5 non-touristy things to do in Siargao

 I met a lot of good people while I was in Siargao. I did a lot of things there and Im pretty missing everything and everyone back in paradise.  So yeah, let me jot down everything the non-touristy things to do in Siargao.
Aside from the famous and beautiful island hopping in Siargao, ( I wasn't able to do that, I went there and felt like it rained the whole week. Such a bummer!) there are other non touristy things to do in Siargao.

These following top 5 are amongst the many many things Id love to do in Siargao.


Siargao is beautiful and there are many hidden or shall I say unexploited places worth discovering. Nice beaches in Malinao and Del Carmen. I love the feeling of the crisp wind on my face and the view that I can't fully enjoy on a closed van. 

  • Evening shenanigans list

Party at stow during Tuesdays, Acoustic night at Buddha's Surf Resort on Thursdays, Bara bara bara bere bere( Danza kurudo on cue)  night at Tattoo jungle on Fridays!

and don't forget to try Kermit's Surf & Dive Ecocamp's FIIIIRE cocktails.

  • Dinner at Ronaldo's

Yes, a sumptuous dinner at Reynaldo's will definitely make your Siargao visit memorable. A 100php dinner will never ever go wrong. They have various of foods to offer but their barbecue definitely stands out.  Juicy and very flavorful.  Its a simple food shack along the road to cloud 9, It is adjacent to Patrick on the beach Resort.

  •  Sleep at the tower (Cloud 9)
  My good morning face after a night of sleeping at the tower. This lady must be feeling so cold.

My good morning view :)

Sounds weird, eh? Yes, probably weird to most of you but it was the most memorable moment during my recent Siargao trip. Sad that I wasn't able to bring a mat with me. I should probably get one from Zalora, and maybe another one for my favorite yoga instructor as an early Christmas gift for her too! There are so many great gifts for Christmas from Zalora. I've been eyeing this 3pc travel bag organizers from Zalora   to organize my stuff on my next visit to Paradise. (A few clicks of the mouse will surely be of great help, I hate holiday rush. ) 

I was with the coolest and craziest people in Siargao. Nothing beats waking up to the cold sea breeze and a sight of SUPER HOT HUNK GORGEOUS OHLALALICIOUS BRAZILIANS  both foreign and locals on an early surfing session? Priceless.

Jog, Walk or Bicycle around in Malinao

Its my favorite place in Siargao. Some 3km away from the town of General Luna lies the virgin beaches of Malinao, a genuine beauty to behold. The people there were really nice and friendly too. You might as well, bring a coffee and a good book and try a simple R&R and alone time by the beach.

The above-mentioned are my top 5 favorite things to do in Siargao. Feel free to do whatever floats your boat though! This Island will surprise you with so many stuff to do, so many places to visit (not to mention, MANY FOODS TO TRY!)  and will leave you hungry for more. 1 week is never enough. You should at least stay a month! I can't wait for my next visit to papaparadise! Drunken Carabao ride, you're on my list and I should probably add the visit to the scary cave which I wasn't able to visit to , I woke up late.


  1. Damnnn it looks so nice!!! i really miss the philippines! mainly because of places like this! i'm a beach bum... lol great post love :D

  2. Interesting names of the shots. I'll try them all! haha

  3. I miss traveling. Been wanting to visit Siargao. Love the shots you took :)

  4. bet ko ang motorcyle trip! ang shenanigans ayoko na, clean living ang peg :p

  5. How I wish it would look the same if ever I visit it in the future. It looks so classic and not overly commercialized.

  6. i've always wanted to travel and visit to places like this! this place is a paradise.

  7. OMG! Ang ganda2x ng moring view mo sis! Hihi. Loving the waves! Parang nkaka relax tingnan. How I wish I can travel katulad mo. Parang nkakawalang stress! :)

  8. Hindi ko pa napupuntahan ang Siargao, so thanks for sharing some of the fun things to do there :D

  9. OMG!! I so want to visit this place naaa.. it's so nice!!! :D

  10. Ang sarap pag nasa beach! It's a good place to visit!

  11. ^_^ hindi ako marunong magbike! more so mag motor bike! hehehe

  12. Riding a motorcycle is for me, I think! Haha. I could enjoy the breeze and the ride at the same time. :))

    The sleeping is also a good idea for me. Hahaha. And the morning view, just wow at the waves and the surfers! :))

    I hope I could visit Siargao too. Ahh too many places, so little budget for me. Hahaha.

    Btw sis, I hope you could also add me on your links page. Yours is linked na! :))

  13. Ayan sis ah! More reasons to go back dahil kailangan mo akong iTour jan! Game? Game! Next year perhaps? Sana ulanin tayo ng datung! lol. :P


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