Kermit's Surf & Dive Ecocamp, General Luna, Siargao Island

A home away from home... The place where I found a "home away from home" in Siargao Island.
Where smiles are genuine and a place where everyone's a family. There's no such thing as "strangers" here.

Kermit's Surf  &  Dive Ecocamp, General Luna, Siargao Island.

A great place for budget travelers and backpackers who wants a cozy home and a luxury within a budget.
They have plenty of rooms for rental ( and usually fully booked so make sure to reserve a month ahead of time) fan rooms for two, Single bed rooms, and an aircon room (Which I believe is available now. The last time I was there it was still being built, around 80% complete.)

One thing I really love about this Surf Camp is the kindness of their staff. Everyone smiles and talks to you. They were really of great help when I was there. (Especially Theresa, Ano, Nappa, Carole and the girls in the kitchen!!!!) They were all so accommodating and so nice that will make it hard for you to leave the Island. Trust me on this.

The place is pretty laid back and pretty clean! The structures are fairly new which makes all the room look neat. Some room don't have a toilet & bath but the common CR adjacent to the room is super clean.

The manicured garden looks lovely on a sunshiney morning.

I was given a beautiful room for a night. There's a hammock in my private veranda and a coffee table in one side(not shown in the photo). 

Yeah? Spell S L E E P! The bed is very inviting and its like calling me to sleep all day.  The room I got, got all the basics I need; a comfortable bed( Yes, the bed has a pretty mosquito net installed on it.) a desk, an open closet, I mean HUGE closet and a HUGE clean bathroom with hot & cold shower. Awesome, yes?

more rooms soon.

Food is incredibly great! Good for its price! Im even salivating and craving their yummy pancakes (Mango pancakes and nuttela pancakes are a must try) If you've been following me on facebook & twitter, you'll know what I'm talking about!

spot kimoy :P

My favorite spot in the restaurant. Why? There's an outlet where I can charge my laptop and phone. Can you spot the lazy bean bags? Yes, I slept there too. Well, afternoon naps. If I'm not surfing and not swimming in far-end Malinao, I'm eating and sleeping there at that very spot. 

Books and Magazines!!!!

And tadaaaaah!!! The place where all of the fun times are made. Kermit's Surf & Dive's Restaurant. Aside from the yummy and generous foods, this is where the guests gather just to talk and have a great time with new friends. Remember, strangers are friends you haven't met. Friends from all over the world sans the language barrier cause we definitely know how to communicate with each other. ( I even made friends with the pretty Italian missy who doesn't even speak a little english and we went to yoga classes together. See?)

I don't have much photos to show as Im enjoying so much that I forgot to document each and every moment but everything's still fresh in my mind and its happily stored there and I'm definitely keeping the memories forever with me.

Thank you so much, Kermits! For the happy and fun times. I had a great great time. I shall return.

Meanwhile, Friends, do check out their websites for rates and promos. Also, please like them on facebook. Thank you so much!

Facebook: Kermit's Surf & Dive
Contact person & number: Gianni / 0915 960 5752


  1. Super bongga ng bed! The place looks beautiful! I'll tell my brother about this. I'm so jealous, you always travel :)

    1. Not always nmn. this was part of my month long trip across visayas and back home :)

  2. Wow! I wanna visit this place. It reminds me of Modessa Island in Palawan.

    1. Ive never been to Palawan... But I can picture out Modessa in mind.

  3. wooow! I love their bed!!! may canopy pa. hihihi.. parang prinsesa sa paraiso ang peg :D

  4. Ayus! Pang-Royal family ang accomodation... Mura lang po talaga jan?

    1. Yes mura lng :) Sulit na sulit ang presyo nito.

  5. I really the places you are exploring. How I wish I can travel like you do. I super love the bed <3

  6. its my dream to visit and sleep in a room na may sosyal na kulambo!! love this!!

  7. wooow ganda :) love na love ko yung bed nila ....

  8. So cozy love it! My friend will go to this place soon so I'll share your post with him.
    I'm sure this is worth the money *wink


  9. Wow! I so love the bed! Tama ka, kahit sa pictures lang parang gusto kong matulog dyan. Ang cute ng mosquito net, pangsosyal. Haha! How I wish I can travel and visit nice places like this one. Npaka tahimik and relaxing, parang malilimutan mo talga mga problema mo. :)

  10. Wow, he place looks really peaceful. Would love to go there someday.

  11. omg wow!! I super love the bed, makes me think of tribal queens and princesses!

  12. Such a nice place to nap! haha. I also made a friend before who speak nothing to the language I know, it's hard, but what's amazing is we did understood each other just my exchanging facial expressions and gestures haha.

  13. Oh wow! lovely place and your bed, so cool!

  14. ang ganda! truly amazing! i wish i can be there someday. :)

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