Waterfalling Adventure Tour V 2.0

Beautiful photo by THE landmark of CEBU, Doi @  www.thetravellingfeet.com

Its been a week since I left home, Bukidnon, to attend the recently concluded Waterfalling Adventure Tour V 2.0 spearheaded by none other than the coolest blogging community I know of, THE Iligan Bloggers Society. Five days of fun and adventure. Experiences that I rarely get as I usually travel solo.

photo by: www.gwapito.com

 Even if I'm exhausted following a 6am wake up time or depressed to even finish some online tasks, something changes the moment I started the day with such fun-filled itinerary. Its like a booster shot of adrenaline, a surge that reminds me how lucky that I am still alive and how lucky I am to get to spend a few days with like minded people that shares the same passion as mine. Those days were filled and laughter. Everyone was up to any adventure. What make this trip a lot fun was the conversation shared, we became a family in an instant.

Lazy afternoon at Mimar's Spring Resort. photo by www.escapemanila.com
It's always a great time being with fellow travelers and fellow thrill seekers. There's something in us that connects us in default. I firmly believe these people are wild spirits. Lets face it, well-traveled individuals are way more fun to sit next to at dinner parties and morning meals.

I truly enjoyed my stay in Iligan. A unique travel experience and Im completely bewildered. ohh WAT 2.0 hangover. 
at Junakis ni pampam falls.

for the record, I hadn't wanted to come back here after Iligan. Tho, its a nice feeling coming home with a big bag full of stinky laundry and 15 dogs whose waiting for their mama.

Despidida Party of lipstick and cards(with sentimental value) for Marky

 Thank you so much to the Iligan Bloggers Society for letting me experience WAT 2.0. Thanks to the ever "game" participants for the sweet memories, the stories, the fun facts, and interesting perspectives. 
 I must conclude, Waterfalling Adventure Tour is sweeter the second time around. Looking forward to next year's WAT 3.0! :D

Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 by the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. will not be possible without the support from the following partners Iligan City Government, IHARRA , and Iligan Chamber and event sponsors:

Unilab, Trusted Quality HealthcareJollibee, Bida ang Saya

With the support of: Greenwich Iligan | Jasmine Pensionne Home | Kopi Luwak | Keepsakes Iligan | Gerona Town Center | Aruma Coffee Lounge | Tedt's Diner | Iligan Paradise Resort | Linamon's Best | Piaya de Iligan | NPC Nature's Park | Third Team Media  | JCreations | New Horizon | Perfect Wedding  | Jesbey's Diner | Delecta | Bob NYUSA | Hon. Frederick Siao | Hon. Michelle Sweet 

Please check out Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 for the whole storyline of the event.

Infinite x's & o's,
Wander Shugah


  1. Wow! Seeing the waterfalls simply relaxes my mind! I want to visit that amazing place too! =)

    1. yes visit ka when you have time. Iligan City is really beautiful <3

  2. still can't get over the WAT 2.0. am sooo happy i made the decision to join this year's waterfalling adventure in Iligan. It was really nice to meet like-minded people like me and am sooo happy to have met you Shugah! such a fun-spirited lovable gurlaloo you are! miss you na! hope to see you soon :)

    1. Yes doi.. Dont make me cry. Im so happy ngmet ta :) Cant wait to travel with you again.

  3. Sayang! I wasn't able to join. They've invited me, pero medyo late na. Hope to join next time. :)

  4. as always you went to a beautiful place! kainggit ang adventure mo :D

  5. OMG yung waterfalls! breathtaking :) Next year is my Lagalag year.. :) So this might be on my list ;)

  6. I envy you sis for going to different places na super ganda! Looking at your pictures, parang gusto ko na rig sumama sa inyo! Hihi. :)

  7. It's always better to travel with friends. Kaloka ka, bat kasi magtatravel ka mag-isa. Hahaha.

    I've never been into a real waterfalls talaga and I'm hoping someday makaexperience din ako ng waterfall. Yung naexperience ko before improvised eh, though galing din sa bundok yung tubig. Pero iba pa din for sure yung totoong waterfall. Haha.


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