Enchanted River, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

The sleepy town of Hinatuan, a little town in Surigao del Sur is about 4-5hrs away from Surigao City. Hinatuan is a beautiful laidback town and I love how they implemented the plastic ban. I was greatly impressed with the town's cleanliness, no doubt they won as the "CLEANEST & GREENEST" by the LGU- Philippines. The entire place is very very clean. I swear, its the cleanest town I've ever seen!
This town has been continuously flocked by local and foreign travelers because of the Enchanted River. Its probably the most desired tourist destination in Mindanao and I will never argue with that. The area around the "river" has already been developed so you will be able to see picnic tables and small huts available for rentals ranges from 100-700php. Googles and life vest are also available for rentals, 10Php and 30Php respectively.

Enchanted river is indeed enchanting; I was astonished when I saw the pristine blue water from afar.  I never imagined it was THAT blue. Just amazing. Believe me, all along I thought all the photos I saw in the internet were photoshop-ed, too vibrant to be true I thought, but I was in awe when I saw the river. AWESOME. It brought chills down my spine. It is like a paradise in the middle of the forest.   The folklore and legend stories were enchanting to hear but to be honest, I personally thhink its enchanting enough even without thee stories.

We clearly knew beforehand that a certain Bagyong Zoraida is set to make a landfall somewhere in Mindanao or somewhere near us but that didn't stopped us. We went to Hinatuan from Bislig City (where we stayed) very early in the morning on our chartered van. It was raining but not heavily so continued on our planned itinerary for the day. This happened on our 7th day of Mindanao Roadtrip| #TravelMindanao.

Luckily, it wasn't crowded as what I had pictured in mind. We had the AMAZINGLY blue enchanted river to ourselves for a few hours. I hate crowds, Thank heavens it was such a beautiful timing. There was a group who arrived around noon but it wasn't crowded still. Locals advise its best to visit early in the morning and wait till noon time for the fish feeding.

 When I say enchanted river, you say BLUE. All: BLUE!!!!

It was a great sight to behold. After a few snapshots, we didn't waste much time and we giggly swam and dove in the river.  Its cold. Its deep. Its beautiful.

It was a great time. I played like a kid in the water.

#TravelMindanao team enjoying the river.

Ferdz, me, and Lisa.

Feeling mermaid moments..

Indeed  a (insert seemingly obvious adjectives here)  river. Its beautiful underwater; I had a great time snorkeling.

Our Enchanted River visit was definitely exciting and it  felt surreal that I have finally visited the place I've been meaning to visit since god knows when.  We left after the fish feeding at 12noon.

My photos might not do justice to the river so pardon me. Please see it for yourself. Trust me, its para paradise.

Travellers Note: 
Entrance Fee:  Adult: 30Php --- Kid (below 4ft): 5Php
Opens at 6:00 am till 5 in the afternoon
Picnic tables: Ranges from 100-700Php

how to get there:

Air Travel: Fly to Butuan Airport or Davao Airport then a 5hr bus ride to Bislig City.
Sea Travel: Cebu-Butuan by Sulpicio Lines then bus ride to Bislig City.

From Bislig City, you can either hire a habal- habal ( 1,000Php good for tiny 3 pax - Enchanted River & Tinuy-an falls) or a 12 seater van (3500Php -- Enchanted River & Tinuy-an Falls)

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  1. Hoooh! Enchanted River. I really want to see how blue and clear it is.hehe. :)

  2. What a beautiful place to visit. Jeeeez! #Someday


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