Why do I travel?

I am faced with itchy travel feet that aren't still moving. I discovered today that my travel toe is itching again. Yes, 2 months after I returned from previous trips( 1 month backpacking and a quick  5 day backpacking). People I know always ask why I love traveling and how come I was able to travel solo. People even asks me why and how I did this and that. Perhaps, I can answer those questions here in my post with quotes and just memories.

I don't really travel a lot like awful lot. that of non stop backpacking kind of travel. Am I making any sense here? and of course, I need to live within my means, therefore, I shall also travel within my means.( By the way, my monthly earnings is divided to 5, so I don't really have much on my travel fund. )

Travelling transforms me. It instantly takes me out from my everyday routine. I learn new things and history about places, I get to meet new friends, allows me slow down from our fast paced lives, provides me more curiosity and awakens my inner-child to explore more "first time" experiences. Travelling will vary from different kind of travelers. Every travelers differs from one another. Luxurious travel- cheap backpacking. I'm more of the latter. Also, it will also vastly varies with the places you wanted to check out, things you wanna do and foods you wanted to try. 

I know it's scary and I know you're worried. but don't be. Just go...

"Getting lost is never a waste of time"
(background: Kilopot, Quezon, Bukidnon. Banuwa ku!!!! )

Getting lost don't really bothers me. I trust my instincts very well and if all else fails, I can simply ask the locals for direction. Getting lost often offers you a chance to explore more and challenges you to find your way out. Does that sound very scary to you or sounds like a lot of fun? 

Travel teaches me great things in life. Travelling humbles me and makes me realize that it sisnt just about me. It is so cliche but it is said often for a reason. and "YOLO" ( you only live once) has always been my mantra. There is something in me that is hungry for a taste of adventure, something in me that desires a little " breather"  in life, something in me that yearns to discover my passion.

My simple happiness will be best expressed in bullets. so here you go.

  • I travel to see sunrise and sunset.  When I'm at home, I often fail to witness them. I wake up late and most of the time I'm so lazy that I don't even go outside of the house.
  • I travel to try different coffee in different coffee places. Is it just me?
  • I travel to search for the best best beaches in the Philippines, soon the world. 
  • I travel to damage more slippers and buy a new one.
  • I travel because I love buying new travel clothes for every trip.
  • I travel because I happily spends and watch my hard earned money float away.
  • I travel to experience long bus rides. I love long bus rides. I love sleeping during bus rides.
  • I travel to meet new and inspiring friends.
  • I travel to try new foods. I tried eating "Suwaki/shwaki" in Siargao  and it wasn't so bad! 
  • I travel because I believe everywhere can be home..
  • I travel because nothing beats first-hand education.
  • I travel to fall in love with different waterfalls. hey, I'm a water baby!
  • I travel to waste time by the beach
  • Traveling allows me to discover my kind of paradise that people hardly know of..
  • I travel because life is like a never ending bargain-hunt.
  • I travel because it amazes me how 100PHP (Nearly 2.3USD) can go a long way.
  • I travel to enjoy every SHUGAH't/ scars I got on trips and never be shy about my not-so "wow legs"
  • I travel to become a braver person.
  • Travel makes me grateful.
  • I travel to remind my self that every little thing needs appreciation.
  • I travel because sleeping in unfamiliar bed sounds cool to me
  • I travel because I don't want to be defined by job title...Id rather chase my dreams than a promotion.
  • I travel because I couldn't find a reason not to.
  • I travel because surfing wont be as fun when you are 90.

"I don't care how long it takes me, Im going somewhere beautiful. "

All I know is I have the drive to just keep going and keep going doesn't mean escaping. Travel because you want to learn something, travel not because of the bragging rights, travel to inhale a different air, travel to drink the wild water and travel because you whole heartily  LOVE it and not because it is what everyone else is doing. 
and never be afraid to keep trying. It wont work all the time but never stop trying. Its just a matter of balancing adventure and the real-life. If traveling makes you genuinely happy then just go. go wandering. go traveling.

Why do you travel? I love to hear from you. Comment them below! 



  1. "I travel because I believe everywhere can be home." - Definitely! :)

    Just like true love, I can't explain the reason why I travel... So I just have to say, I travel because I love doing it! :)

  2. "Getting lost often offers you a chance to explore more and challenges you to find your way out" - getting lost both scares me and challenge me but in the end i feel fulfilment.

    I travel simply because it makes me happy. And what makes you happy will keep you joyful thus makes your life your own utopia.

    This is a great article Shugah!!! Se you in Nov ;)

  3. Natawa naman ako sa I travel to damage more slippers and buy a new one :P

  4. " I work, I travel, I live "
    - travelingmorion

    psst oi yung coffee date natin ha :)

  5. "I travel to meet new and inspiring friends." - one of the reason kung bakit ako gumagala.

    "I travel because I happily spends and watch my hard earned money float away". - I rather travel than buying a new hi-tech cellphone.

    "I travel because I don't want to be defined by job title - lalo na kung paulit-ulit na lang yung routine.

    and I agree with LonelyTravelogue, this is a great article sobrang nakakarelate ako sa topic. (sana ganito ako kaayos gumawa ng article. hehehe!)

  6. Love this: I travel because I don't want to be defined by job title...Id rather chase my dreams than a promotion. - See more at: http://www.wandershugah.com/#sthash.EYdCVq65.dpuf

    Am not so much focused on my career in the corporate world. The year passes by I am finding myself, going to work, waiting for payday, then planning the next year for my next travels. :-)

  7. Oh gosh! I can't wait to see you travel the world yay! I am so happy for you coz you're able to experience these. Getting lost is indeed FUN!!! I am planning to have a trip out of country alone and I know it'll be so much fun and adventurous *wink

    I love the 6th one, you deserve it sweetie Xoxo

    To answer your question, I travel coz I wanna explore more beautiful places and enjoy it esp. in the PH as well as in other country.


  8. A great list of "Why I Travel" reasons and I love reading one of them! I can relate, hehe. :)


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