David Pomeranz Concert in Valencia City

A night of love and joy with the the American singer, composer, lyricyst and writer for musical theatre. The David Pomeranz in SAIT Gymnasium, Valencia City, Bukidnon. I was seated in my 17a  frontrow ( Thank you to www.mindanaoan.com for my VIP tickets ) seat when the show started around 8 in the evening with a series of performances from "Jazz Upbeat"

 front row seats with mama!

 and followed by the appearance of Miss Gizelle Sanchez, who undeniably made the crowd laugh out loud. She's pretty good in making people laugh and yes She can speak bisaya which definitely made her jokes way fuinnier than you can imagine. It was a good 30 minutes of laughter and fun. Gizelle can also sing! She is really good as well.

She can sing really really well! Just so awesome! <3

Then invited Mr. Gamboa onstage for a quick interview slash laughtrip

 Also Hon. Babba Garcia..

 Then another man (I forgot the name, I forgot my tickler. oppps)

After a while, THE DAVID POMERANZ went onstage and sang his first song "Got to Believe in Magic"

The crowd goes Yeeeeeeeey yaaaaaaay wooooooo! Then Mr. David Pomeranz sang "UNDYING ADMIRATION. oh holy crap, I almost pissed my undies. (Im kidding, I know) Well yea, hearing him sing live made my heart melt like a battery butter. My highschool years was spent listening to his songs and imagining of love and being inlove. Prom nights of David Pomeranz songs while waiting for your crush to have a dance with you. Sweeet!  Mr. David, you made my heart skipped a beat. I can't believe he's just 5 meters away from me! and even came closer in front of me. YES! ONE STEP AWAY FROM ME!!!!

I can practically sing to his songs.." If you walked away" , "on this day" , "trying to get the feeling again", "born for you", "king and queen of hearts". ETC! Its the music of my TEENAGE YEARS lol

He also sang a few songs from her recent album "you're the inspiration" .David’s new album contains popular love songs cover like “All Out Of Love,” “As Long As You Love Me,” “Have I Told You Lately” and “I’ll Be Over You.”

at 62, Mr. David Pomeranz was full of energy when he performed his pieces. He's so fun and jolly, he made everyone laugh at his jokes. He can entertain people of all ages pretty well. He also mentioned about how much he loves the Philippines and how much he loves how the "Christmas" feel here is being practiced all year round. That feeling of togetherness.

David never been to a prom...

So he gracefully asked Maam Olive for a dance to the tune of "KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS"

 Ahhh so suhweeet! <3

You're one great man Mr. David Pomeranz! I wish you good health and more success.

 Joanne Gonzales and Shugah Gonzales :)

Thank you to www.mindanaoan.com for my VIP tickets. Thank you for the very unforgettable night of my life. THE David Pomeranz wink at me. lol


  1. FACT: I haven't watched a concert in my life. This post made me envy yoooou! :)


  2. OMG I'm so jelly you got to see David Pomeranzzzz! My family loves his songs! :D

  3. Eeeee!!! I'm super kilig and happy you guys had funnnnn!!!!! Ang cute ni Atty. Babs, he was called on stage pa gyud diay hahahaha!!!

  4. omg love! i super love his shongs... nakaka kiligt lalo na pag prom night. hih :)

  5. Waaaah! David Pomeranz is one of my idols ever since I was a kid. Me and my dad used to sing his songs together. I've never been into a real concert like this ever! So glad you and your mom made it to this concert, you surely enjoyed it :)


  6. Now how does it feel to serenade with his song?! Grabe I'm so inggit naman! Kasama siya sa mga old song ko hehe

  7. His songs are really romantic! I bet you felt being serenaded during the concert. Come on, you're on at the front row! So near to the stage!

    How I wish I was there too. Just hearing his songs are very nakakakilig, what more if you're there. Haha. I'm sure you really had fun. :D

  8. WOW! super jealous! What to go to a concert tooooo!! :((


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