Its a good morning after all

Its always so nice to start the day with something to think about.. something to look forward too and something to be happy about. Morning thoughts like these gives me an indescribable bliss. A feeling I can't even explain and a feeling I'm not even sure of. All I know for now, every morning represents a new hope. and I truly believe in that. 

It also saddens me about what had just happened in some part of Visayas, affecting so many places including my favorite city in the whole country, Ormoc City (which was badly hit as well). I'm offering my prayers to those who weren't able to survive and to the people who lost their loved ones. I know how hard it is (Typhoon Sendong survivor here) but we will surely rise slowly. Let us all believe in better days and the big hearts of the people. better days awaits... Just hang in there.

and to those who can help, please and please extend your help to the typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda victims. They badly need our helps. Cash or in kind. They are fighting a harder battle, knowing there are people who cares about them will surely uplift and strengthen their hopes. 

Let's think of today as a new hope and a new beginning.

It's a good morning, after all. 


  1. I really can't believe how total the destruction was in the Visayas. My heart goes out to the people who had lost their loved ones and their properties. :(

  2. I like this post!!! Hopeful and looking forward to a new beginning!


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