#TravelMindanao in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur

Cantilan is one sleepy town in Surigao del Sur. It is also the oldest town in the province.  Blessed with black sand and white sand beaches, beautiful nearby islets, clear lagoons, and abundant agricultural land. Cantilan is a simple rural town. Its being simple makes it a whole lot charming. Cantilan is so charming.

We left Surigao City around 9 in the morning for Bad-as junction where we met with Ferdz (whose flight was rerouted to Butuan City due to typhoon Haiyan), had lunch at one of the eateries there and hopped to a bus bound for Lanuza and dropped off at Hayanggabon port, negotiated with the supposed Bucas Grande tour with one of the resorts and then found ourselves in a bus bound for Cantilan. See? Commuting wasn't as easy as pie that day but had a great time when we arrived at Cathe Pacific. We capped off the day with movies and foods... well, more foods. 
We were supposed to visit Bucas Grande Islands but due to typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), the resort we were supposed to visit procure some damages thus making our Bucas Grande visit on halt. We had to move on to our next destination; Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. Thank heavens our host, Cathe Pacific, gladly allowed us to check in a day ahead of schedule.  It was a day of hopping through buses and vans. It was a tiring day.

Road to Cantilan. Scary eek! I believe this is the Noventa Highway.

photo by: Alexander Singcol

Hippie- relaxing-colorful room at Cathe Pacific.

photo by: Alexander Singcol

mornings like these.. I can spend an entire lifetime waking up to this beautiful sight. Gray-sand shore, roaring waves, wonderful sea breeze. ahh life. We generally spent most of our time lounging in the shore, playing with the waves, trying to surf errr and just cart-wheeled. 

I love love Baybay's wide shoreline. A good morning walk or simply a pure relaxation time is best spent there. Its peaceful and quiet, it will make one forget about their heartaches and angst. Truly a relaxing place for emo travelers who wants to enjoy a serene vacation.

Playing with the waves <3

Fail surf session

Who could not enjoy ones stay with such delightful meals? All thanks to Chef Glen for preparing our meals. He cooks the best adobo and tinolang manok!

Cantilan is so beautiful and I fell inlove right away. Cantilan is a perfect place for foreign and local travelers who loves beach bumming; they have beautiful beaches, I tell you. Its also a good place for those who wants to practice surfing, the local surfers said its waves is best for beginners and pro surfers alike.

We perfectly enjoyed our 3-day downtime in Cantilan. There's so much to see and discover.  Cantilan is a beautiful town Id love to visit again and again.  Thanks but no thanks to the non-stop rain, we could have visited Consuelo wooden bridge, Consuelo's white sand beaches, the nearby islets (Ayoke please!) and the beautiful lagoons. I must visit again. No, I will visit again.

Thank you Cantilan and Cathe Pacific for the warm welcome and generousity.

Wander Shugah


  1. Yehey for such lovely #TravelMindanao stories! :) I'm happy that you got to enjoy Cantilan despite Yolanda brewing in the area.. Oh, question.. what kind of monopod does Ferdz own? Parang similar yung stick sa monopod ni James. :)

    1. yea ang ganda dun! <3 punta ka next time sis!
      sakin ung monopod na gmt ni kuya ferdz, the one from cdr-king lng.

  2. Sobrang kakainggit yung travel mindanao peg nyo. Hope I could join next year, if vls permit. Hehe

    1. I hope meron pa nga this year. Would love to visit those places over and over again

  3. I would to explorer Cantilan, too! :) good to hear that you guys enjoy despite the typhoon.

  4. I saw and read feedbacks about this place. But hey I heard the typhoon I hope everyones still enjoying the place! :)

  5. I wanna visit this place! I wouldn't mins staying here the whole week Feels so reaxing!

  6. Di pa rin ako nakagetover sa sampal ng surf board mo Pauline. Well, patas naman eh kasi nasampal ka rin ng surfboard...sa maselan na part pa :) lakas talaga tawa ko pag naalala ko yon...yong feeling na half-cry half-mad tapos hagalpak agad kasi ang bilis ng karma...ang sama ng waves...ayoko nang magsurf huhuhu


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