Time flies so fast, it easily passes us by unnoticed. Things for sure, A memory to remember and a future to look forward to.  Three months have passed but it seemed too fresh from my memories.It was an awesome awesome backpacking experience. It sure does feel like a real backpacking!

So okay, a friend of mine is actually waiting for this post and I wouldn't dare prolong his waiting. (He's gonna kill me if the quarter of the year will pass and still no post about this. okay that's clearly an exaggeration)

On our 8 day vagabonding, traveling from Bukidnon we covered Metro Davao, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Sarangani & South Cotabato provinces. (We passed by Sultan Kudarat & Maguindanao provinces also on our way home.)

Day 1

5-9am - travel
9am- Arrival in Metro Davao (SM Davao)
10am - 12nn: The long hunt for a Camera
12nn-1pm: Brunch
1:30pm: Sta Ana Port bound for Talicud  Island
3:30pm: Arrival in Isla Reta, Talicud Island
4pm-6pm: Swimming!!
7pm onwards: Dinner then lights off (Oopps we only slept on our tent btw haha)

Day 2

6am: Wakey wakey!
7am: Coffee while enjoying our last hour on the island
8am-10am: Ferry ride to Sta Ana Wharf
11am: Arrival in Ecoland Terminal
12nn: Lunch
12:30pm: On a bus bound to Sta Maria, Davao del Sur
3:30pm: Arrival in Sta Maria, Davao del Sur
4:00pm onwards: foodtrip, beer, new years celebration!

day 3

6am: Wakey wakey!
7am-11:00am: Siesta time
11:00am onwards: New years celebration at "little boracay"

Day 4

Spent the whole day catching on some sleep and a whole lot of eating by eve.
Was suppose to pack up our stuff and go home but ended up packing up for General Santos City!!!

day 5

Thank youuuuuuu The Family Country Hotel and www.gensantos.com 
for this beautiful room xoxo!!!

6am: Wakey wakey!!!
7am: Breakfast and last minute packing
10am-11:00am: travel to 80
11:30-1:00pm: on a bus bound for General Santos City
1:00pm: Arrival in General Santos City
1:00-2:00: Meet up with a friend whos now based in GenSan
2:00pm: Check in @ The Family Country Hotel (courtesy of The Family Country Hotel and www.gensantos.com  )
2:00pm-5:00pm: rest rest rest
5:00pm-6pm: General Santos Plaza
6:00pm-6:30pm: General Santos City Hall
6:30pm- 10:00pm: Dinner and coffee time with Sox bloggers
10:30pm: Lights off

Day 6

4:00am: Wakey wakey!!!
5:00am 6:00am:  General Santos City Fish Port Complex
6:30-7:30am: Back to hotel, breakfast and quick bath
8:30am- 10:00am: On a van bound to Glan, Sarangani
10:30am: Arrival in Coco Beach Resort, Gumasa, Glan, Saranggani
11:00-3:00pm: Beach bumming
3:30pm-4:30pm: On a van bound for GenSan
4:30pm: Arrival in GenSan
4:30-5:00pm: Freshen Up
5:00pm-10:00pm: SM GenSan (fooodtrip, window shopping)
10:00pm: Lights off!

Day 7

Day 7

6:00am: Wakey wakey!
6:00-7:00: Freshen up then pack stuff
7:00-8:00am: Breakfast
8:30am- 10:00am: Bus ride to Koronadal City
10:00-11:00: Bus ride to the Municipality of Surallah
11:00: Arrival in Surralah
11:15-11:45am: on a van to the ancestral domain of the Tboli, Lake Sebu
11:45am-12nn: quick rest
12nn-1:30pm: Chasing waterfalls in Lake Sebu
2:00pm: Check in @ Dolores Lake Resort, Lake Sebu
2:00-4:00pm: Lunch then rest
4:00-5:00pm: Tboli Museum
5:00pm-6:00pm: Freshen up
6:30pm-8:00pm: Dinner
8:00pm-10pm: chitchats over beer and smoothies!
10pm: Lights off!

Day 8

gooodies from mimi and nanardxz!!! <3 I love them to bits!!

8:00am: Wakey wakey!!
8:30am-9:00am: Breakfast
9:30-10:30am: On a van bound to Koronadal City
10:30am- Dimsum diner lunch
10:30am-12:30pm: Meetup with Mimi
12:30-1:15pm: On a bus bound to Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat
1:30-6:00pm: On a van bound to Bukidnon

**end of gala**


day 1

Maramag, Bukidnon- Davao City Bus fare -210Php (non a/c)
breakfast at BUDA stopover - 80Php
 Lunch- 250Php
Snacks- 300php
Jeepney fare from SM-Ecoland- 16Php
Taxi fare from Ecoland- Sta. Ana Wharf- 75Php
Barge fare to Talicud Island- 140Php   
entrance fee *Isla Reta Resort* - 300Php (Overnight rate for two 150/pax)
tent setup fee- 100php
Dinner- 300php
total= 1,801Php

Day 2

Breakfast - 50php
Habal2 to port - 30Php
Barge fare to Sta. Ana Wharf- 140php
Taxi fare to Ecoland Terminal - 80php
lunch- 100php
Bus fare to Sta. Maria, Davao del sur - 139php (non ac)
Snacks- 70php
NYE Celebration - 400Php
total= 1,009php

Day 3

Fuel/food/beers- 600php

day 4

snacks- 400php

Day 5

jeepney fare to Sulop, Davao del sur - 40php (2pax)
Mango slightly ripe - 10php
Bus fare to General Santos City- 190Php (2pax)
Lunch- 300php
tricycle ride to hotel- 16php
Snacks- 200php
Hotel (free) courtesy of www.gensantos.com
Tricycle ride to SM- 16php
total= 772php

Day 6

tricycle fare to General Santos Fishport Complex- 30php
boots rental - 40php (2pax)
Tricycle fare back to hotel - 30php
breakfast - free
Van to Glan, Sarangani - 170php (2pax)
snacks & Lunch - 300php
Tricycle to Coco Beach Resort, Gumasa - 100php (2pax)
Entrance fee- 70php (2pax)
cottage rental- 250php
tricycle fare to glan, Sarangani - 100php
Van fare to General Santos City- 170php
Tricycle to Hotel- 16php
tricycle to SM- 16php
Dinner- 350php
Total= 1,642Php

Day 7

tricycle fare to gensan terminal- 16php(2pax)
Bus fare to Koronadal City- 150php(2pax)
bus fare to Surallah - 48php (2pax)
lunch - 100php
Van fare to Lake Sebu- 70php (2pax)
Habal- habal to Lake Sebu Falls- 40php
Entrance fee- 10php
4pcs wrist charms from the tboli crafts - 20php
Habal-habal to Dolores Lake Resort- 100php
Accomodation - 500php
Tboli Museum- 20php
Dinner - 350php
Total= 1,424php

Day 8
Free breakfast! yay
Habal-Habal to Terminal- 100php
Van to Koronadal City- 140php
Lunch- 250php
Bus to Tacurong- 50php
Van to Bukidnon - 770Php
Grand total= 8,958php

Not bad for 8days in four provinces! And hey that's the total cost for two persons!
Who say's I can't keep up with a budget even on spontaneous backpacking? Hmmm :)
In our case, It wasn't that much of super tipid tipid tripping. We always keep in mind to spend something to enjoy something, read= YUMMY MEALS!!!!
To those who will be doing this route please let me know! I know you can do it and just spend 3,500php per pax in 8 days! It just went higher due to our excessive eating :D
Cheers to happy travels!!!
Wander Shugah


  1. Another beach travel post here! I'm missing the beach especially now that it's summer already :(( Mas madami talagang beach sa province!

    Grabe bat parang ang mura ng nagastos nyo? 8 days, four provinces, for 2 persons? Like OM. I feel like I wanna do that kind of travelling na! Haha.

    Sana mapasyal ka naman dito sa Manila ate :)))

    1. D ko nga inexpect na mura lng ang 8days naming :D But masmura pa yan kung konti lng ung snacks and meal allowance. haha

  2. Travel ka na lang ng travel sis! Bongga! I envy you. You have all the time to go to all these really cool place while I'm still stuck in lil ole Zamboanga. Come visit me namannnnn soon!

    1. I told you im going to visit you there soon babe! :D Ipon ipon muna ako ng datong! haha

  3. Again! Nainggit na naman ako sa trip mo! Wish makapag vacay din ako with Katy and Kev lang. :)

  4. wow very detailed! this will help- bookmarking ur post now- sana matuloy na ako sa Southern Mindanao this year

  5. OMG! I love how you really put into diary all your activities sis! I'm also fond of traveling. My next spot would be the mistery river in surigao! Have you seen it? I love the room! I agree. You must can spend enough money to enjoy your vacation more :)

  6. I'll bookmark this itinerary. I really miss Mindanao and I have plans of coming back :D

  7. Honestly, dyan ako bilib sayo. Budgeted ang travels mo and yet enjoy na enjoy ka!

  8. Perfect! Was researching for info and found your post! Very helpful for our upcoming trip a few months from now. Can't wait to go back to Mindanao! :)

  9. Thank you Wander Shugah haha. nakabalandra talaga yung face ko sa blog. haha.. see you again some time.... soon? haha. Take Care always and God bless

  10. Wooooow!!! Awesome trip sis! I especially loved how your break down of expenses para naman makapaghanda din ang future backpackers <3 Will do the same in my next trip. hihi

  11. wow.. for that price, 4 provinces + 2 persons.. that is definitely a steal!! like the shot of the fireworks! :)

  12. Woooow! So bongga sis! Ikaw na ang tourista!! :D How I wish I had your life!!!! travel lang ng travel ang peg! <3 saraaaaap :D

  13. nice one! i'll make this as a guide when i go to southern mindanao. i hope its really soon...thanks for sharing!

  14. i want to go to talicud island ... can you share kung ano pwdeng accommodation dun over night? every hour ba ung sched ng boat to talicud isalnd from Sta Ana Port? thanks....

  15. This is indeed a very affordable D_I-Y travel. Maybe I should let my husband read this for our summer escapade.

  16. Davao is a place torn between a city and a province. I guess because it has beaches and is rich with natural sources both in land and water, I cannot straightly fathom why it has been announced as a city. But clearly it's urbanized with buildings and increasing population.


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