Upon embarking our super crowded van from Surallah, we went straight  to the jump off site for the 7 falls in Lake Sebu and left our stuff at a nearby souvenir shop. It was a 10-15 minutes bumpy habal- habal ride, fare's at 20php per pax. The roads going to the jump off site is still unpaved but a work on progress. Good job to the province officials! We paid 20php/pax at the booth for the entrance fee. Our habal-habal driver was really friendly and he even accompanied us to the first waterfall, "Hikong Alo". Its pretty much accessible with just a 5 minute easy trek. She is gorgeous. I have a thing for waterfalls and "Hikong Alo" definitely pass my expectations. She's about on an average height.. for my standards. Not too high, not too low, just perfect.

About a few minutes or so, we found ourselves walking back near the entrance gate. My then boyfriend suggested we follow the trail down to the second waterfall. 774 steps as written in the taurpalin. Disregarding a grueling 774 steps, we walked our way down. I on the other side, kept complaining why we needed to head this way, when in fact, we can just ride a habal habal and pay 20php. Still, We continued walking down and we're half way round there so it's stupid if I insist on going back.

I enjoy long walks but never something tiring like this. Im never a good hiker, or someone who walks as if its just a walk in the park. Though, Im never bad at it too. I managed to arrive at the second waterfall safe and smiling in merely 20minutes. 

Lake Sebu Gooodies! We spent 20 f*&^%R$Eckin minutes picking pasalubongs for our friends only to find out that they don't have enough change. I ended up buying 4 bead bracelets. just four. *sigh*

I can hear the water running, and i exactly knew where it came from.. Hikong Bente is just a few walks away. The mountain or hills walls looks so much alike with the Grand Canyons.

and oh by the way, there were plenty of monkeys along our 774 steps trail which is something so extra (what could be the nice term for it? I mean, you know, seeing monkeys on their natural habitat, playfully swinging their ways to one branch to another...ahh I could not formulate a word for it. but its something I liked the most.. in the background, i can hear crickets and frogs chanting their daily afternoon songs.) Its an interesting scenario seeing wildlife so close.

Upon reachingg Hikong Bente my mouth formed a little O, perhaps a bigger O. I was deeply amazed with how beautiful and strong Hikong Bente is. She looked so dominant and powerful, her angry water cascades so strongly it creates a fog-like scene in the area. well, angry in a nice way at that.

She is so pretty and pretty strong too. Im not a photographer but I hope you'll be able to see what Imtrying to say here. Although, I really hope you can at least tell its really beautiful.

With cramped legs (amidst to my claiming that im not a bad hiker)  and hungry stomach, we bid goodbye to Hikong Bente as we motioned our way out and hailed a habal-habal. Maybe I can check out the other (5) five waterfalls in my next visit. I was too tired from all the walking and early travel from GenSan.

xx, Wander Shugah


  1. Wow! Sobrang ganda! Yung unang falls pa lang e napa-O na din ako, with the second, speechless na! Pano pa kung ako andyan?Haha. It was worth the 774 steps no? Kabog na kabog! Gandaaa!

    At sayang ang mga pinili mong pampasalubong, malamang pati yun nagtitinda e nanghinayang.. haha!

  2. This is one beautiful side trip in Lake Sebu!
    Yung costume for rent ang di ko nakita doon ah :)
    As for the second falls, I saw it only after doing the zip line.

  3. This is truly one beautiful side trip in Lake Sebu!
    Yung rent a costume ang di ko nakita doon ah! :)
    As for the 2nd Falls, I only saw it after doing the zip line.

  4. Lahat ata ng falls pinaghihirapan ang trail papunta dun ganyan din kasi na hirap ang naranasan ko nung una kong visit sa falls. Talagang tiring ang hike at trail pero worthy in the end once na makakita ka ng ganto kagandang falls.

  5. that looks amazing dear! shud pass your links to my aussie frends they love exploring to places like this!

  6. Ang ganda!!!! Sarap mag vacation dyan this coming summer! If we have time we'll consider going here.

  7. This looks like an amazing aventure!! The place looks enchanting.

    I've only been to a waterfall once in Mindoro. It was magical until I fell off a rock and passed out for, maybe 10 seconds. Haha. But it was a nice experience. :)

  8. grabeh! breathetaking! I haven't seen a falls in reall life!

  9. ang ganda ng falls kaya fan na fan ako ng mga falls kc tagong tago at may chalenge bago mo mapuntahan :)

  10. Sis!!!! Bring me here please!!! I want to experience the same trek and see all the waterfalls... gawa tayo itinerary na!! :D

  11. I miss this place!
    Good thing you are able to trek.
    When we got there a month ago, trekking is not allowed.

  12. Lake Sebu is super beautiful! I wanna go! I checked out your other posts and they made me wanna explore Mindanao in one go. Haaay...

  13. Oh my! And I'm inlove <3
    Pag sa Pinas ang honeymoon or after ng wedding, isa ang Lake Sebu sa consider ko talaga...
    inggit much sis! Gora na tayo next yeaaaar :)


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