midnight brain dump fail

Dear future self,

Greetings from the past!

Firstly, Go get yourself a warm gallon of coffee as it makes you happy. This is a future letter kind of thing so yeah if you have a boyfriend already, Forget about the coffee then. You guys are probably enjoying Maldives over cocktails by now. Please go hug him and tell him you love him.

You were a mess but I'm glad you were able to stand up and fight back. The past years were as tough as an Iraq battle. It wasn't easy and I hope you were able to learn from those stupid and selfish mistakes. Leave everything behind and move on. Just remember, be more with less. Do something. Be something. I hope you are a one full grown woman now. Someone independent and someone amazing.  A wicked cool woman at 28!  How does 28(or 2018 for that matter) feeel?

Don't forget who you are. You want to travel. a lot. keep going. Have you been to Paris and kiss under the Eiffel tower? How bout shopping escapade in Bangkok? White Christmas somewhere winter-y? Its a big world out there. There's so much to discover. Never hide your self from the world. Don't just exist. LIVE.

Surround your self with positive people. Keep your family. Cherish your friends.

This feels so weird, terrifying and Im getting confused but you get my point. Can I just end this letter this way?

The journey will always gonna be amazing. Enjoy and Carpe effin diem.

and oh do you still enjoy your coffee with honey?

Loving you always,
Shugah from the past.

delete delete delete delete delete... I'm such one melodramatic lady. I wrote this last night. You see what coffee and tea does to me? I wish I write better so I can start filling that midnight drama series. that might hit. Sadly, no matter how I try and be profound I always fail. I'm not a writer and I just blab. I do that every single day. sweet sweet sweeet jesus! I know what to avoid now, coffee at twelve midnight and this online journal. I suck. I know. Gotta keep calm and la di da! I had kind of a rough morning so I'm posting this shit anyway.

ps: I'm not bipolar.

sending you my virtual x's and o's from the present!


  1. I agree...whenever I'm having a cup of joe or tea ang daming kung naisip..so dapat tlga itigil na ntn ito...lol;)

  2. Ginagawa ko rin to minsan. Talking and as if reprimanding my self but not make a letter to my self yet. One of these days maybe. Hehehe . I find it funny Shugah!


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