#TravelMindanao in Surigao City

Roadtrip to Surigao City isn't an easy one but I enjoyed the long bus ride. I've been to Surigao City a couple of times since childhood and went twice to Surigao City in 2013; first was in June 2013 to visit some relatives and recently in November 2013 for the Travel Mindanao Advocacy.

Travel Mindanao kicked off in Surigao City. The Surigao City Tourism invited the #TravelMindanao team to visit and explore Surigao City.  Surigao City is a bustling city in the northeasternmost tip of Mindanao. Surigao is usually the famous jump-off point to the nearby islands; Siargao, Dinagat Islands and Bucas Grande.  Surigao is also called "The City of Island Adventures"

Let the Marajaw karajaw storytelling commence. 

I arrived around 4pm on November 5, 2013 in our home for the night, Le chard Bed & Breakfast.  A day ahead of schedule same with my #TravelMindanao buddy, Doi who arrived earlier in the morning. We were welcomed to a yummy feast courtesy of Islands Restaurant and Surigao City Tourism.The food was fantastic and I'm definitely gonna blog about it in a different post. Trust me, the barbeque was ohh so good! We ended the day with cheesecake and more gossips( not the kind of gossips you are thinking)  with my girl Nathalie and Doi.

Foods at Island's Restobar

It was a fun day. I wasn't able to sleep as I have to catch up with work. Lisa, Jam and Alex arrived around 2am. They brought us Tedt's cupcakes and Vjandep pastel that I ate right away. What a mighty tasty snack at 2 am. Anyway, I tried to sleep but ended up doing my hair and prepared for our first adventure.

We clearly don't have any idea what's our first day's going to be like. It was rainy then sunshiny the next hour. Go with the flow and just have fun...

tadaaaa! We're going caving. I'm seriously claustrophobic but I'm acting brave. I hysterically screamed when I thought I saw a snake. Dayum. We went to two of Brgy. Silop Caves. There are a lot of caves in this area and we visited two of them; Cave 2 and Cave 3. I learned a lot about caves, stalactites, stalagmites, bats and their guanos. It was fun and I might do it again. Of course, this time on a proper outfit.  Thank you to the Silop Cave guides for guiding us and for making our caving experience an unforgettable one. You guys are awesome.

I swear that outfit's meant for sleeping and I was wearing a flipflops. Fail.  Exactly the outfit you SHOULD NOT WEAR when caving. I survived the two- three hour caving. I did it. I really did! :D We went back to the town proper for  lunch courtesy of Metro Surigao Food Court and a quick drive around town.

Foods were so good. The tempura on sticks was super delicious. I ate about 6 sticks or was it seven? eight? I lost count! It was super good. The mud crabs were so big and juicy. Everything was perf.

We visited the Day-asan Floating Village, A small fishing community and went to a little sand bar near the area. The marine life is nice and beautiful, it would make a good snorkeling site.

We Probably much enjoyed snorkeling and freediving that we arrived to our supposed snack destination around 6pm. Pre-dinner snack, why not?

Dinner by the pool courtesy of Fiesta Surigao Resort. You see? It's a feast! What a great way to end such fun filled day. I'm no fish eater (No, Im not anti- pescatarian) so I cannot tell which fish meal tastes good but the prawns and the soup was good. I ate a lot of kiwis and mangoes too. As you can see, all our meals consists of sea foods. Surigao City is also famous for their superb seafoods and its undeniably cheap(er) alamasag.

We left the resort earlier as the weather's getting bad. It was raining very hard and it was very windy. I decided to call it a night earlier too. I had a good sleep, all thanks to you One Hive Boutique Hotel.

Surigao City alone offers great destination for tourists that we couldn't squeeze everything in a day.  We had a great time and it was so nice of the Surigao City Tourism who showed us around and let us feel how hospitable Surigaonons are.  Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There's so much more to see, there's so much more to discover. See you and Thank you, Surigao City.

Your Summer Kinda Girl.


  1. One thing's for sure... The food looks amazing. And this is me commenting in the middle of the night with a grumbling tummy, blog surfing while Skype meeting with a business partner. lol


  2. Did you also try seeing the places outside the city like seeing the sights of other mainland municipality?

    1. Hi! I frequent Surigao City as it is home to some of my relatives. I have been to the nearby municipalities as well-


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