Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park: ONE TREE HILL

Last March 03, 2013 was a very memorable day for me, aside from meeting wonderful Pinoy Travel Bloggers; it was also the date for my very very first HILL HIKE. Imagine, I've never been to any mountains and Provincial Tree Park was the first "HILL" I was able to climb. The famous Two trees hill now One Tree Hill. The other tree was uprooted due to typhoon Pablo. Well, One Tree Hill sounds catchy, right?

We woke up pretty early for our scheduled morning trek to the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park, We had coffee and bread at a nearby bakery then off we go. We hailed a Motorela and told the driver to drop us off at Gawad Kalinga /at the rear of the Kaamulan grounds. Fare is 8Php each.

To those who are visiting Bukidnon, please include Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park in your list, perfect for early morning walks, sightseeing and picnics. 

Non-trekker's thought:   Im out of breathe, im out of breathe! Im gonna die any minute by now!

The trek was tiring! Thank Goodness there's Glenn (www.escapemanila.com ) to keep me company. It was 1 hour or less and I'm panting and sweating like a pig!

Beautiful Pine trees along the trail. so so so pretty! <3

once atop, you'll have a gorgeous bird's eye view of the rolling hills and rice plantation....

and Malaybalay City with Mt. Kitanglad and Mt. Dulang- dulang( Two highest peak in the province!)  as the backdrop.
Closer look!

Hello there, ONE TREE! :P 

Spent a goodie hour talking and laughing. These bloggers definitely knows a good laugh! 

Class photo by (Trekero)

After an hour of good laugh, the group decided to hike down and had our happy breakfast meals. 
It was fun and I wanna do it again, well, in the future if time and body strength permits.
My dreams of someday climbing a hill or mountain doesn't stop here, I must practice hard enough too!
More hill/mountain climbing in the future! Yes, I roll like that... From seascape to landscape and beyond! NAKS!


  1. love all the shots!! I love mountain trekking! we used to do it quite often if feels good and nice doing it specially when you're with the people who loves it as well!

  2. this is my hometown! it's great to know you loved it :)

  3. Astig ang class picture sis! I know most of them. Ang daming familiar faces though never got to meet anyone of them pa, including you of course...hehe! I've been to Bukidnon pero hangang zipline lang since we needed to go back to CDO right after. Hopefully, makabalik ako jan to explore other noteworthy sites. :)

  4. Sis! Parang ang intense naman ng pictures mo. Ang strong ng colors. Hehe.

    Anyway, I wanna try hiking din, kaso feeling ko di ko kaya ang pagod. Haha. Pero as my friend, who is a mountaineer, said, sulit daw ang pagod pag akyat mo sa tuktok kasi super beautiful daw, which is really obvious with your pictures.

    Sama mo naman ako next time! Hahaha

  5. I've never been to any mountain hiking activities... But I guess I did. I'm not sure, I don't know. See, I live here at a mountainous place and just a trip to a sari-sari store can make you pant heavily. I really envy those people who live in the flat lands... Hehe

    I want to try extreme mountain activities like what you do.

    Breathtaking pictures!!!

  6. Wow..ang ganda ng place! Maybe we should try that next time. I also like your photos. :)

  7. Wow and cute! Hope to climb this hill if I'll have a chance of going back to Bukidnon.. Great photos too! :)

  8. Astig!!! I will include this when I visit Bukidnon...


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