I visited Sibugay Mountain Resort in  Sitio Soob, Albuera, a town in the Western part of Leyte last June 30, 2013 when I was backpacking in Leyte. Some 3 kilomtres away from the main hi-way but can be comfortably reach via habal-habal ride at 20Php/pax one way. The Sibugay Mountain Resort is actually an off-shot of the ongoing environment preservation programb of the Albuera water shed project. The resort has operational structures such as their swimming pool, equally beautifully designed open cottages and a hanging bridge to cross towards a VIP cottage.  I visited it not because of its pools, I'm not fond of pools as I enjoy river and springs better and I'm totally sure I didn't visited it because of their zipline activity. Entrance fee to the Resort premises is at 75php/ pax.

but because of......... (photos below)

look at that!

 Cold and clear water coming freely from the dam and it is said that the main source of the water is from a waterfalls some 1km away. 

So what do you prefer? This? or the pool? :P I enjoyed a lot here. I don't have plans on swimming and getting wet but I couldn't resist. ( Look at my clothes) The water was really inviting. I have a hundred silly photo of me in the water which my aunt took candidly. 

I get silly all the time which I really don't mind. 

After an hour or so.. We searched for more cool spots to dip in.

River (?) trekking. I'm glad the owner of this Resort kept this part of nature. It's beautiful.


A mini waterfalls in the other side of the VIP Cottage.

 There's a huge swimming pool in the middle of the Resort but I chose to play here. 

Buhis buhay shots here! Also, sorry for the ugly looking photos. Most of the photos were kind of exposed and stuff so I edited it quite a bit to somehow make it look decent. 

It was a cool experience and I have the coolest aunts who never stopped taking photos of me whether blur, exposed or dark.  I love them to bits. Thanks for letting me experience such a beautiful place.  I found happiness out of the ordinary.  I always feel happy when I'm in the water. This place is worth exploring when you are in Leyte. 

My last day in Leyte was awesomely well- spent. 3 weeks wasn't enough and I shall visit you soon.


Wander Shugah


  1. Again, I am amazed by this place you went to.

  2. Oh my I love this place. Gusto ko yang waterfalls na yan! <3 What is that hanging bridge?

  3. omg what a beautiful waterfall from the dam! Now I wanna go to Leyte! ♥♥♥ =)

  4. wee parang ang sarap ng feeling na nahuhulugan ka ng falls! i envy your adventures shugah!!! :D:D

  5. I used to prefer pools talaga whenever I see these kind of photos.

    Thanks to my trip in Zambales - I suddenly had that... drive to.. Shet ang saarap ng feeling, isa pa. I think di ako sanay sa mga adventures dmi kong sugat that time but I felt so good. I want something like that again!

    Lucky you to have an experience like this all the time!

  6. This is like Villa Escudero? Oh very affordabIe..I love falls <3 Oh I'm so jealous as you have a lot of chances to go to places like this keep posting I really enjoy your posts


  7. Finally! I had the chance to comment on this post.

    Same here, I prefer the naturally flowing water than pools. I remember when we were still kids, our lola used to take us down the river. She do the "labada" and we'll go play, swim and have fun. Today, that river is a wreck. :( Hope people will learn to preserve and treasure those amazing places like this one.

    I want to visit this. I miss rivers.

  8. ang ganda ng place love! it's been ages since the last time na nag travel ako. Wanna visit this!

  9. What a beautiful place. Great and cute photos too! I've never been here, though it's so near Ormoc, hehe.. :)

  10. Nice blog! I can't wait to visit that place again, I'm gonna go home and be visiting my family in Albuera this coming December.

  11. im planning to go there.. and have been searching for their contact number for reservation , unfortunately, haven't seen one, do u happen to have their number?? plz rply

  12. im planning to go there.. and have been searching for their contact number for reservation , unfortunately, haven't seen one, do u happen to have their number?? plz rply

  13. Hi. Pwede mag over night po dyan? A reply would be very appreciated! TYVM 😄


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