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Ohh you know we are great friends when you know how giddy I get when I prepare for my travel playlist than my travel outfits. Don't you? Well... Now you know. Friends? :P

This is basically the tracks I listen to while on the bus, on a ship, on a plane  err pretty much everywhere when I feel like doing so. Gone are the days where I listen to Pitbull's Letz go Crazy while on transit. Its somehow Funny that I listen to different genre, from hiphop to RnB to Classics to house music! what a whirlwind of notes!... and tempos.

It simply doesn't have to be about travel. It has to be songs that makes you smile while you gaze out of the bus' glass windows. or train or whatever window. I swear I wont judge if you are a man and you listen to Taylor Swift. *wink wink*

photo by: Christian Sangoyo

I'm pretty random and so are my favorite songs.

[[song title - artist]]

VCR  -the XX - There's something so beautiful about this song. I love "the XX" so damn much I can't stress enough how much I am into their songs. I also love "Basic Space".

Body Electric, Dark Paradise, Young and beautiful -  Lana del Rey - Fuck yeah, This artist is something. Her songs have powers. Its strong. Its bold. Its beautiful.  Its more like a mellow lady gaga to me. ( I love love Lady gaga)

Brave, Chasing the sun - Sara Bareilles - Sara's songs makes me giggle. They're always fun and they always always uplift my mood. They are my feel good songs.

Cruise Control- Mariah Carey feat. Damian Marley. Favorite since 2004! The beat is just fantastic. You should listen to it!

Fast Car- Tracy Chapman 

With or without you, stuck in the moment, sunday bloody sunday, beautiful day -  I love u2! Perfect emote emote songs.

Stories to tell - Dave Barnes A friend introduced this song to me and I got hook. Will you be that one to sleep early with me and sneak right before the sunrise?

Rooting for my baby, wrecking ball, real and true-   Miley Cyrus - I listen to a lot of miley songs but here my favorite three. I also love "Adore You".  Okay, make that four.

Rocking with you- Chris Rene 

Surf trip- Pedecoco 

Kendrick Lamar- Swimming Pools

Kolohe Kais entire album. nuff said

Far away- Nickelback

Falling In - Lifehouse

Dreamers- Savoir Adore

Ears and Rhymes- December Avenue

LADY GAGAs SONGS - all of them!

Krewella mash up mix! 9 minutes of goodness, boys and gals. NINE!

Leona Lewis- Happy. Basically narrates the story of my life. yea hear it.

The above mentioned are my top favorites.. My playlist is composed of these artists
Sleeping with sirens, Drake, Gwen Stefani, Flo Rida, Usher, J. holiday, Beyonce, Rihanna, Cher Lloyd, One Republic, P!nk, Ashanti, Nicki Minaj, K. Michelle, Jann Arden, coldplay, you me at six, boys like girls.

I have DJ Elon Matana's and Dj Juicy M Mixes for those times I feel like partying in the shower or in the hotel room. Right. There I said it.

You see its pretty random. Mine goes from one genre to another genre. I play them randomly and sometimes just one song on loop. Who do you listen to when traveling? Whats your Travel playlist like?
Do share them below at the comment section. I would really really love to read them!



  1. Most of the songs on your playlist are unknown to me. lol but yeah, im also into lady gaga and miley, they have the most songs on my list as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing this travel playlist love! Will youtube some of them then if I find any that's bongga I'll download. :)

  3. Cool playlist! I love Happy too despite it being a little sad in tone :)

  4. We have in common. I don't have 1 genre but from one to another also! I miss your blog! Now ko lang nakita live! Great job sa new layout! :)

  5. Nice nice layout pak! Ako kasi prepare ko matulog kesa makinig ng music


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