How to get there: San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge tales and guide.

One Landmark that I really wanna see in person is the "San Juanico Bridge". Its all over my Hekasi books during my Elementary years. To those who don't know. Its the Longest bridge in the Philippines measuring 2 point something kilometer in length. This bridge connects the province of Leyte and the province of Samar.

and just so you know...

  • This bridge is shaped like the letter L & S which stands for L- Leyte, S- Samar. So its best to take aerial shots.
  • This bridge was a gift by the Late President Marcos to Imelda Romualdez to show her love.

I arrived in Tacloban a little too late, thanks but no thanks to tropical storm, Gorio. I headed straight to Gohotels Tacloban to drop my stuff and then ate my super late lunch at Jollibee  Robinson's Place when Jherson of  The Lonely Travelogue messaged me.. Asked me where I am and then I told him I wanted to visit San Juanico Bridge as I am leaving early the next day, I'm glad he just replied " Is it far?", "Probably not, fare to the bridge cost 15Php only" I replied. He quickly replied "Lets go" and then I said "Tara!" 

Its never really hard to get there but take these following notes/guidelines with you.

Entry point: Tacloban City, Leyte

Ride any jeep that reads "San Juanico" or ask around for any transportation vehicle that passes by San Juanico Bridge. Basic fare starts at 15php


If by any chance, you are coming from Samar (or going to Leyte) just drop off at the foot of the bridge (Samar side).

Leyte Side :)

Historical information.

Notice the two kids there? Upper right of the photo. They were the kids who we were able to walk across the bridge with. They went to Tacloban downtown to buy a certain herbal medicine for the little boy(on red shirt) who has asthma. The photo shows his brother carrying his little brother. The little boy said he's tired. Jherson and I helped them carry their stuff.

Welcome to Samar!

Welcome to Leyte!

It was a dream come true! 
You know whats best?  I never did imagine Ill be able to achieve one of my life long dreams. Walking along this 2km something bridge in approximately an hour gave me a joyous after effects. My mind wandered and I can't fathom enough how incredible this bridge is. The most beautiful bridge in the Philippines.

Thank you Jherson for the last three photos! <3

By 6pm, we alighted a bus bound to Tacloban downtown then hailed a multicab to our hostel.
That was our quick San Juanico getaway.

I shall return soon. perhaps a walk to and fro be good, yes?

infinite x's and o's
Wander Shugah


  1. i described it as "dream come true" din nung unang beses akong nakapunta dyan... ang ganda talaga! :)

    1. oo grabe! ang babaw ko nga daw sabi nila. haha but who cares! PRang abot langit tlga ung happiness ko that day :D

  2. suppperrr lucky you sis!!! :D OMG!! The bridge looks long nga!! :D I want to experience that place too :)

  3. iba talaga pag nakarating ka na sa dream place mo. heaven ang dating no shugz?

  4. wow! dati sa books ko lang nakikita ito, ikaw nakapunta na! :D dream come true! :)

  5. re entering :D

    this experience is really nice! i mean before e sa books ko lang sya nakikita now talagang napuntahan na :D

  6. been to Tacloban (work-related) way back 19kopong-kopong (hehe) but I wasn't able to see this bridge, my workmates have been there before and they don't want to go back again, I'm a newbie then kaya follow the leader ang peg...tsk. :(

  7. Dream gihapon nako na Shugz. Next year modagan ko diha sa San Juanico. Haha!

  8. Beautiful bridge :)
    You're indeed a lucky girl! I wish I could go there and take a picture too ^ ^


  9. Ah, great. You've been to the other side of the bridge. That means you've been to two provinces already: Samar and Leyte. If you have gone further, nakarating ka na rin sa amin, sa Northern Samar :-)

    1. I wish i could have gone farther kaso we have a scheduled dinner later that night. Maybe next time. I regularly visit leyte din naman :)

  10. Shugah, thanks for this quick guide. So helpful for travelers who want a quick visit to the bridge. :)


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