town in TIMOG DABAW :)

Thank you "little boracay" for making my new year a blast. It wus fun despite my emo and arte moments. Its fun, nevertheless.

See you again soon <3

Wander Shugah <3


  1. How could you be that so sweet for your boyfee, haha give and take :) was reading it and I always keep a bright smile remembering the moments we were talking.. perfect couple ever.. more years to come Ms. Shuggah!

    Lots of <3,

  2. Kyaaa! I miss going to beach. :(
    Anway, I love all the photos and and.... yes most especially the 2nd photo.
    The scenery... just OMG, too awesome! :)

  3. omg! nice shots dear! love your dress and hair too! i miss celebrating new year in an island also! xx

  4. here you are again with your travels :D last time i was in the beach was when i was 8 weeks pregnant! but this may, for sure, I'll be going to the beach again.

  5. What a gorgeous view! I'd definitely make sure I take outfit shots on that place! I miss going to the beach :(

  6. We sometimes felt emotional when we were alone. Maybe that is just a matter of mind conditioning. BTW shugz, I like that earth formation at your background. :-). I know you have so much fun and happy moments with your habib.

  7. Now I'm craving to go to the beach! I would especially love to climb those rocks, ang ganda. Good to know you enjoyed your day and hope you have more happy moments with your habib :D

  8. I'm planning to visit this place soon. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  9. Aggh! That last time I went to the beach was when i'm in Davao. Davao has a lot to offer and i guess this is just one of the many. The Little boracay is beautiful as seen in your photos! :)

  10. cute naman ng little boracay!! grabe im so curious naman to go here! ive never been (like really been, swam and enjoyed) to the beach for so long!! grabe so many great places to go talaga here in the phils!!

  11. Honestly I have no yet been to Boracay. Must be in my places to visit this year!


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