Travel Essentials Addition

Every backpacker or traveler has their personal travel essential list and mine definitely needs updating. I chance upon ZaloraPH while I was randomly browsing online shopping sites and I decided to purchase a few stuff to add to my travel essential list.  A sneakers, slippers and a headband. Nothing fancy. 

box. I love pretty and neatly packed stuff. 

Shoes. If I can recall properly, I rarely wear shoes when travelling. I always love wearing slippers and if I can travel barefoot, I will. Im always open to new changes and I might start wearing this shoes on my future trips. Looking forward to an easy breezy walk with this new walking buddy and hey this Sneakers is so cute and the colors is so me.

Slippers. I have had enough of those trendy yet so expensive flipflops, gone are the days where I used to own 20 something slippers( which I thought would make me look and feel cooler, okay, I was 15 then, young and innocent so don't judge) when Infact, I cant even wear all of them at once. The ever trusty flipflops from Islander is a great choice. For only 250php you get to buy this slippers which isn't bad and definitely won't tear your hearts when it gets damaged anyway.

Headware headband. Its cute and funky. Hey, its quick absorbing and looks hella cool so I bought it. Do I need to explain further? :D I saw my crush wearing this too! Wag maintriga!

Another thing I'd like to pack in my bag when travelling is a teeth whitening pen. As someone who likes taking photos, this is something very important. You can flash that pearly white smile in any photo! Who can relate to that?

Yay to the new addition! I'm still going to fill more to my travel essentials list; There's a lot to add, a dry bag, tent, a bigger bag etc. etc but that would have to wait. There's no need to hurry! I'll buy little by little. Hey can I just say "THANK YOU" to my amazing dad who paid for my shipping fee? Shipping cost so much (Its freaking 200php!!! and Im quite a cheapo) and they only offer free shipping to Bukidnon for purchases 2000 above. I love you, papa! I know you're reading this.  Anyway, this is just a quick update so see yeah!

Wander Shugah


  1. Nice haul sis! Very essential nga siya for you since Traveler ka! Love the shoes! :)

  2. Love the travel haul sis!!! I actually have the same headware band, pero Aztec yung design. :)

  3. Wow!! I love love love the colors of your new footwear!! They look so happy! :)

  4. I love what you bought at Zalora :) So essential for a traveler like you. Grabe! ang shipping fee mo, Php 200.00.

  5. Gusto ko ung kicks! I'm looking for my goodies from them soon! Yay! :D

  6. Nice haul! I love everything especially the shoes! Love the color combination! Pero yun nga, the shipping fee is expensive! :-O


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