I traveled all the way from Visayas ( Ormoc City, Leyte) to Siargao Island with indefinite itinerary in mind. Hopping through buses,vans and barge, where and how long I am going to stay there, no plans at all.
All I know is I am going to surf at the world renowned surf spot, THE Cloud 9.

There, I arrived in Siargao Island, one fine morning. Checked-in and hired a motorcycle. First day was spent surfing. well, surfing 101 lessons I must say. I made friends with a local who became my surf instructor, my friend, my party partner all in one.

I told him, I really wanted to learn surfing and I dream of living in the island someday. He knew all along I am that determined to learn. Persist... persist...persist.. and he was really patient and would really clap and shout "Marajaw Karajaw" every after successive stands.

Why I decided to learn surfing?

Probably most of you guys might think I wanna look cool amongst my peers or simply just to tick something off from my bucket list, but no. I'm not even the one with the water signs and no I'm not trying to impress a water sign guy. There's something about surfing that entices me. I wanna be "one with the ocean". Surfing allows me to tap into my deep inner self. Also, I badly need to start a healthy lifestyle and I pretty much think surfing is going to be a great kick-off.  The minerals in the ocean makes skin healthier, right?

I wanna look sexy in a wet suit.  

Okay that might sound so selfish and uh creepy but I really wanna look good in a wet suit! One day one day... to live in bikinis is utterly a dream for me. 

I live in a tropical country where I can surf all year round and just surf my way up to a whole new me!
and would you even believe that Blue crash 1 & 2 got me so curious about surfing? There was even a time that I literally spent my day in front of the computer watching surfing videos on youtube and going lesbo over Kelia Moniz and not to mention Luke Landrigan is so effin hot in all his surf snippets. Err seriously though, I really wanted to start a healthy lifestyle, I'm not in my best health condition right now and I really need to enjoy every minute of my life and stop abusing meself. 

low tide.

Day 1 went by so quickly.. I was just there at the tower, enjoying the morning breeze when a familiar face approached me and said " Lets surf!" The eager me and full of gut-feel, I decided to join their morning doze of waves.

I've crashed a bajillion times. reef cuts here and there but that didn't stop me. All the "ohmygodimgonnadie" "effimdrowning" moments were completely ignored.
It was a successful surfing after all. Sunrises beckons fresh new start!

I looked stupid, I know. Everyone starts as beginners so who cares if I looked like a lousy fat kid every time I fell off the board. I'm just glad I'm courageous enough to brave the waves.

Its a great experience, catching a wave is addicting!

Waves perfect for beginners like me.

There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you’re smiling you’re doing it right.

Im inlove with Siargao. I wanna live there. The simplicity of life is there. 
Everyone's so friendly and nice. daily routine: Breakfast at a favorite place, swimming at Malinao, visit tower with the locals and some newly found friends...we usually spend the rest of the afternoon talking about their endless surfing experiences and their life long dreams....and partying by the eve. so priceless!

 So the following 5 days of my stay was spent biking, swimming, eating, surfing and partying.
I really had a great time in Siargao. I met new set of crazy fun friends, instilled new lessons and good memories. I can't claim yet that I'm a surfer cos its a process but hey I can proudly say that I can now stand on my own and catch a wave on my own! I'm not bragging about that because its not a piece of cake kind of thing. I went through crazy crazy ways just to learn the basics. nuff said.

I left my heart in Siargao.
I've come to realize that I haven't felt this genuine happiness in a long loooong long time. This trip was really nurturing and rich with memories.

I'm set to visit Siargao this September and late this year (November end- December) . I need to enhance my chosen craft and I can't wait to visit my friends there! I wanna surf all day long and live in bikinis. Its a never- ending summer.

For now, I still have a couple of domestic travels to attend to and a couple of weeks to prepare and save for my next surf trip. A jobless( I'm a freelancer yo!)  girl like me needs a long time to save. Top priorities first. hmmkay?

hear yea hear yea! This is Dodoy my Surf Instructor.

If you are visiting Siargao, don't forget to try surfing and please get him as your instructor. Hes really good and very friendly.
(Message me ( for his contact number)


  1. "I left my heart in Siargao."

    This is a very strong statement! If surfing sayo, parasailing akin. I wish I could do it someday! I'm happy nakasail ka bebe girl! :) And I hope ma try to din to someday! <3

    1. I know right? Its never to late to learn something new, bebe! <3

  2. i miss siargao. the first and only time was more than 10yrs ago. i'm sure much has changed since then.

  3. "I wanna surf all day long and live in bikinis. Its a never- ending summer." I love this! This is how I want to live my life too! So happy we met Shugah! Cheers to the next adventures!

    1. and I know someone who's living my dream! haha that's you and Elaine Abonal! omgash!!! So happy we met too! :) Sorry I wasn't able to join the passion talk in Davao. I extended my stay in Cotabato kasi :(

  4. OMG!!!!! I want to suurf so badddlllyyyyy!! Siargo really is a nice place to surf here in the Philippines.. you're so lucky sis!! :D

  5. OMG! i wanna learn how to surf! i wish i go to siargo soon... ^_^

  6. Wow! surfing, I want to try that too. I love beaches but I'm scared of the deep blue seas :D It's great to be trying something new every now and then, good for you!! :D

    btw followed you on bloglovin :)

  7. Hala never tried and never seen one! Haha you're lucky! Did it cost you that much ba? let me know!

  8. and i want to stay like a month in siargao just to... do nothing... it's very relaxing and life is so simple there. but siquijor still tops my i-wanna-live-in-this-place-right-now place :)

    good job shugah! :)

  9. That's really cool sis! We went to Surigao last summer but we didn't get the chance to go to Siargao. :( Nakaka-amaze yung mga beaches and resorts there. But anyway, so happy for your new achievement, you're so adventurous! :)

  10. Baka eto na ang first ever bonding sesh natin sis, sa Siargao! :)

  11. WAAAH! This post really inspires me to try out surfing! Coool! =)

  12. i always wonder how surfers balanced on that board thingy. good for you, you had the chance to experience it. i really like your blog, it's not that typical travel blog thing, there's really something in it why I always keep visiting your site.

  13. i keep telling myself someday - shayne you will go to siargao and surf someday - pero it never happens aah :( im so inggit!


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