Marawi City "Islamic City" in a glimpse

Alongside the harsh image that's being brought to the Philippine Television, I didn't mind having doubts on visiting the Islamic City (the only islamic city in the Philippines). I have college friends who grew up and lived there. They were good people.

 We hired a van that brought us to the Islamic City, Marawi City, Lanao del Sur. We're about 10pax, a goody 12 seater van fits just right. The city of Marawi is highly elevated at about 700 meters high making the city a much cooler place with much cooler climate. The van ride took about 45 minutes from Iligan City.

Passing by numerous Islam learning houses, Qur'an reading centers and Mosques we first drop off at the Kilometer Zero Point Marker. It is where all distances in Mindanao are measured. Similar to Rizal Park in Manila.

Photobomber masyadow si Gov Nanardz oh!

Had lunch at  Marawi Resort Hotel also known as Ayala Hotel located at MSU- Main Campus

ohh beef rendang! Yummiest! A classic Indonesian/malaysian food slowly cooked in coconut milk and spices. A popular cuisine in most asian country. The Maranao's Beef Rendang is cooked with Palapa ( a Spice Paste famous in most Maranao's Kitchen)

The famous Daranggen dolls. The fashion doll clad in a traditional Maranao outfit created by Dr. Sainuddin Malawani Moti. Dr. Moti dolls up these Darangen dolls before this fading cultural identity bring to a standstill. We were very lucky to have met Dr. Moti where he gladly told us the tales behind the Darangen dolls and the epic, Darangen.

One among the many villa's at Marawi Resort Hotel.

Inside one of the Villas :) Spell -R-O-Y-A-L-T-Y!

At the golf course, MSU Main. Overlooking view of Lake Lanao, Second largest lake in the Philippines and one of the 15 ancient lakes in the world.

Mindanao State University Campus

Bolos Kano! Means Welcome in English. 
The Aga Khan Museum is dedicated to preserve the Islamic arts and culture.

Aga Khan Museum of Islamic Arts
Mindanao State University – Main Campus
Islamic City of Marawi, Lanao del Sur
9:00am – 11:30 AM, 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Monday to Friday

 The Capitol Mosque located within the Provincial Capitol Compound.

Quick shopping at Padian Market!  Padian or the downtown Market located at Banggolo District. A place where you can find Sarongs, malongs and other garments.

(Thanks for the correction Mansawi Basman)

and this grand mosque/masjid we passed by along the way. I didn't know what the name of this mosque is.

Marawi City, A place that's stereotyped harshly. Its never the same in television. Tho, its really recommended that you visit this city with a local contact to accompany you in touring the place. Be also very wary of their culture, dress appropriately to show respect to the Islamic Culture. Ask before you shoot.  Ask permissions first when taking photo of the locals and their mosques.

It was one nurturing and enriching tour. Its always a good thing to know more about our Islam brothers and sisters culture. I had a great time and will surely treasure these memories.

Wander Shugah


  1. The Muslim culture both excites and scares me for some reasons, really. Regardless of what media and history have imposed to many through the years, I think it would always be nice to pay a visit to some of their cultural heritage sites like what you've just posted if given an opportunity. It's being like in a whole new world in that sense~

  2. love those prints there dear!! those barbie looks so amazing too!!! photobombing nga c Sir nanardz haha xx

  3. The place looks nice! I'd really love to visit Mindanao once someday. I'm slowly working on visiting more places in our country :)

  4. Wow! The place looks very nice :) I'm from Mindanao but I've never been there before :)) I'd love to have those dolls too!

  5. Woooww! I would love to visit this place too! Too bad I don't know anyone like a friend who lives there. :( I'm so curious about the Daranggen dolls! They also look lovely! I would love to buy one for myself. I used to collect dolls before :)

  6. I miss mindanao.. Still waiting for seat sale..

  7. I miss mindanao.. Still waiting for seat sale..

  8. I haven't been to Mindanao and I would love to visit someday! The villa does really look like royal.

    The sarongs/malongs looks so pretty. Ganda ng mga tela! Sarap tingnan. :)

  9. I can totally relate to the "harsh image that's being brought to the Philippine Television"... It's that way with Zamboanga too! But Zamboanga is pretty cool. A mix of both the Christian & Islam people living together. :) COME VISIT ME NAAAAA!~

    1. Sooooon babe! I know I should visit you this year or early next year! <3

  10. "The Central Mosque in Marawi City, The Ma'ahad Marawi Mosque." This is JAMI'O MINDANAO AL-ISLAMI MOSQUE. known as ISLAMIC CENTER. that My late grandfather was the Imam (leader)in this mosque by the year 50's to 70's

  11. "The Central Mosque in Marawi City, The Ma'ahad Marawi Mosque." This is JAMI'O MINDANAO AL-ISLAMI MOSQUE. known as ISLAMIC CENTER. that My late grandfather was the Imam (leader)in this mosque by the year 50's to 70's

    1. Thank you for the correction. I edited it already! :)

  12. i am excited to see this city in a couple of days...i cant wait

  13. i am excited to visit this city in a couple of days. cant wait

  14. the last mosque is the Saduc Mosque under the care of Sultan of Guimba.


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