Waterfalling with Jollibee

Dancing Jollibee @ Maria Christina Falls, Iligan, Iligan City

I know right? It may not seem like a big deal to some people but for me it totally was. Waterfall hopping with Jollibee was so cool. It felt so real. It is a very common reaction for me to giggle and gush like a teenager inlove, right there and then I confirmed " I'm in love with a mascot, goddamnit! "  

Jollibee is the most popular mascot of the Philippines' largest food chain. I've been eating Jollibee foods all my life (and Jollibee is the only food chain in Bukidnon that I frequent to back in grade school and highschool.) When I'm feeling jaded or feeling blue, Jollibee Yum Burger would usually do the trick. I love Jollibee. Need I say more?

Thanks to the awesome peeps of the Iligan Bloggers Society for this beautiful experience. To be honest, Waterfalling Adventure Tour V 2.0 was awesome because of Jollibee. Okay, atleast for me.

Jollibee went with us to Dodiongan falls, Maria Christina Falls and Tinago Falls. What a kickass!

I'm not really good with words so yeah let the photos do the talking! :)

Awwwee.. I love Jollibee. 

Infinite x's & o's,
Wander Shugah


  1. Geng! Abi ko si Dora ray laagan si Jollibee man pod diay! Hahaha. :) SUper nice!

  2. Oh I love Jollibee <3 Oh I wonder how the person inside felt while in there LOL I've heard that it is so hot and I'm sure the person was so sweaty aww

    Great adventure indeed *wink


  3. Ansarap cguro mging travel buddy si jolibee

  4. Haha! Ang kulet! Jollibee mascots are the best. There was this one time when the Jollibee mascot in our city was in the middle of the road directing traffic. Of course the kids who saw him got so excited that one of them ran up to him, luckily Jollibee was able to get the kid to safety before the cars could hit him. Freakin love Jollibee.


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